Community Self Defense

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Community Self Defense

 Do you think the world is getting more peaceful or more violent?  Shouldn’t you prepare for all situations?  I propose that you teach everyone in your survival/preparedness community to Kill with their Bare Hands.  Are you shocked?  Please keep reading and I will try and convince you that this will actually make you and your survival/preparedness community even better prepared and a lot safer.

Before I start to hopefully convince you to learn how to Kill with your Bare Hands, I want you to know that I am not some Combat Junkie (well, maybe a little), Navy Seal or Delta Force Commando.  I am just a regular guy that loves his family and would do anything to protect them from harm, including learning how to kill with my bare hands and teach my family and others to do the same, if necessary.  I adhere to the non-aggression principle until that choice is taken away.  My philosophy is as follows:

Avoid when you can.
Escape when possible.
Deceive if necessary.
Neutralize when all else fails.

So, put away all of your pre-conceived notions of “Hollywood Self Defense” and let me see if I can convince you that your community would be safer if everyone knew how to kill with their bare hands!  Now when I say “kill with your bare hands” I mean that you need to be that aggressive when dealing with an attacker.  You need to go in full force and take them out.  You need to have the mindset that you will do whatever it takes to survive.  I have learned a unique method for any size person to do this effectively, but I’ll wait and reveal it to you later in the proposal.  First you need to be convinced that this is the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your community.  The point is that you have to have the mindset that you are going to kill your attacker, not defend, “defending” is losing.  You need to turn the attacker into a defender.  If you go in to kill, you can always back off once the attacker is either unconscious or incapacitated.  But you have to be willing to go all the way.  You will not survive if you try and “ramp up” your attack from non-lethal to lethal because your attacker might kill you before you get a chance to “ramp up”.  Keep reading and I will explain what I mean later in the proposal.

I can hear it already…I wouldn’t need to use my hands, because I’ll have a gun!  What happens if you don’t have your gun with you?  What happens if TPTB (The Powers That Be) take away or ban guns?  What happens when you are not allowed to conceal carry anymore?  If you don’t think it could happen, then you’re in a dream world (think U.K., Australia, etc…).  Do you think that it won’t happen “in the land of the free”?  How many of you feel that the U.S. is making the Bill of Rights stronger or weaker these days?  Do you think that the 2nd amendment is going to save your guns?  What happens when they ban ammunition instead?  What happens if you or your loved ones are under an immediate threat and you cannot get to your guns?  What happens when you turn a corner and some 300 pound drugged out psychopath jumps on you with a knife and starts stabbing?  Do you think you’ll be able to “create space” pull your gun and end the threat?  Did you even remember to bring your gun today?  Really???  What happens when you go on a vacation and have to leave your guns at home?  What happens when your 15 year old daughter is babysitting for a friend and doesn’t know that the next door neighbor has just been released from prison (budget cuts, legal loopholes, crooked judges) for raping young women?  Wouldn’t you want her to know how to eliminate the threat the best, fastest and most efficient way possible?  And if you think that her year of Tae Kwon Do or “Cardio Kickboxing” classes are going to work against a determined psychopath, then you are delusional, my friend.  The point is not to fight or “beat someone up”, it’s to end the threat as quickly as possible and move on to the next attacker or get the hell out of dodge…this is what you would do if you had a gun, isn’t it?  Do you feel that eliminating a threat with your bare hands is “violent” but shooting someone with a gun is O.K.?  What’s the difference in using your hands to neutralize a threat versus using a gun?  Aren’t they just tools to take out the real “weapon”, which is the brain?

