Why Oil Is Down And Why It’s Going Back Up-John Manfreda–28.June.12

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John Manfreda believes that oil prices are headed higher, especially when the next round of money printing begins in earnest. John recently authored a report that explores the trends and future prices in depth. He’s unconcerned about US and European demand, as he believes the developing world has more than picked up the slack and will continue to do so. Oil seems to have fallen into an interim sweet spot of $75-85. Each time the price has gone above that $85, it’s been beaten back, and it hasn’t gone below $75 for long periods of time. One thing is certain, the world will need ever increasing amounts of oil, and while we may not suffer shortages due to so-called peak oil, the costs of extraction will increase over time.

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2 comments to Why Oil Is Down And Why It’s Going Back Up-John Manfreda–28.June.12

  • Back up for sure. Up $7 right now and back in the $84’s.

  • Rojelio

    Kerry, we’ll see about the gas powered future you propose. It is not my wish to argue endlessly about fracking, time will tell if it’s just another boom-bust.

    However, it is hard to take your arguments seriously for the simple reason that you do not address how exactly the bankrupt American taxpayer is going to pay for the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure that will be required to run business as usual (airplanes and 18-wheelers) on natural gas. We can’t even fix a failing bridge anymore, unless perhaps it’s in Iraq. Who’s going to pay for all the new pipelines and retrofits and fueling stations?

    One should also mention that shale oil and gas plays did not come out of nowhere, but rather have been avoided for decades due to the great inefficiency of extraction. Even today, with cutting edge multi-billion dollar technology, the energy return on investment of fracking is catastrophic compared to the price of energy that this country was built with.

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