The Shocking Insider Truth About Obamacare

This is a recording of Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, speaking at the University of California, Berkley on September 26th, 2007

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  • Mustafa Cohen
    1. If Obamacare were explained to a 5-year old [reddit]
    2. Now Romney will promise to undo the Act, ride the wave all the way into office, and will start expanding Obamacare on day 1.


  • Nate

    Please help my naivety. I essentially left the Republican part about 1.5 years ago when I started to realize that at the top there wasn’t much difference, nevertheless, if pressed, or if there was a gun to my head and I had to join one of the major parties, I would go back there as opposed to become a Democrat. I guess I feel they are “slightly closer” to what I believe.

    In regards to Obamacare, which I think we can all agree that we don’t like, and wish that it would not have passed, the vote by Congress way back when was predominantly Democrats voting for it, and Republicans against. You know, overall at least.

    I think if we took a wide array of say, 20 “issues” as well (not the most important ones, however) and then I wrote on paper how I felt about each of the 20, I’d probably line up with how the Republicans tend to vote in Congress.

    Do you feel that a person can claim there is a “lesser of two evils”? Even if only by a very thin margin. I continue to get pressed by Romney loving friends (I live in Utah), if I will now support Romney now that it is looking like he will be the nominee. I tell them I’m not going to vote at all; that I’m not interested in voting for someone unless I really believe in that person’s ideals, but was just wondering if others deal with similar things.

    Kind of a ramble, I’m not sure I even touched on what I meant to touch on when I started this comment :) Sorry.

  • Health Warrior

    But once again we have lost the real issue. WHY do we NEED so much healthcare? Why are we so sick? Why aren’t we like so many cultures Dr. Weston Price studied that had no doctor, no dentist, no need for healthcare because they were healthy for the vast majority of their lives. They didn’t “get old”, they weren’t told the rubbish that the body “wears out” because it didn’t. Why is that? Because store food has given us store teeth.

    We as a people have degenerated physically to a great degree, the teeth decaying are one of the bodies screaming signs of problems with your diet; not enough fat soluble minerals, such as found in butter, cod liver oil and the like. It’s not bacteria, they don’t effect the teeth until AFTER the calcium is gone. If the teeth are sound, even high acid in the mouth won’t affect it.

    If we followed the nutrition guidelines of the price and Pottenger nutrition foundation (, got back to natural foods, this healthcare debate would be a moot point. Emergency care for accidents and the like would be all we really need, people would be self sufficient for general health care and maintenance. We wouldn’t need “experts” in every field of medicine. Birth defects would be gone, because the genetic damage is done because the germ cells at fertilization were deficient, because of poor nutrition of the parents. The answer is to walk away. Get healthy, get active and you won’t need the system except in extreme cases of accidents and emergencies. Chronic disease would vanish for a large part. It is unheard of in those cultures who follow the traditional diets noted in Dr. Price’s seminal work “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”.

    It’s another corrupt system that has no intention of ever solving the real problem at hand (poor nutrition), and is just as guilty as the bankers of destroying our economy by perpetuating illness, and not allowing cheaper and more effective answers to come to the awareness of the public.

    I would also recommend to everyone the book by Ramiel Nigel, “Cure tooth decay”, re-mineralize cavities and repair your teeth naturally with good food. This book is just another example of putting Dr. Weston price’s ideas to use and seeing dramatic results. It really works, you never have to have a cavity filled again and you can keep your teeth till you die, sound and in good condition, if you eat the right foods! People have reversed abscesses, stopped from having to get a root canal, healed teeth with cavities without drilling (which is like cutting a part of your finger off and it still doesn’t fix the problem, only eliminates a symptom as the rest of medicine does).

    It is as simple as that, and there are no exceptions. If you eat poorly, your body malfunctions. If you eat well, it works well and you are in large part free of disease. But the caveat here is not eating what the USDA food pyramid says, but eating a traditional diet as outlined by Dr. Price. These diets had similar aspects and have proven over many generations to be capable of building healthy and happy bodies. This is what we should use for guidance, many generations of experience; not the recommendations of a governmental body that is charged with selling agricultural products!

    • Mustafa Cohen

      We as a people have degenerated physically

      Nope, we haven’t :) I bet people on this site are very choosy about what they eat when compared to “average”.

      We don’t owe those other guys anything, and this is precisely the problem with Obamacare, Policecare, Schoolcare, any kind of protection racket: I don’t want to be forced to be responsible for people who I don’t want to be responsible for.

