SSG 2 It Is All About Timing

UPDATE: The recording link is up and I will be posting the next meeting link above today.

I am awaiting on details as I hope to meet the Pennsylvania Silver Shield Group next Sunday.

I love the new direction this is taking!

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I cannot even begin to describe the feelings I am having right now.  This past week has really sent me for a loop and I have not felt this way since May 2008. (When I left my life in NJ.)  I am even more confident about closing this group down.  I have taken half of the videos down from YouTube with the rest of them coming down soon.  I have know for a long time that it will become either too dangerous to speak truth or it will simply be too late for anyone to do anything about it.  Truly understanding the 5 Stages of the Awakening is not only useful in you personal path but in the path of humanity.  This Anger Stage is coming and I think we all feel it coming.  I will be discussing the things that I have seen and where we are going with this.

I have not done the Survey and I have not scheduled the breakout groups that fellow members have offered to do. 

If you have good questions for me to put in the Survey Monkey please put them below in the comment section.  I am having mixed feelings about making a group list available.  I think I will break it out into two different surveys a list of people who want to connect to others like your name or screen name email and where you are from what you are interested in, fluffy kind of questions.  The other survey will be anonymous but designed to give us a better sense of who we are and what we can bring to the table, resources, talents, contacts, etc.  That survey will publish the cumulative results like percentage of members that have guns, 3 months of food, more than 1,000 oz sivler etc.  Both surveys are NOT mandatory but if you do participate please be honest as not to skew the numbers.

If you are interested in running a Break Out Session please enter your info below in the comment section for the week of the 23rd.  (If you have already set em an email to do one PLEASE put it again in the comment section below so I have one place to go to schedule the calls on WebEx.)

Meeting Leader:
Meeting Email:
Group Name:
Meeting Topic:
Short Description:
Agenda and Goals:
Meeting Time and Date:
Meeting Length:






Superhero timing
This is vitally important issue that we need to discuss
You will never get ahead swimming with the tide.
It is being where the wave is going

I  focused on instant gratification timing with inventory  and became awesome at it.
But i was not in tune with the universe
Dora is what changed that for me lightning bolt
Katie coming housing more powerful feelings
Housing, silver, bank, dealership, Ohio, Josh, Blog, here,

I know with my understanding of the 5 Stages of the Awakening
I knew there would be a small window to get rally the INTJ’s
and try to establish a loose affiliation.

But at some point the Anger phase would be coming.
The way I see it is that those big bad guys are so busy right now with major systemic headaches they would not see my work as a threat.  I am not interfering with their business in a major way. And by encouraging people to walk away it was of the opposite consciousness. Not some al Ciada or militia site pushing for conflict.

My problem is the neighbors.  Your un prepared friends and family. Knowing that this is coming I knew it was time to wrap this up and get out of Dodge

So I finished the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield and closed the member site.
The group we have is refined from 1.5 million semi conscious people.
This is going to be a community that will be historically significant.
No other group

During this time the I get an email from someone who loves my work
I work with the national media and I would likely to quietly assist your efforts in building a community as you have described below. In fact, I’ve assisted Gerald Celente & Michael Ruppert

I wrote back…
Thank you for your generous offer.

I believe in leaderless resistance an if my work resonates with you, please do your best to spread the word.

I am a one man band putting out the best work I can, if it resonates and spreads then it is a worthy cause.

Then I get this list of.


Coast to coast

So we were going to put together a media packet and hit this really hard… then.

Neighbor dying
I had to physically remove a friend from an abusive relationship
I saved my sister in laws life
My wife is becoming more and more uncomfortable with all of this.

I have had questions about fear
people on youtube internet tough guys
personal emails asking me but it is really about them.
One on one skypes talking about accidents.
Realtor pop you

I have used the I am very fond of truth but not at all of martyrdom -Voltaire.

I have also known that at the core of the psychosis there is the business side of these criminals.
They justify all of their actions with it is just good business.
They don’t like messiness and it is far easier to pay people to shut their mouths than get involved in anything messy/
Like the Sopranos you are given a choice.

Another person had to talk to me on skype
Same thing with the the way of the universe flow and resistance
And that my effort, my resistance is a drain on me and most do not benefit from the time I have spent.
I am special…
Then Dora comes in the room and and the conversation turns to that he knows Israelis in interpol
and that it is time to be quiet.

Now my wife is one of the most empathetic people I know and she did not react to the suggestion but afterwards

I wrote him back….

I appreciate the gentle warning, I just wish you did not do it with my wife in the room.
She is a very strong empath and the thought of someone threatening me is too much for her to bear.

-I have taken half of my videos off of YouTube with the rest to be coming down soon.
-I am moving my family again.
-I have cancelled a huge media blitz with one of our members who represents/ed Mike Ruppert,  Gerald Celente,  and Judge Andrew Napolitano.  (He is the one that got me the Coast to Coast interview, and says that I could be real big, real fast.)
-I only have a few smaller interviews left that I have committed to and by the end of this month I hope to go dark and only work with our group.

With that being said, was your warning based on belief or fact.

I have had 4 friends in the past 2 weeks say essentially the same thing and I am listening, but it was all based off of belief or gut feelings.
I know it is the right thing to do and I appreciate it.



whenever we debate there are only three things I want from you. What I want from you is: first, what you know 100% to be true? Secondly what you know to be 100% false? And a very distant third what you think you know. For you my new friend please refer to the first 100% comment. I do not say what I do not know. If I’m not sure I will be the first to come out and state that. Ego is not the biggest 3 letter word in my personal dictionary and hasn’t been for years. I am only donating this much time to you for one reason, YOU ARE DIFFERENT! Or you would not hear from me.

