Resonate XXIII- the Ode to Debt and Death

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  • Where focus goes energy flows.

    Don’t you think those you finger in this vid got there on behalf of the same emotions you are projecting?

    Check yoself b4 u wrek yoself.

    Yea I wanted to see these guys suffer while watching but then I thought about how they must be suffering in order to be where they are and how blessed I am to lead the life I do and how I would never wish to be one of ‘them’. Shucks bet not one of em get to _______ (fill in the blank and understand how blessed you are – I put surf).

  • larry

    Yes,I am glad I am not one of those parasites. But to bad they try every way possible to feed on us,wish they would just get out of our lives for good. They have ruined enough lives and countries with there large appetites. Pass the bug repellent

    • Child of Yahweh

      Dear PatriotDeb,

      God IS the light. NOT Mary, or your deceived worker for Satan, the Catholic priest whose blog you are directing people to. Catholicism is PAGANISM, straight from Babylon. Get out now, you are working for the Angel of Light, Lucifer!

      • Little message

        Amen Brother, those that know this, walk with Yahweh, those that do not cannot see for the darkness.

      • david

        listen goofy we dont pray to mary,as you disrespect christs mother i hate to be in your shoes,once the catholics are gone the fags like yourself will be ran over with the new world order,the only fight that satan gets is from the catholic church,fighting abortion chrislom,and a death threat to the pop from our great obama sounds like your on his side.what are you mormon.protestant.that say muslems have the same god as christ well they dont,satanist hate anything good,sounds like you again…

      • Jewel

        God=Allah=Yahweh. Yep Catholocism is Paganism. Christians, Jews, Muslims have the same and one and only God. God shows those who wishes along the straight path in lightness and lets those go astray who he wills in darkness. Ya Allah I’m thankful to be Muslim walking along the straightest path possible toward Jannah=Heaven and may I and all faithful believers be accepted with mercy.

    • bruinjoe93

      @Child of Yahweh

      You are ignorant. You spread lies about the Catholic church. You would not have Christianity if it weren’t for the martyrs of the Catholic church. It was the Catholic church that made the sacrifice in Palestine and Rome, the same church that you are prosecuting with your lies.

  • Allen Halverson

    Great song and given the context, makes it even greater.

  • July 1, 2012

    Economic Collapse a commin’ you way.
    Hey, what happened to all the joy and happiness
    I am looking for around this place?
    As I see it, there’s gotta be some joy somewhere.

    Oh, there it is.
    You just gotta look for it.
    Keep your eye out in this universe of ours.
    Good words / good thought become good things

    Good luck and good fortune to you all

    Go find a little doggie who wants his tummy rubbed.

    That’s about the only good thing I can think of for us to do.

    Director / Cinematographer
    Academy Award Winner
    213 273-3661

  • Patrick Willis

    Chilling! It evokes a purple passion that I like to think I’ve lost. But I know my secret weapon is the best thing. Walk away from them, laughing, however hard that may be.

  • Joe Sef

    Awesome Chris. Just awesome. Every dog has their day bro, and these dogs will too. It’s less about wishing ill on anyone and more about watching someone do their dirt, then watching them get what they have coming to them. Nothing more, nothing less. You rock bro.

  • Chris & Son of Liberty-

    I am not here to hate. I am here to resonate. Focusing on the people who create the problem IS NOT the problem. Our problem is in the mirror way more than anyone seems to want to believe.

    By all means Chris resonates with me more than most. I just know definitively that you focus on those you hate they gain more power – fact. Chris even has said that he thrives on the hate mail… so why the hate back out?

    • AS

      In one of Chris’ first SSRs, if not the first, he readily admits that prior to his awakening, HE was the problem NOT the power elite. That changed once he walked away. You not only don’t have your facts straight but you completely miss the point. No hatred. No vendetta. Just walk away…

  • AS

    What a beauty! Great punctuation to a lasting, thoughtful, and thought-provoking body of work. KUDOS AND MANY THANKS FOR FURTHERING MY EDUCATION AND AWARENESS. I look forward to doing the real work now in SSR! BEST REGARDS!

  • Son of Liberty

    Look man, I was half joking.

    Just my offbeat sense of humor and a me looking out for my ‘brotha from a anotha motha’ 😉 No harm intended. Sorry.

  • smokey

    Semper Fi,

    I like to see people do their own homework and learn the truth. For many years I did not believe the press was more than 10% accurate, especially because they leave out so much. When you are in the Marines and they are talking about you, the knife in your back makes sure you know the press is wrong.

    So many of us learned years ago that we were in the Matrix and there was a lot wrong with the BS we were fed. Trouble is, there were so few outlets for us to express our doubts and share information. Whenever someone finds a way, I cheer.

    Thanks Chris!

  • VIPER131

    Awesome video – Silver Shield.

    This video embodies the people that have created the suffering of humanity.

    I have seen incredible suffering and will probably witness more horrific events in the future.

    I have a sense of indignation to those that created, aided and abetted, and those that actually laugh at the suffering that they have caused. Not hatred – but a sense that they deserve justice to those lives that they have destroyed or held back.

