Things I Have Struggled With For Years…

Hello Mr. Duane and Team:

I am a new subscriber (one week ago) to the Silver Shield Report.  I must say I absolutely love the content!  It is guiding my vision and bringing clarity to some struggles I was having in letting go of the soon to be past paradigm.  Things I have struggled with for years…honestly.

My testimonial was posted on the home page today (the Aaron K. quote) and I could not be more sincere in my statement.  Mr. Kiyosaki woke me up way back in 2004…enabled me to see there was much going on that I would never be able to see with my eyes, nor would I ever hear about if I continued to listen to the loudest voices.  Since then I have studied everyone under the sun.  Developing financial intelligence has changed my life for the better and allowed me to stack a lot more silver over the past few years than I ever would have otherwise…if I would have stacked any at all.  That said, the day to day world I have created and enjoyed for family was still ultimately created in our current paradigm.  So, I have known for some time now through the help of mentors (Kiyosaki, Wiedemer, Casey, Stansberry, Maloney, et al) that I had to learn to envision a new kind of fulfillment and way of life in the coming new paradigm.

The hurdle I have had in my ability to envision this new way of life seemed to occur as the result of the other mentors I studied voraciously often lacking detailed clarity in their exit strategy post paradigm.  You get the end of the book or the article and it’s like, “Okay, what do now after I have done all of this preparing…what happens after it happens.  You had 500 pages on why it happened and how to prepare, but after happens…you give me a half a page on that to close your book/article.”  Mr. Duane has added this missing ingredient.!  Hallelujah!  I can now see myself and my family and what we are doing post paradigm.  It is been liberating…and that’s in one week…can’t wait to see how clear it becomes with six months of absorbing and re-absorbing all of the content you make available.

Thank you for the great work and please know people like myself that are constantly looking for answers appreciate your insight tremendously.  I look forward to involving myself and my talents in whatever way would be valuable to you as you grow your community.   

Aaron K.



It is just me, no team. :)  
Thank you for the great testimonial.
I put it up as soon as I saw it.

You are describing the same frustration I had with all of the authors I read.  Worse, I would read a 300 page book and only find one or two lines even worth underlining.

I then was at a marketing course and heard Eben Pagan say “If you can describe a problem better than your audience can, they will assume you know the answer and follow you anywhere.”  

I thought long and hard and realized that the true answer most of these truth tellers were, “buy more of my fear.”  

No one offered a solution because like cancer there is more money in the fundraising, research, and treatment of cancer than in the cure.  

Now some of these guys simply cannot break their own cognitive dissonance and are not fully awakened, but some know better and they are keeping people in the loop of fear for ratings and power.  

They are worse than the “bad” guys because they are hiding the cure purposely for the same reasons, for power and profit.

Selling fear is easy.  It is not different than the 2 step input/output indoctrinated slave thought that we learned in school.  They tell you scary stuff and people freak out and run in circles. 

I took great care in establishing the Trivium of a three step thought process Observation/Logic/Rhetoric.  Only then can you actually think logically for yourself and run in a straight line to a logical solution.  

There is no money in the cure, that is why you don’t see it.
Once you teach people how to think, they don’t need you to do it for them.  
That is why so many of these guys never offer a solution. (Except those that cannot see it themselves.)

I was fortunate to have the means to walk away from a 6 figure job to fully dedicate my time to being the change I wanted to see and truly show people the answers I found.  I believe this will create generational, resonating wealth, because once your eyes are opened they can never be closed again.  Think about a generation from know that would be mentally repulsed about debt, usury, or collectivism as much as Americans are with Slavery now.  What golden age that would usher into humanity.

I am glad that you found our Silver Shield Group.  I may not have all of the solutions, but I will find it.   You are not going to believe the awesome quality of people we have attracted to our message.   Think about it… 1.5 million people have seen one of my messages, 30,000 have joined the Sons of Liberty Academy, and almost 500 have committed to this idea.  That is going to be a very potent group, especially if we continue to stay ahead of the crowd.

Glad to have you on board.



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