I would like to propose that you teach everyone in your preparedness community how to use their bare hands to eliminate a threat that is trying to kill or harm them or their family.  This includes trying to steal your food stores or precious metals in an End Of The World As We Know It type of situation…because that would definitely jeopardize your family’s or even your community’s lives, wouldn’t it?  Don’t you agree that everyone should learn all available self protection options including using a gun, knife, bat or hands?  I propose that if everyone knew how to “Kill with their Hands” the community would actually be a safer place to live than more dangerous.  Or, are you afraid that the bad guys would also learn how to kill with their hands?  Listen, they already know!  Would people in the community start petty fights over parking spaces, having 15 items in a 10 items or less grocery store line, trample little old ladies to get to a discounted waffle maker on a “Black Friday” if they thought that someone had the knowledge and skill to kill with their hands to protect themselves?

If you are currently putting together a survival or preparedness community, aren’t you going to teach everyone at least basic gun skills and safety?  Don’t you want everyone in that community to be able to defend it to the best of their ability?  So, if you can agree with me that eliminating an immediate threat to yourself or family by using a gun is the same as using your hands, then shouldn’t you know how to kill with your hands?  I realize, for some reason, that using your hands to eliminate a threat is not PC and is very personal, but so is getting killed, isn’t it?

The current philosophy of martial arts is to defend oneself by not injuring an attacker, using fancy techniques, which will control the person or make them submit.  I have to call Bulls#!% on this one.    Most people forget that these “martial arts” are practiced against a willing participant that is around the same weight, age and aggression as themselves, and there is always an instructor or referee around to stop it if it gets out of hand or someone wants to stop.  Remember, there is no “tapping out” in the real world…and you are not going to remember fancy techniques when you’re in an adrenaline clouded s#!% storm!  Oh, and by the way, the mutant zombie biker you have on the ground in a triangle choke has a pissed off old lady that is quickly closing the distance to stomp your head into the ground.  Also, what are you going to do in a “Worst Case Scenario”?  What is a “Worst Case Scenario”?  It is multiple attackers with weapons!  How are you going to defend against 3 starving ex-cons, that haven’t eaten in three days, who are looking for you to provide them with their next meal?  If you are really trying to save your life or the lives of others, how are you going to do that by keeping these 3 ex-cons unharmed while you make them submit and control them for the cops to arrive assuming that you couldn’t get to your gun?  What? Your local police department has had to downsize due to budget cuts and the local 911 line is answered by a recorded message!!!  Let’s just get real for a moment and imagine the possibilities of a whole community of people that know how to eliminate a threat by using their brains, guns, knives, bats…….and hands!  Predators look for easy targets.  When they realize that everyone in your survival community carries a gun and knows how to kill like a Ninja, then they will move on to a different community to steal their stuff and rape their women.

If you feel that I have a valid argument for you and your community to learn to kill with your hands, then please keep reading, but if not then please stay home, drudge a moat, buy a few pit bulls, load up on all the ammunition you can, have everyone carry their gun cocked and loaded at all times, even in the shower, movie theater or grocery store and hope that no one ever comes to take your stuff or life.

When you’re in a fight for your life, you better know how to win!

Keep reading and I will tell you how you and your survival community can survive against a Worst Case Scenario using your bare hands.  Most self defense systems focus on defeating one attacker, but neglect to learn to survive against multiple attackers (and you should always assume that they have a weapon).  It will be easier to ramp down your defense than ramp it up (you might be injured or killed before you can escalate your defense).  If you’re martial art or self defense system isn’t preparing you to survive a “Worst Case Scenario” (multiple attackers w/ weapons) then you’re going to be in some serious trouble when the S#!% hits the fan!

Train for the worst and you will be prepared for the rest!

WARNING!!!  What you’re about to learn could seriously injure or even kill.  If you’re uneasy about taking someone’s life to save your own or someone you love, then this is not the proposal for you.

WARNING: You must stop when you feel that the threat is neutralized in the eyes of the law.

To Law Enforcement, Corrections and Military:  You will use what I teach when your lethal force continuum allows you to use deadly force.  My training is not to be used to control or to make someone submit.  You can use this training to enhance what you’ve already been taught.  It is always easier to ramp down your attack (once the guy is incapacitated or unconscious) then to ramp it up (he might injure or kill you before you get to neutralize him).

