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Update 2: I edited the meeting and added my notes and charts and video links to the member’s page below.  I am going to now work on the Survey Monkey Questionnaire.  And I am still looking for volunteers to run some meetings for next week. -CD


Update: We had a great first meeting and announced some very exciting plans to decentralize this group but increase the personal networking.

I have posted the link for the recording.

Our next meeting will be at the same time next week.

I am proud to announce our first virtual meeting for the Silver Shield Group Sunday July 8th Noon until 2 PM. In this initial meeting I will be covering a couple of issues I want clear up and set forward an agenda for what we can do with this dynamic meeting platform.


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Anyone interested in running a meeting for the group the week of 16th through the 20th email me at with the title SSG Meeting Request.

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Asymmetric warfare
Computers and Bonds
Russia gas and oil
Syria Proxy war

Walking away
Yuan convertablility

My sense of what is coming
Closing the Report

Our asymmetric

End of June marks the end of seasonal selling pressure that climaxes at the end of April.


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Report ( Intellectual Foundation) versus Group (Beginning Network and Relationships)

Filter out Psychopaths

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Decentralized groups
6 Hats- Mark Boutwell 6 Hats PPt

Blue Hat- Manger tasked with setting agenda and keeping on point.

Red Hat- Express emotion about the task

Green Hat- Throw at any and all ideas, everyone has to participate.

Black Hat- Devil’s advocate- reality test

White Hat- Facts about the situation

Yellow Hat- Benefits
Webex meetings

Location and Ideas
Where you are or want to bug out
Bugout investment groups
LLC property and development.
Food and Water
Anyone can set up a meeting by emailing me
You must have a clear topic and agenda
I will schedule the meetings but leave everything else up to you
If you have a meeting You will be responsible to give a 5 minute executive brief to the whole group the next Sunday
Everyone can participate in any group.

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Here is the link for the recording

99 comments to Silver Shield Group 1 Where We Are

  • Austen Spoonts

    im disappointed that i will not be able to join this event. i stumbled on SBSS with only a few days left to join, but from what i saw i knew that i didnt want to miss out. The information has been the missing pieces to things that i could see going on in the world. the problem now is that i feel trapped in my role as a “financial advisor”. it is evident in my production lately that i cant sit in front of good honest people and sell them something that i know is going to fail, or that im going to be charged the commission back in a few months when things fall apart and they are no longer able to pay. these same people also dont want to listen to the truths that i am begging them to hear. i also dont want any part of feeding the evil and deviant machine that wall st. has become. how do i pay for silver? much less my bills? when living on a commision only job that feeds this machine? i know i’m rambling on, but i feel like y’all are the only people that will truly understand how i feel. the craziest thing of all is that the general population thinks WE are the crazy ones….. common sense is the least common of all the senses.

    • Ed Pomicter

      Hey Austin, I absolutely understand your conundrum. I would suggest an alternate way of looking at things, although it may not help out. First, we live in a series of games. There are rules that are constructed, like the rules that you work under as a financial advisor, that are not necessarily constructed for the benefit of the consumer. The trading/investing game, is built to reward the few at the expense of the many. When you are aware of the game, then you can make your own rules to work within it. I was registered as an investment advisor because I wanted to provide a service to friends within the system rules (my main gig is a physician), but my state regulators became “uncomfortable” with my planned advice because I wanted to tell the truth and I also understand how to deal with market risk in a conscious way..they have no clue about market, investing and trading….they want you to give the “prudent advice” which is only prudent because it is what everybody else provides. So I ditched the registration and pursued starting a private commodity pool, which allows me to accomplish 90% of what I wanted to do before. Now, I totally understand that I am playing in a rigged game, but my goal is to starve the beast of some of its profits and turn them into the silver bullet…we’ll see how successful that is over time.

      People will always get the results that they really want, especially in the markets. Your clients who don’t want to hear what you have to offer, really do not want your advice…they are going to you because they do not want to take responsibility for themselves. Your truth would force them into taking responsibility for their results (as you are trying to do in your own life). So by ignoring/rejecting your truth/advice, they will be able to avoid responsibility when the system fails.

      So maybe you just need to examine how, within the rules of the game as they are currently written, you can make your own rules that support your morality. Perhaps you could do fee based planning or advice….you will come up with the best idea.

