Devil’s advocate for hire

A comment by Silver Shield was a wakeup call. Yes, I am the devil’s advocate. I mean, I don’t have to try — that’s my nature. If you want to hear what is wrong with your idea or why your dream will never, ever come true, and why there is no point in anything, just whistle :)

This would put me on par with executioners, undertakers and armpit-sniffers, but hey, these guys are useful to somebody! Not as fancy as fashion designer, I admit, but it’s better to know and accept the truth than deny it.

My unique talents might save your time or life.

8 comments to Devil’s advocate for hire

  • Z0RR0

    OK you’re hired.
    I have this wacky idea for a hew direction. I want you to poke all the holes in it you can, so I know all of the arguements on why it can’t be done.
    Game On?

    • Mustafa Cohen

      If hew is not a typo, please tell me where to find more information on the subject. If you meant new, please expand. Thank you.

  • speedspirit

    Mustafa have you considered that by always looking for the fault in something that you will never find the excellence in that something. Certainly there are important lessons to learn along the path of life but some of the greatest victories come from making big mistakes. One cannot focus on the negative. Have you ever read any of the short stories by Norman Vincent Paelle? I encourage you just to read a few. I get the value of your point of view and how to come to accept facts and others opinions but what I believe is important is that you learn how to grow as an individual and become a better you. I wish I had more of your qualities about questioning everything I Am the opposite diving into situations seeking the best outcomes and believing others are going to give 110% and often being letdown. But through it all I Am learning patience and other qualities and that someday I will be a wise old man with no regrets. A man that the Power Elite despise. I will be the opposite of their supreme ruler on here on earth. I will have obtained Christ Consciousness.

    • Mustafa Cohen

      I am not looking for negatives in my day to day life. I am not focusing on it. I look for something positive first in anything and anyone I meet.

      But I do find it hard to not notice faults when they are obvious. As you know, obvious to one person may not be to another. I am not noticing things that are obvious to my neighbors, and vice versa.

      I wake up and the tune myself up for the day. I want to enjoy this day. I want to be useful. I want to keep my temper at bay. I want to be alert enough to understand what the world wants from me, not how I want to change it.

      No, I haven’t read Paelle. Will look him up right now.

      learn how to grow as an individual and become a better you

      You haven’t met me 10 years ago. I am a much better version of that guy (thanks to my wife mostly), and I am not through yet.

      I liked the attitude and the spirit of your comment very much. See you there.

  • Z0RR0

    “hew” was a typo. The word s/b new.
    My problem is a severe frustration with the current state of affairs.
    Chris is in the process of withdrawing from any active effort to try and change the current system. He feels that there is no sense in trying to fight the 2 headed monster that is now in control.
    While that attitude is very understandable, I am not so sure I want to adopt that yet. I have a number of ideas that keep me awake at night and have reached a point that I feel that I may be too wrapped up in my own biases and am not looking at things objectively.
    I need to start to lay down a list of my thoughts in a written format for critique. However, I do not want to get into the flame wars that go on in so many forums and blogs. The comments that pervade these venues are NOT productive. They wind up being an attack on someone’s view and labels of a variation of “leftie” or “rightie” leanings.

    So, for atarters, how do you see setting a good venue for allowing a serious discussion without all the attacks?

    • Mustafa Cohen

      Within 5 minutes you can be writing your ideas down at You can make your post(s) private, visible only to people you choose.

      Alternatively, within a minute you can start a new text document at Google Docs. And, again, make it visible to as many people as you want – from nobody to specific people to public.

    • speedspirit

      Zorro, You arent expected to change the world, remember that. You are only responsible for yourself. Change yourself and live your life the way you dream life should be. Take every situation as a learning lesson that steers you down the right path closer to your goal. Let others take notice of your actions as an exsample on how to live and that will change the world. The problems of the World are of Mass Consciousness and bigger then you and I. Chris is right in thinking its just best to walk away and wait for a better day. We have really messed things up on this planet I agree and there is enough great info on how to change things already but no one cares. And thats ok because the change is coming. Each and everyone of us whom choses the right thing to do is bringing about the change we wish to see. Be at Peace.

  • Annie Wade

    Dear Mustafa:
    You are the definition of a scientist (in the classical sense!)
    Annie Wade

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