What I’m going to show you is surprisingly very easy to learn and allows anyone, regardless of experience, size, age, strength, gender, or fitness level the ability to survive a violent attack.  What is a “violent attack”?  It is when some psychopath, serial killer, murderer, rapist, raiding party intends to kill or harm you, your family or your survival/preparedness community.  You will only use my system when your life or the lives of your friends or family are in imminent danger.

WARNING:  This information is for educational purposes only.  You could get sued!  You could go to jail!    You are responsible for your own actions and to know your state’s self defense laws.  If all this is worth it….then keep reading and I will show you how to survive a violent attack, murder/rape attempt.

BE ADVISED! DO NOT FIGHT FOR EGO OR PRIDE!  You will only use what I teach if you, your family or survival community are in imminent danger of death or bodily harm.  What you are about to learn is NOT to be used in an ego fight or pissing match.  If you want to ego fight learn mixed martial arts (, get a referee, and go in a cage.

I don’t know about you, but I want the absolute best way for my family and community to survive an attack.  I know what I teach is scary, controversial and not PC, but if you want to survive a violent attack from an asocial psychopathic serial killer or drugged out thugs that did not prepare, then you must learn to shut them down (neutralize).

Just keeping the guy off of you is not a proper defense and only works in the movies.

How to Deal with a Violent Encounter Checklist:

  1. I will always back away from an encounter, if at all possible, by avoiding, escaping and deceiving.
  2. I will always assume that there are multiple attackers with tools/weapons.
  3. I will do whatever it takes to survive.
  4. I will never ever let myself be taken to a second location (The Kill Zone).
  5. When the threat is neutralized (incapacitation, unconsciousness or death), I will get the F*%# out of there.  (Why?  a. You don’t want others coming to the scene, not knowing what happened, where you have to fight a mob or get caught in a riot.  b. You will contact your attorney.  c. You will deal with the police on your own terms and time frame.)

There are only 3 ways to survive a violent attack (neutralize): 

  1. Incapacitation
  2. Unconsciousness
  3. Death

How do we accomplish these tasks when we’re under attack?  Let’s briefly review these one at a time:

Incapacitation:  You must injure your attacker in order to escape.  I’m not talking about causing pain, but actual injury.  Snap an ankle so they cannot physically pursue you (as long as they do not have a gun), gouge out the eye balls so they cannot see (I didn’t say “scratch”, but “gouge out”), crush the testicles or pubic symphysis so they cannot walk or run, break the clavicles so they cannot raise their arms to shoot or stab, crush the throat so they cannot breathe….Do you get the picture?

Unconsciousness:  If they are asleep (due to a choke) or knocked out (due to a blunt force trauma or hypovolemic shock), then they will not be able to pursue you.

Death:  This needs no explanation.


The Philosophy of Survival is to first learn that there are ONLY TWO RULES that you will need to remember:

Repeat After Me…

Rule #1:  I will do whatever it takes to SURVIVE.
Rule #2:  I will never go to a 2nd location. (A.K.A. The Kill Zone)

Rules #1 and #2 mean that you will do whatever it takes to survive and never, ever let your attacker take you to a 2nd location.  You will make your stand at the initial attack location.  Repeat after me “I will do whatever it takes to survive and I will never allow myself to be taken to a 2nd location” (the kill zone).

Targets over Technique ~~ Target Based Training

My system is a “Target Based” training system.  This means that the target is more important than the technique.  This means that you will continually strike “targets” using your body weight to cause a “reaction” that will open another “target” and keep repeating until the threat is neutralized.

