Our Silver Interview at the NYSE


Drew Mason and I pulled off an interview about silver on the floor of the NYSE.  Drew is a founding member of the Silver Shield Report and sole owner of ConstitutionalSilver.com.  In this interview you will hear his take on the market as he trades millions of dollars a month in his brokerage business. You can contact him to get a price quote on your next precious metal purchase at info@ConstitutionalSilver.com.

9 comments to Our Silver Interview at the NYSE

  • Sue Patterson

    Excellent, articulate interview.

  • AJW

    Silver Shield,

    I love your videos and think you are right on 99% of the time, but I think you are are wrong about the “ultimate exit strategy” and Mike Maloney is in fact correct. In a hyperinflationary environment there is no lending and real estate prices collapse. This is the time to swap out of Silver into real estate like Mike Maloney says.

    What bank/person/entity would let you borrow against your Silver in a hyperinflationary environment and let you pay them back with worthless dollars? This would never happen in my humble opinion.

    From Gonzalo Lira:
    In a hyperinflationary environment, interest rates are so high that essentially, there is no lending. There’s no point to it: Most lenders will decide not to lend out their excess cash, and instead park that cash in assets which will resist inflation—they will certainly not lend out their cash to a borrower, and watch it become worthless on their books.

    Therefore, since real estate buyers cannot get a mortgage loan, real estate sellers are forced to reduce their prices in a hyperinflationary episode—drastically.

    Of course, there are fewer sellers in a hyperinflationary period: Many sellers will decide not to put their real estate assets on the market during such a period, precisely because they do not want to receive a lower price for their holdings. They’ll choose to ride out this rough patch, or hold out for the price they want for as long as they can.

    But that doesn’t mean that there are no sellers—obviously. The ones who remain in the market during a hyperinflationary period—for whatever reason—will lower their prices in order to attract a buyer. And as buyers dry up, sellers will either exit the market—that is, take their property off the market—or else lower their prices even further.

    This is why the windbag blogger above who claimed that “Hyperinflation accompanied by a housing collapse is simply impossible—by definition” simply does not know what he’s talking about.

    The exact opposite is in fact the case: When there is severe inflation, real estate prices are either nominally flat or falling, like in the United States during the abovementioned ‘79–‘83 inflationary recession.

    And when there is hyperinflation, real estate prices of all sorts—residential, commercial, industrial—go into a free-fall: Their prices crash and burn, completely and utterly.

    • Silver Shield

      The lending would be coming from a bank WE create AFTER the hyperinflation.
      It would be insane to loan money until the hyperinflationary fire died.
      In any case the plan is for later for us to be on both sides of the loan and that we essentially become equity investors and not lend using fractional reserve banking or usury.

      We will be ready to pick up the greatest deals in Real Estate since the Louisiana Purchase.

      • AJW

        Silver Shield,

        A problem cannot be solved with the same conciousness that created the problem.

        If banks and couterparties are the problem then why would you want to start a bank and deal wth counterparties?

        Why not just use the Silver to swap into a paid off home and a paid off rental property and win your freedom?

        If you are on both sides of the loan (borrower and lender), then why do you need a bank ? Why not just buy the property yourself with your silver?

        • Silver Shield

          Banks are not a problem if they do not have fractional reserve banking, or usury.
          Counter party risk is not a problem among responsible and truth worthy partners.
          Having capital fund productive assets will be a blessing.

        • Mustafa Cohen

          swap into a paid off home and a paid off rental property and win your freedom

          How is it freedom if you are at the mercy of property tax absorbers?

  • AJW

    I get where you are coming from now.

    So you want to have equity partners to invest in productive assets, and the whole group is greater than the some of the individual parts.

    i.e. pooling resources and cooperating will enable you to buy bigger, better, more productive assets.

    I gotcha Silver Shield.

  • AJW

    *sum of the parts

  • ani wee

    is it possible to publish what Drew was saying in a written format? I really cannot hear him well.

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