77 Unbelievable Facts About The Collapse


5 comments to 77 Unbelievable Facts About The Collapse

  • Son of Liberty


    I wish you’d get on the ball and release a new video already. I mean its been what, like 2 hours or something? Geez.

  • Ant

    That was perfect. I liked the music.

  • speedspirit

    Everything is energy. Our thoughts are energy creations and if we focus on all this negative we send out to the Universe our intent of more negative energy results. A downward spiral.
    We are aware of the faults of the world and the power elite but it does us no good to give any focus to it all. Our time is better spent on anything positive that is taking the opposite consciousness!!!

  • Rico

    Be the example of change you want to swee in the world…

  • Nemanja Kostic

    Why can’t I see this?

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