Here’s how it works:  Strike a target to cause an automatic reflex (like touching a hot stove) to open up another target “serial targeting”.  The target is more important than the technique, Ex.  I could fall on someone’s neck and snap it with my body weight.   This is a very unique method vs. conventional Self Defense/Combatives Instruction.  For example, you could kick the groin (very hard) and cause your attacker to “reflex” into a position where his knees buckle, he bends forward at the waist, his hands automatically go to his groin, his eyes open wide and his chin is up (think of some America’s Funniest Home videos and watch when anyone gets hit in the groin, the “reflex” is the same in every video.)    So, if we know that this “reflex” is going to happen, what targets does it open for us after we kick someone, very hard, in the groin?  That’s right, the eyes!  So now, we can move our body weight forward and use our thumbs to gouge the eyes (insert thumbs into eye sockets and try to get them to go through the back of the skull) of the attacker while “taking space” (after you gouge the eyes you should be standing where the attacker was, that is what I mean when I say “taking space”…it also increases your power and puts the attacker off balance).  The eye gouge “reflex” will make the attacker turn away from the pain and bring their hands up to their eyes.  Now, what can we do?  We have just been made invisible, because the attacker cannot see and has turned away.  We can either escape at this point or keep attacking to neutralize the threat (they could still pull out a gun and start blasting away, even though they cannot see).  Please keep in mind that escape will not always be possible.  Your kids might be in the house or you have another attacker(s) to deal with, or you need to go help someone else that is under attack.  To make sure the threat is neutralized and knowing that they cannot see, we could grab them by the hair or clothes and slam them to the earth or onto a sharp object.  From there we would stomp the trachea/throat and if you feel that you could safely turn your back on the attacker, then you are done and ready to move on to the next attacker or get away.  Congratulations!  You have just survived against a violent predator(s) and saved yourself, your family and your community!  Are you getting the point of a “Target Based System”?  Notice that I didn’t give you any fancy techniques to use?  All I did is made you aware of a couple of targets and tools (kick to groin, thumbs to eyes, heal stomp to throat).  Remember that a gun, knife, bat, hands, etc…are just tools to use to take out the real “weapon” which is the brain.  If you had to think of some fancy “Hollywood Style” technique, you would pause or freeze up, giving the attacker the advantage, and possibly be killed, raped or have all your life saving supplies stolen.

There is obviously a lot more to learn to perfect your targeting and hand to hand based self protection skills….so consider this proposal the beginning of your training.  Please contact me if you would like to learn more.  Or visit my website at or

Thank you for your time,

Coach David Alexander (Self Defense/Protection Expert)

Humanity’s most valuable assets have been the non-conformists.  Were it not for the non-conformists, he who refuses to be satisfied to go along with the continuance of things as they are, and insists upon attempting to find new ways of bettering things, the world would have known little progress, indeed.  Josiah William Gitt

“Free my hands and I’ll varnish this floor with your brains!”  “The Scarlet Citadel” by Robert E. Howard.

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet”  Maj. Gen. James Mattis

“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.” Leonardo Di Vinci

“To know your enemy you must become your enemy.” Sun Tzu

8 comments to Community Self Defense

  • Scout

    Coach David – Excellent article and advice. Everyone should visit your web site for more information on how they can benefit with your training, and at very reasonable rates. Personally, I’d love to come to your place for a session sometime and bring a few friends / family. I’ll see what I can do in that regard.

    • Coach David

      You won’t regret it! Not only will you get great instruction, but the island I live on is one of the most beautiful in the world. You will have a great time. Thanks for the comment, Coach David

  • Yes target is must for achieving goal. For learning something first you have to target.

  • Archangel

    I am going to send all the important people in my life to your site to learn about the targets. Thanks.

  • Coach David

    That is quite the complement. Better yet, why don’t we set up a training? Do you live anywhere near Washington State? Coach David

  • Jeffroe

    Your system sounds similar to a course I took back in the 90’s. It was called S.A.F.T.A. by a man named Lew Hicks. It is a very effective system based I believe on SCARS training. How does it compare to your system?

  • Coach David

    SCARS would be closer than others. I believe that Tim Larkin of Target Focus Training came from SCARS and I learned a lot of what I teach from Tim Larkin among others. Thanks for the question, Coach David

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