How to Buy Silver

The bell has been rung, the bottom is in with 5 times at $26, it is time to buy!

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  • Silver Eagle

    I have been buying all week in small quantities on the ride down.

  • Buy from a real banker, who sells real money in real time.

    CALL YOUR LOCAL REFINERY – learn from someone who has been doing this alot longer than anyone here.

  • Good tips :-)

    I know someone willing to sell 50% coins at spot without VAT. He’s a numismatics junkie who basically offloads what he regards as ‘scrap crap’ – his words, not mine. If you’re in the UK, I can give him details if you want?

    RE The ‘loose lips’: Unfortunately I would imagine many of us have been unable to shut up about it – especially when we first started buying. Might need to move soon :-)

  • Jeremy

    Great video – thanks once more! Perfect timing as a friend was just asking many of the questions you answered and while I had mostly the same answers, your video is much more eloquent. :)

  • Bob

    I agree, physical is the way to go, as Jim Sinclair once said “If you don’t hold it you don’t own it!”

  • marz

    My god! That little advisor at 00:08 is a pure Genius! He just spits out the truth.

  • David mcbride

    You are recommending the highest priced silver produced by the government. I would argue that you should get more ounces for your money by buying reputable private mint rounds and bars such as northwest mint, sunshine, JM, amark. Too many to list. Why buy from the source of all of our problems. And why does a government produced 1oz piece of silver cost as much as 10 percent more than a private mint. Precisely because it is produced by the government. You are incorrect in steering people away from local coin shops as well. You are on track when you speak of being anonomys and your are not anonomys when you buy online but you are when you buy from your LCS. My LCS does not push numismatics, where did that come from. You also need to think ahead to a time when you will want to liquidate. A quality LCS with good connections will be key. You simply cannot build the one on one relationship you will need with Apmex. And check the buy prices of the big online sellers vs your LCS. You have more research to do on this subject. While entitled to your opinion I see many problems with your recommendations.

    • Silver Shield

      If you listen I say Constitutional Silver is the best choice overall. I have only been buying that for the past 2 years.

      • jones

        Best place to buy silver is from a quality LCS not an online dealer or EBAY. Find one or even two that you trust and build a relationship. All should remember it is a 2 way market. It is not a stock where you can click a few buttons and be done with it. You need a relationship to sell it for what it is worth when the time comes to liquidate, and there will come a time. Think it is nerve wracking waiting for your silver when you order it online? Wait until you need the money and you have to ship it off and wait for a check. LCS is immediate cash. Most people that are still accumulating are not thinking that far ahead but you need to. Best kind is any recognized mint, or government coin or junk silver you can get for as low a premium as possible. If silver does what you predict then the form is not going to be that important. As long as it can be refined it will be in demand and the LCS can determine that. Simple. Stay anonymous most of all.

  • Rainmaker

    I prefer the Canadian Maple. Its .9999 silver and has a face value of $5 Canadian instead of $1 face value of the American Eagle. I could care less about the Queen being on the coin and don’t know how to compare that evil to that of a coin with “United States of America” on it. I guess its just personal preference and would not hurt to own both. Pandas are cool, as are Moose, Cougars, and Wolfs. Kookaburras are cool, as are Koalas and Dragons. Philharmonics are flatter and larger. Weird, most of the coins do have the Queen on them.

    I have a friend that reloads and keeps his silver as bullets hiding with the lead, unloaded of course.

  • jones

    Online dealers are just large coin shops that you cannot deal with face to face. They are middle men as well trying to make a profit on the buy sell spread same as the LCS. IT’S THE SAME THING! All the negatives you mention about online dealers are negated by dealing with a coin shop where you get to see what you are buying, pay, get your product in hand and leave. How can you not like this process. It also goes along the line of buying locally and keeping the money in your community. And what better place to sell if you need to especially in small amounts. Try selling 10 oz’s to Gainseville or Apmex. The only online dealer that I like is Tulving but you have to buy in bulk as they will not deal in less than 500 oz boxes. Very hard for most people. But they have great prices, free shipping, and very fast service. For accumulating small quantities over time please find a good LCS. Yes, stay away from nuismatics unless you really know what you are doing. A truly rare coin purchased properly will hold its value much like a work of art but will do you no good in a currency collapse.

  • mattthenuke

    Chris brings up a good point about buying from online stores who don’t ship quickly. I’ve ordered three times from, and it’s taken 10-15 days to get my orders each time. I got the idea that maybe they’re selling me some metal they don’t have yet. And today I got an order from that took TWO AND A HALF WEEKS from the time they got my money to the time I got the order. And the receipt says they filled it this week, when silver price is down $2 an ounce from when I bought it.

    When I ordered from, they e-mailed me that they received the wire Tuesday, and Friday my package was here.

    I for one will only be doing business with my LCS, who charges spot for constitutional silver, or with Drew for large orders.

  • Silver Shield

    That is nothing I had a lady that had a $60,000 order from a pretty big site last month that did not get it for 30 days when silver dropped from $31 to $28. That deal went from probably a $500 deal for the dealer to $6,000!

    That is theft.

    If that lady would like to out the dealer and give the details that is up to her.

    I will only deal with Drew.

  • Rainmaker

    Welcome to the float. Beware of these folks, and even if you have a reputable dealer, every once in a while they will string you out. Its important to ask if its in stock or not and then to verify the exact date they will ship after they recieve payment.

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