      Best wishes

  • John Foley

    Austen, I concur… I work in the pharmaceutical industry and come across this mental quandary daily. I push through my frustration as I look to walk away from this toxic field and search for something that resonates with me. The only thing to fear, is fear itself.

  • mattthenuke

    I’m pumped like a gas tank. Chris, if you let us down, we’ll cut you.

    And I’m drinking, for what it’s worth.

    • Silver Shield

      No one is more pumped than me.
      I can’t let you down because this is going to be decentralized, leaderless resistance.
      I am suppling the vision, platform and network to have great things happen.

  • Robert Gest IV

    I probably won’t be able to show for this one so I look forward to it in the archives.

  • Brian Pomeranz

    Really looking forward to this idea of setting up a community. But I feel like there’s two points that your failed to mention: 1) When a government is so desperate for money, that they would consider selling alloidal titles (or something similar) it means it’s already too late to start building our community. And 2) whatever we spend on land will be great because of all of us sharing the costs, but that is just the start, we need to build a very decent infrastructure to support 3 or 4 hundred families and then we have to build 3 or 4 hundred bunkers with homes on top of them. So 5 thousand dollars per person is probably just 10% of the total cost even after the volume savings that building such a large complex would get us.
    If we are to be self sufficient, this Idea would be a great opportunity for a group like THE VENUS PROJECT to show the world how great their idea of a city could be, and that would give us free access to tons of motivated architects, aqua culture and farming experts, and engineering’s willing to volunteer their time and money helping us create their dream city (even if it’s just on a small 3 to 4 hundred homers scale). Think about it, between the force of their dreams and the strength of our down to earth reality check we could have the best of both worlds.

    • Silver Shield

      When centralized power capitulates and sells the crown jewels that will be the time to do big things.
      We just have to be ready with the capital, network and ideas to take advantage of the best real estate market since the Louisana Purchase.

      Building infrastructure will be a snap with the right capital and environment. It will bring jobs and even more capital and labor into it.

      Until the centralized power capitulates we will remain decentralized and work on our network and ideas while we stack.

  • Citizen Doctor

    It sounds like webex is not free, after the free trial. Has anyone used FreeConferenceCallHD, which allows up to 1000 Skype/phone users for free?

    • Moira

      In my experience anyone can attend a webex, but you must have an account to host a meeting and that does cost some money. I use it for work all the time, I’m a district sales manager(push paper)for a “global energy managment” company. Webex is fairly user friendly but I do recomend logging in early as your own PC may require updates to run the program if you have not used it before.

    • Robert Burke

      I’ve used both and gotowebinar is easier and 1000 attendees for 19.99 a month. Attendees are free of course.

  • Austen Spoonts


    what do you think about having an open forum on here for discussions? i think it would be an easy way for all of us to get to start knowing each other easily and when we have time to log and and respond to one another.


  • Rex Bowe

    640 members? Seriously? On purpose or providence?

    Section of land based on the PLSS —
    A one-square-mile block of land, containing 640 acres, or approximately one thirty-sixth of a township.

    Originally proposed by Thomas Jefferson, the PLSS began shortly after the Revolutionary War

    “I think our governments will remain virtuous for many centuries as long as they are chiefly agricultural; and this will be as long as there shall be vacant lands in any part of America. When they get plied upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.”

    Cool, eh?

  • Barry Soloman

    Looking forward to listen in. Just set my laptop for it.

  • I’ll certainly have a bash, bud. As you’re aware, my IT skills are $hit but I’m sure i’ll figure it out. ’till then,


  • lizcor68

    Not going to be able to make it or much of it. I was really looking forward to it. I’ll listen to the archives. If possible for the next meeting if it can be done later day or into the evenings that may be better for some of us. Anyway, I hope you all learn alot, and I hope to catch you all next time. :)

  • william pellerin

    Were we supposed to get an email? I didn’t get one – Lucky I checked the website on my own or I wouldn’t have known about the meeting.

  • Joshua Stewart

    Looking forward to it, I also did not get an email so happy I checked site! :-)

  • Joe Ney

    i’ve been saying we should have a members list and info for everyone,I would love to know the names and contact info for each member,also know where they live so if any are near me i can meet them in person,If each member did a write up on what there into and what they want from the community i would be able to see who most closely resonates with me and i would contact them now and get to know them,so when we finally do get to the community I will have real world friends already.Just a thought,but why keep our members clueless as to who the rest of us are,I want to meet these people in the real world now if i can,also know who is most like me

    • Silver Shield

      I am working on it.