    This video shows to those unrighteous people that we know who they are. And sometime there will be Justice in the new paradigm – it must be so if we are truthfully going to create a better community for ourselves and mankind. When this Justice does arrive – they will be held accountable.

    Great job — as usual.

  • Nicely done Chris.

    Have a nice break — you deserve it!

    Talk to you soon.

    Marco S.

  • John

    Great Music

    Karma is like an invisible force that carries the good and evil of a person. To sum it up in one sentence, its “What goes around comes around”. That means that if a person does good, good fortune will come to him; likewise if the person commits evils, bad fortune or evil will come to him. Its the basic concept which Buddhism revolves around.

    The phrase “karma is a b****” originated because usually when a person who has been committing evil all his life is finally busted in a bad way or is struck down and has to pay for all his sins, its pretty bad for that person. Therefore according to karma, since he was doing ungodly things, he had to suffer for all his crimes and sins. So cause basically its like natures way of taking revenge its being branded as a b****. Hence the saying “karma is a b****”

  • christophe

    Thanks for your great videos and insights, I’m a big fan. There is one thing I haven’t seen in your work, though. That is about 9/11/2001. Architects and engineers for 9/11 truth (, for example, have been screaming for years that they have evidence of explosives being used inside the towers after planes crashed into them.

    Cover ups and unanswered questions are numerous around the series of events that occurred on that day.(I think)It was an act of war on the American people and a trigger for stripping our liberties away under the freedom act propaganda. Government was involved then, and is to this day.
    But maybe I missed when you talked about it(?).
    The day I learned 3 towers went down in a controlled demolition style on 9/11, I woke up to a new paradigm. We are being lied to, “big” time.

  • I hope that this video attracts the attention it deserves and goes viral. Also I hope that the regular guy ‘gets’ the message. It is an uphill battle to talk about the truth and reality of what really goes on. People in general either don’t believe it or they simply don’t want to know. It is heartening to see the growing number of bloggers and youtubers doing their bit to educate the masses. Good karma to them and to you Chris!

  • Alfred Newman

    Someone is very very angry…
    and someone is in trouble.

    Nobody can just run rampant over a planet lighting fires,sowing salt and ashes, genociding humans on a grand scale, and manipulating the flow of money and resources to fund the means to create deserts that will last hundreds of thousands of years – and not have to answer for it.

    I wouldn’t want to be any of them right now and I reckon that the very shelters they run to are going to be their undoing. It will show them the yoke they’ve been wearing this whole time they thought they were in control.

    Do they yet realize they were just another slave all along, paying sympathy to The Farmer? Just another of McDonald’s (over one trillion served!)customers who “deserved a break today?”

    I think they’re banking on their army of brainless sycophants to rescue them with some sort of manipulated voting response combined with the obligatory manipulated voting count. That will predictably be helped along by some sort of pre-planned crises to provide them the means of control; except people expect it and it will not have the same effect they’re looking for.

    Speaking for myself, “they don’t speak for me.”

    We will see what happens next…

  • Ignaceous

    We put them there. We give them our power every day. We discourage them from telling us the harsh reality of life but rather what we want to hear. Then we turn around and call them evil sociopaths. We are one hypocritic species with no sense of accountability.

  • anonymous

    They are finished.

  • mike ferguson


  • eagleeye

    Chris you forgot to put Tony blair on the vid, probably one of the worst scums!

  • s0n of sAm (as in s0n of uncle)

    Child of Yahweh,

    when is the mothership coming with Yahweh. get in the know with Zecharia sitchin.

  • Time to flip the coin.. I’m with you all the way!!

  • Dave P

    Excellent video as always, see a few hater comments to bad, always will be backward thinking people out there. Keep up the faith. Peace And Love

  • Kane

    So Chris…you basically published “the list” on this video.
    I keep wondering when someone is going to be putting checkmarks beside the names.

  • david

    yahweh is not god he was a man who raped his wife at the age of 6 years old and killed her parents in front of here.if thats light i dont want it read it for yourself stop listening to your lieing pretures…

  • Gene

    I propose you stop public comments. Waste of valuable space. The comment detract from an important site; makes it look like a nut-job home base.

    Perhaps, someone could select comments that are in English, related to the topic, and provide evidence of a tenth grage education.

  • Craig Jones

    Those who live by this sword shall die by it. It’s a long time coming, but they will all get theirs.

  • Praetorian

    First of all, excellent video. The power of it comes from its truth. I can’t believe I volunteered to serve these people, but at least I learned from my mistake.

    Second, everyone should not get too hung up on the whole karmic vengeance idea. There is a very real chance that these psychopaths will never receive one sliver of retribution, nor should you wish for it (too much). Prepare yourself for that disappointment now, don’t let it disturb your peace. Our best vengeance, as Chris so eloquently shows, is to carry on in our personal lives to be our best and brightest without them. That’s how he phrases it, as I recall, and again the power of it comes from its truth.

  • Raul Pevere

    36 What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?

  • Karma is a just and beautiful thing. Balance is coming.

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