      Government is a stick in the wheels of evolution.

      • Rainmaker

        Obamacare is the largest expansion of government ever know to man in history. It decimates an already decimated populace. Of course it is the highest card in the eugencists deck. It is designed to kill any and all of the disenters, those that would speak out against the highest forms of tyrrany, the birth to cradle kind. It goes hand in hand with the meme that its “all the boomers fault” or “they partied their asses off and now are passing the bill to us” lie. Its just one more line in the “eat your parents” theme song. We could add a chorus called “eat your children”. This is all Hegalian Dialectic designed to turn the masses on each other towards a civil war so that the elites can laugh as we off each other. The liberals have shed “that moniker” and are now labeling themselves as “Progressives”. The conservatives still carry the flag, but have moved so far to the left that they are now “social conservatives”. The Tea Party has been hijacked by the “conservatives” and are now all technocrats. The masses have now become the “useful idiots”, and the next step after socialism (progressives) or corporatism (conservative fascism) is Totalitarian Communism, which has killed more, enlaved more, caused more human tragedy in the last 100 years than all the time before COMBINED. When are we going to wake up and say no more? On the way to the guillotine?

      • Health Warrior

        I wasn’t talking about necessarily just people on this site. I was talking about the nation and the world in general. The Asians used to be much healthier than us, but now that they have adopted fast food and western ways, they too are now suffering the consequences of poor diet choices, young children with bariatric (stomach stapling) surgeries and six month olds with obesity problems.

    • AgainstTheGrain

      So true, many of the people I know that have poor health have terrible diets. Healthcare SHOULD be only for the extreme emergencies. But it would not be very profitable if it were that way. You nailed it on the head when you say that poor nutrition is the cause. I recently started reading about the Gerson therapy. Very interesting stuff, but still much more to go. Good to see you active again as I enjoy your perspective. There was a while when I was wondering where you went.


    So we’re either screwed by an inclusive health care system (albeit paid for in the middle of a Depression and war, a la President Johnson and Medicaid nobody wanted) or these allegedly “altruistic people loving” (but shareholder driven) drug co’s will clam up and bring no new product to market, because they can’t gouge the American people for existing medicines, insurance co’s that exclude the really sick, chronically ill, or elderly. It’s pure survival of the fittest.

    Never mind that under free markets, drug co’s have to take risk to create new income streams no matter what. See what happens when Reich tilts the questions asked and makes hard choices, that don’t mention profit motive as still the driving notion?

    Sorry Reich, not all of us are gentiles. The rest of the civilized world has an inclusive system of healthcare, whether called Socialist or Phartist, whatever boogyman name you want. I’ll go further–what country has a FORTY EIGHT PER CENT tax rate and a EIGHTEEN PER CENT sales tax, and YET despite all conventional econmic “wisdom” to the contrary, is the key bailout nation of Euroepe. (Prenant pause) GERMANY! So much for taxes “too high” for a system to work successfully.

    Moving right along…

    You want affordable health care? Make insurance carriers liable for care outside the US, and watch elective surgery and all routine surgery drop by EIGHTY PER CENT.

    A quintuple bypass costs $85K in NY, it’s $18K in Mumbai, Costa Rica, etc etc. I’m talking state of the art operation, this one is mechanical engineering and fifty years old in technique. But here in the US, for a doc to get paid, my insurance co has to see a doc working on US real estate. Geographical bigotry. Quintuples are state of the art in those countries, docs trained in the US, and yeah, if you’ve stable angina, you can hop a plane and be there in hours! My cardiologist is on the West Coast, he’s an India ex pat–my surgeon is from Viet Nam. Hey, they know where on earth to get paid 500% the going rate the rest of the world. That’s why they packed their bags and moved to the East or West Coast US. See how that works?

    That’s right inaugurate a NAFTA for medical procedures. You want to see affordable care? You make insurance co’s free to pay for ex pat care, and watch the fur fly on prices in the US.

    Cut the geographical bullcrap, and you’ll cut the costs. Been there, researched that. It’s google-able ex pat health care costs.

    Costs in the US? You’re being HAD in a world of “US” vrs “THEM” on a geographical basis.

    See how that works? No? READ IT AGAIN. and Yes, I am just talking routine ops, and yes, at patient discretion.

    Want to see my fast draw?

    Want to see it again?

  • mark

    I think we are going to see an increase in outsourcing imaging medical care, since the images can be digitally sent to lower cost clincs. I think radiologists and other imaging related docs already know this.

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