    • Thomas Griffing

      I think distributing a full member’s list would be a bad idea. If a witch hunt ensues, I wouldn’t want my name on the full list.

      I wouldn’t mind a local group list.

      This is in keeping with “decentralizing”.

  • Joe Ney

    i just envisioned a check list where we all fill it out on what subjects we resonate with or have a strong like too,and it would be easy to see that way what each member is into along with the personal write up.I’m seeing a face way to look at each member and what there about with the checklist,and a slower more detailed version with the write up

  • Terry Stevens

    I’ll be there to at least listen in. Will be very interesting lots to learn
    Just joined so still going through the archives. Even now at this time there is
    still a lot a motivated and focused group can accomplish! Where ever I go and
    who ever I talk to all individuals are unhappy with their current personal
    situation and economic outlook. Right now we are all going through a very important
    phase of change and growth.

  • Jay King

    I cannot attend this; can you record it so that we can watch it later?

    Also, will you dicuss the proposed location of “Galt’s Gulch”?

  • Joshua Stewart

    Im in Los Angeles area anyone else out there in my area? :-)

  • Justin DeArmond

    that was fun what did everyone else think?

    • landscraper

      I agree, Justin. Great first meeting. It was pretty cool to learn that a handful of members are within a few hour drive. I’m sure others realized the same.

  • aaron kent

    I am Josh. Located in Redondo.

  • Joseph

    Great start! Looking forward to the formation of small groups. Have a lot to learn. I’m an ENFJ amongst the seemingly many INTJs in this group! Til next time: May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire.

  • Scott Woodbury

    I thought it was great. Nice to hear from people in my State. Is there another “main” chat room for Silver Shield or is this it on this topic??

  • Jay Elliott

    Much better than I anticipated actually. I think this collaboration may in fact work out! What an ability to get together this way!

  • jeremy corby

    Dam, missed it!

  • Lisa Quackenbush

    Are you still doing strategy sessions?

    • Silver Shield

      Not right now maybe in a few weeks.
      I usually do them when there is a lull and right now I am in hyper active mode.

  • Geoffrey Harlow

    Damn, I missed it too. I’m real busy right now. I hope you get the recording up soon. I look forward to the next meeting.

  • Brian Kessler


    Really enjoyed today. Look forward to the future meetings. Seems like there are some sharp people involved. A bit intimidating, but it indeed gives hope.

  • NZAllBlack

    WEST COAST members:

    Lets Kick start the WestSide!

    Join Up and lets get together and talk about it!

  • Ernesto Ornelas

    Recommend taking a map of CONUS and hyperlinking each member living in each state. This will allow members to cross talk with members living in the same state or in a state they may have interest moving to. Again as I noted during the web ex; a platform of guiding principles are critical as a baseline for members to have at a minimum some rudder direction.

  • Shane Thomasson

    Can’t access that link into webex. It seems to have a version of java that does not like the java enabled on my browser. Still trying to fix it on my end. Is there a way to get a straight mp3 copy of the cast without going through the webex interface?

  • lizcor68

    Central Wisconsin here, anyone around???

    • Allen Halverson

      Metro area Minnesota here. There were a couple of people in the meeting who were from western Wisconsin as well as Minnesota. Very encouraging.

    • David

      Eastern Wisconsin, lakeshore area.

    • Robert Selig

      chicago and Galena IL, midwest SS meet up…

    • Jeremy Goemaat

      Des Moines, Iowa here – not TOO far away from Wisconsin, but closer to Allen there in Minnesota :)

    • lizcor68

      Super!! More people around me than I thought. I’ll look forward to the next web meeting. Hope to meet you all there soon.

  • Eugene Oh

    Unfortunate timing. Will not be able to participate since it overlaps with church time. I am trying to listen to the recording but unsuccessful so far.

  • Robert Duke

    Anyone near clinton Illinois?

  • Eugene Oh

    Aha. Got the recording to work

  • Robert Gest IV

    I’m Robert (big surprise) and I’m located in Southern Maryland near DC and Northern Virginia. I’d love to find out if anyone is in my neck of the woods.

  • Adam Henderson

    Fromnewbetoeveryone… I am from socal as well. Email me at if you (any socal silver shield member) are in the socal area so we can find each other.

  • Barbara Gastelum

    Possible property:

    Address: The Ranch Latimer County, 5 miles from Talihina, OK
    For Sale: $575,000
 5 Beds, 4 Baths, 4,489 sqft
    View this home at: 112 acres

  • stackerboy

    Chris, I am watching the webex now since I couldn’t make it yesterday and I’m not seeing your cursor at all during the presentation. You may want to check into that. Great presentation.

  • Scott Blair

    Fiji has always been one of the world’s great escapes.

    Just a quick three hours flight from Auckland or Sydney, and now with direct flights from Los Angeles, Fiji offers a unique opportunity to own your own piece of Pacific Paradise.

    Fiji has become increasingly popular. This is in large part due to Fiji’s proximity and comparatively, inexpensively priced land vs. destinations such as Tahiti and Hawaii.

    Fiji has more than 322 islands each fringed with coral reefs and lapped by year round warm blue waters – creating a haven for relaxation and recreation – fishing, diving and snorkelling to name a few.

    Amid its wealth of natural beauty, Fiji true magic lies in its people and the fascinating blend of their diverse cultures.

    Fiji enjoys a tropical climate, with year round warmth, making it popular escape from the winters in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

    Fiji has only two major seasons:

    The Wet & Warm Season, “Fiji Summer” – December to April with temperatures averaging 88F (31C), higher rainfall and humidity.

    The Dry Season, “Fiji Winter” – May to November with temperatures averaging 84F (29C), less rainfall and humidity.

    Temperatures vary due to each islands topography and cooling trade winds.

    Fiji has pronounced dry and wet zones on its major islands especially Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The smaller islands and coral atolls on the other hand receive little rain and a lot more sunshine.

    Visitors can actually stay in Fiji for up to 6 months on a tourist visa which suits a good number of purchasers/ owners of Fiji real estate.

    If you plan to spend longer periods of time in Fiji, the most expedient thing to do is to apply for renewable three-year permanent residency. This does not however mean you have to give up your existing citizenship or passport.

    Historically Fijian chiefs traded with Europeans – they exchanged good including land for valuables like muskets.

    In 1874 British Imperial rule ratified a good number of these historical land “transfers” and thus created land with “freehold” title. Approx 10% of Fiji land is freehold – a rare commodity in the Pacific.

    Freehold land in Fiji ranges from tropical plantations to beautiful beach front, even to entire offshore islands.

    Ownership of land in other Pacific Islands including Hawaii, Vanuatu and Rarotonga can only be obtained by way of lease. There is no freehold title in those islands.

    The concept of leasehold land is relatively common in Europe, for example in many “prime” locations in London (UK) owning property can only be achieved by way of lease.

    Crown Lease
    The Fiji Government itself controls about 7 percent of the land and issues leases for up to 99 years. These “Crown Leases” provide a second sector of clearly defined and secure land ownership.

    Native Lease
    The balance of land approx 83% is in Fijian “communal” ownership. In 1940, the Native Lands Trust Board was established to manage that land.
    Owned communally, native land cannot be sold, but leases of up to 99 years are available. The number of NLTB lease tenants range from multimillion-dollar resort hotel companies to small vegetable farmers and households and is growing rapidly

    For more on Fiji Land including:

    Types of leases

    Process of buying real estate

    Application for Consent to a Dealing, visit the Fiji Island Trade and Investment Bureau

    Considerations when buying property in Fiji include:

    1. Utilities like power and water. Keep in mind that the farther you are away from a large town the property, the less likely to have access to ANY utilities.

    2. Proximity to town, shopping, and an airport: There is a lot of beautiful property available in Fiji, however much of it is an hour or more away from a town. This can become a fairly daunting challenge given the condition of some of the dirt roads, especially during the rainy season.

    3. Beach vs. hill/view lots: Many people dream of having a beachfront home but it is not always the most desirable.

    Under Fijian law, no beach is considered private in Fiji; indigenous people always have a right of access – a factor to take into account if you live nearby a local village.

    With so many elevated sites available, many hill lots can offer great views, privacy, cooling trade winds, and still be only a few minutes walk to the nearest beach.

    4. Home vs. land purchase: While it would be perfect to just find that already built house on the beach, constructed homes usually command a premium. In many cases (if you are not under time pressure) it is easier and much less expensive to buy the land and have a local company build a custom or kit home for you. Most builders are from Australia and New Zealand and know their trade well.

    5. Accessibility: Land is sometimes sold that has no legitimate road access to it. The question of access should be addressed on the back of the title by way of a legal easement that sets forth your way of access. Without this, you could be in for trouble. This is especially important when looking at the more remote properties. This problem can be circumvented when you purchase from a development company that guarantees road access to your property, and in many cases provides road maintenance for the development.

    If you buy a house over $60,000 here you get a dual passport and free health care.

    • Jeremy Goemaat

      Hey, Scott! I also have looked at Fiji a lot and the dollar goes a long way there, great climate, etc.

      However, they seem to have a revolution about every decade or two (fairly non-violent, but no guarantee of what new “leadership” will decide). Also, I would wager to say that most of the group are going to “stick it out” in the U.S. for very good reasons. Islands are extremely volatile (food, fuel, raw materials, etc) during any disruption and according to Chris, we have the mother of all disruptions coming. None of the Pacific islands are self-sufficient at a Robinson Crusoe level of existence. I think they are nice for a vacation home, with plans to return to the U.S. when it “hits the fan”.

      Joel Skousen has great book called “Strategic Relocation” ( discussing all states/regions of the U.S. and the rest of the world also. I have found it to be SPOT ON in it’s detailed breakdown of every state in regards to taxes, population demographics, corruption, personal & gun liberty, military targets, home schooling, crime, etc. If we are going to discuss physical retreat locations as a group, I think this should be THE CORE book we all start with.

      I agree with Mr. Skousen and many others that when things get bad (and that “shakeout” or “reset” process could last 5-10 YEARS!), you are going to want to be around people that look and speak as similar to you and better yet some common ancestry. This is not racist, rather just realistic from the dozens of stories I have read about including the founder of McAfee ( and the Health Ranger ( – both of whom were much better financed that most of us.

      “Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried”

  • Marco Antonio da Costa

    Somebody in Austria, Europe or around ?

  • Scott Blair

    Thanks Jeremy

    Understand instantly and thanks for that little jolt.
    Have in the last few months been finding people here in Scotland UK.
    So will try to form a group with them.

    • David Field

      Are you near Scoraig? Seems like that might be a good community to get involved in before, and there just might be some aware folks there.

  • Coach David

    Has anyone considered the San Juan Islands for a place to “Bug Out” or ride out the anger stage? The reason I mention this is that I have recently moved to Friday Harbor, WA (one of the San Juan islands). There are many local (non GMO) farms and ranches on the island. There is a local farmers market and food co-op that sells local produce and meat. Also, we are surrounded by water that has salmon, halibut, prawns and more dungeness crab than you can eat and a nice population of deer. Also, if the grid ever goes down there will be plenty of water as it rains here quite a bit and has many large lakes and ponds. There are also plenty of bass and trout in the lakes and ponds. The temperature rarely gets below freezing, there are plenty of trees for firewood and we do not require air conditioning in the summer. Plus, I think when the SHTF, TPTB will not worry about some “island” of a few thousand people. Also, not that Canada is a bastion of freedom, but it is right across the straight if needed. The majority of people here are retired/wealthy (at least for now) and very non-threatening. There does not appear to be a drug problem as in most places. There are no franchises or street lights. It is very laid back and peaceful. There is not a whole lot of work here so you would probably want to be retired. It would be easy for someone to purchase farm/ranch land and have other people live on their land in campers or tents if necessary. Food and fuel is expensive but rent is surprisingly cheap. Check or classifieds for rental rates. You can also train with me for strength & conditioning or self defense ( I might set up an SSR webex if people show interest. Just a thought. If anyone has any comments, those would be appreciated. Thanks for your time, Coach David

    • Coach David

      San Juan Island WEATHER:

      Often times when you think of the Pacific Northwest, you think rain! However, in the San Juans, we see the sun on an average 247 days out of the year.

      The islands are “protected” by surrounding ocean waters, and mountain ranges. The ocean temperatures average 45 degrees in the winter and 52 degrees in the summer. Thus, cooling the air in the summer and warming it in the winter. The Cascade Mountains are approximately 50 miles east and help to “block” the freezing cold weather systems that come down from Canada. The Olympic Mountains and Vancouver Island tend to push most prevailing winds up into cooler air, forcing the clouds to dump their rain. The San Juan Islands receive almost half the rainfall that Seattle receives.

      My email is coachalexander @ If you would like to discuss anything.

  • Deanna Freundlich

    Chris – Given that you will be scheduling (not hosting) daily webex sessions for members, would there be a way to add a calendar to the Members’ home page? This way you could post the scheduled webex confereces and members can plan to be available if it is a topic of interest. This may be a useful addition to the website.

    From all the comments above, looks like we are all reacting as you thought – networking with like-minded individuals and building those relationships. Thank you for supplying the venue. We appreciate it.

  • nikhil kripalani

    Hey i just moved to Goa, India, if any of you need any help trying to get a place outside of the US let me know i can help with the connections etc.

    Its a lot lot cheaper to live here and its very relaxed and laid back, its easy to get some farm land close by and be independent.

    In todays dollars within 1000$ a month you can live like a king/queen in Goa, there is some visa trouble as they have a 6 month break clause for us citizens but there are ways around that as well and it costs 180$ for a 10 year visa and to get tickets, i also know some medical facilities that provide some fake documentation that help you get insurance coverage and indefinite stay in the country on medical grounds and it can be done by greasing a few palms

    Its a good option for people who are on a budget and are open minded.

  • Scout II


    Steve Quayle’s web site covers a lot of pertinent stuff, good alt news site, and a promoter of Chris’s work. Many times he has featured Chris’s videos.

  • Justin DeArmond

    would anyone else be interested in a group about Cannabis?? id love to be a part of that or host if no one else is interested in it. im not an expert, although to a layperson i suppose i would be. i grew cannabis for 3 years until i got busted COPS style with the swat team and all, arrested my whole family too, it was awesome. anyway i was gonna use my rap sheet for job references in Colorado or California if i ever make it out there, been arested 3 times for cannabis so i suppose that makes me well versed in the subject for any job prospects…ha..gotta think positive right, make a bad into a good..anywho if anyone else wants to get a Cannabis group going im all for that and would be willing to host if nessecary or if no one else is more qualified than myself. thanks all!

    • Patrick

      I would not mind sitting in on a session I really enjoyed the SSR on cannabis I think the fellows name was Jermey. I hope to use aquaponics and raised beds/hugglemounds to grow veggies and fruit in the new paradigm. I wouold like to find out if cannabis/hemp would be a good addition to my farm when its legal.

      • Justin DeArmond

        of course it would be a good addition. i cannot see a day when cannabis is legal that it is NOT grown in everyones garden. the uses are almost endless. rope fiber (strongest natural on the planet) canvas, (latin name for canvas is cannabis or mabey its the other way around anywho canvas is cannabis!) all sails for ships are made of hemp (cannabis) hell the declaration of Independance was written on hemp paper as well as the constitution! the medicinal aspects of cannabis are perhaps the most well known properties of the plant however. cures cancer…literally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also helps to PREVENT cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your body literally runs on cannabis…your body has a cannabanoid system which regulates every organ and hormone in your body, cannabis is literally written into your dna!!! there are even receptors in your brain which only attach to THC, the active molecule in cannabis…your brain and body is literally built for cannabis!!!!

  • Justin DeArmond

    alright screw it im going to do a group about cannabis, anyone else interested please get ahold of me at I am a cannabis expert to the layman but would gladly accept any input from anyone who has been dealing with cannabis longer or more exclusivly than myself. i grew for 3 years before being busted and have been arrested 3 times for cannabis. never have grown industrially…yet but am looking to do just that when i move to Colorado where it is legal. (i live in kansas where it is not…for now). I probably know more about the plant than anyone else in the group so if anyone wishes to challenge me on that then please do, if im not the most qualified then i will relinquish my post as moderator of the cannabis site for the group but until then i suppose that im the groups defacto expert…sorry Jeremy (hope i got the name right). ive been around cannabis since before i was born (my mom still uses cannabis to this very day as well as my father uncle grandmother etc…) and it is my life long passion. so i look forward to a great meeting this next weekend and Chris ill send you an email before friday is up detailing the group meeting. anyone with thoughts or suggestions please email me at Thank you all!

  • Edward

    Sonoma County, CA

  • Damian Orihuela

    Anyone in Lower (SE) Alabama or in the tri-state area or AL. GA. and Fl? I’m surrounded by nay-Sayers and totally herded sheeple!! I am prior Military and Police with plenty of experience (started in 19890) in prperedness, survival, weapons and tacttics, and long term field sustainance, but it will be a bitch doing it alone!!

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