I am not mad at you at all, but I did have to calm her down.

Your words are no different than 4 others have said the same thing over the past 2 weeks.

I am serious, I do not lie, and I do not intend to be a martyr.

I have lived off of my gut and more importantly my wife’s gut, and it has served us well.

We both feel it is time to lower the radar image.

I feel this fall will be the big one and I don’t need to be out there as much.

I need to take some more precautions to protect my family.

I will continue to work and stockpile for a better day.



I am not looking for instant satisfaction, I hope to be laying seeds.

Never fear things outside of your control.
Work to your best ability
I look at Gerald Celente  getting taken for 30% if he gets his money back that might have saved many others to learn from his mistake.

Meetings- form in comment section

I am looking forward to seeing what comes out if this.
Multiple locations just for emergencies.
Nothing fancy- just an out of the way place to let the fires burn out.


Survey- public list

Special comments section just for my eyes

1. The un 6un grab BS and what you see happening if it passes & suggestions.
2. The stories floating around about the m1l1tary being used to sh00t citizens.
3. How we’ll be able to get in touch or meet up if communications goes down.
4. What is the dotted quad for your site in case the dns servers get taken down; I’ve tried to use it to get to dtom but it doesn’t work.
5. Also In your opinion, what you would recommend; I’m currently near Austin but have been looking into NH with their easier going laws, no tax, & free state project… Do you think it will be crazier up there versus here? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks man

202 comments to SSG 2 It Is All About Timing

  • Robert Duke

    Looking to be group leader for central illinois.
    Set me up

  • patriotdeb

    Good afternoon,

    I have good news. The following venue is scheduled for us this Sunday July 22nd from 10 A.M. until 3 P.M.

    Michael’s Restaurant and Deli

    130 Town Center Rd.
    Valley Forge Center, Route 202
    King of Prussia, PA 19406

    This place meets all of our requirements, including, food, high-speed internet, and private room capacity. Again, we scheduled it for 10:00 A.M until 3:00 P.M. This leaves us two hours to hold our meeting before the live Webinar for the entire S.S.G (which is 12:00 P.M eastern time) and an hour after 2:00P.M. to comfortably wrap up. Some of us will be going to Valley Forge park after this meeting and carry on. This is the plan as of now. Deb can you please copy and paste this e-mail on the forums, in case I missed anyone.



  • Darin
    57th. Annual


    Missoula Gun SHOW

    August 3, 4 and 5, 2012

    600 TABLES

    I will be at this gun show. contact me if you can attend.

  • Silver42

    Cory – Southwest – Arizona
    Might move to Oregon

    • Tim

      Hi Cory. I’m out in Phoenix and am interested in meeting all the other silver shield member in AZ and possibly starting a group. What part of AZ are you in? Feel free to email me Peace.

  • Mike Scott

    Mike Scott
    Tampa Bay, Florida

    Would like to move northeast, a little closer to Sue, Vincent, and Edward than I currently am, but probably not all the way to Alachua County.

    Have friends in Lake County (Eustis), family in Brevard County (Melbourne)
    Also have friends and family in Tennessee, both NE and SW corners of state, and would like to obtain some land up there as well.

    Possibly interested in LLC, but not sure how to directly email Irving or Barbara about that. Would welcome any contact about that.

    The weekly WebEx meetings so far have been scheduled while I am in church, but I am catching up on the recordings.

    Would be interested to meet in person if schedule permits.

  • mark boutwell

    Hey Guys

    Here are a few videos that I think will help our understanding to a Vision, Mission, Values Enjoy!

    Vision –
    Mission –
    values –

  • Terry Bytes

    Anyone else from Wisconsin or Iowa?

    • Jeremy Goemaat

      Yes, Terry – I am from Iowa. Feel free to reach out to me at theycalmetrinity at (or anyone else in our geographic area who wants to start an initial conversation/discussion group).

      I have not taken the time to read all 160+ comments on this post, so forgive me if I need to catch up on where things are at in the SSG.

      Are you thinking about hooking up with the “Central” group (IL/IN/KS)?

    • David

      Hi Terry, I’m from eastern Wisconsin, between Green Bay & Milwaukee.

  • James Tetreault

    Is there anyone else in Massachusetts. I’m in central Mass., in Shrewsbury, just east of Worcester.

  • Eugene Oh

    Hello everyone. I don’t have even close to the amount of physical ounces that I want, but I was curious….how committed are you to the PM strategy? Are you 100% into PM vs 50% like Dave Morgan? Are you cashed out of IRAs, 401Ks, life insurance, etc? Are you selling assets to convert to PM?

    To me, this is somewhat more indicative of the strength of your conviction than how many ounces you own.

    PS: I am probably around 75% into PMs. I have not cashed out of my IRA and insurance policies and have been torn about this. I still feel deficient in physical holdings,so have been considering cashing out to buy more PM while we still can.

    • Jeremy Goemaat

      Eugene, I am almost completely out of all equities, just some play/”gambling money” in a futures account where I’m playing the silver futures market for fun.

      I took a LOT of time to setup a company pension plan for a few years around 2004/2005(which I had control of and invested in precious metals).

      Our pension management company snickered when I told them I was closing it down and cashing out 100% before 2008. They are not snickering so much now. :)

      While I’m only 40 years old, this is the most corrupt and lawless I have ever see the financial and political establishment in the United States and do not trust almost any paper assets any longer. History shows they will get even more desperate then corrupt as their current paradigm and system implodes.

      Maybe I can have some confidence in other asset classes again, but that will take YEARS AFTER confidence is restored – meaning (1) there are persecutions of hundreds of bankers in general (like S&L in the 1980’s) and (2) we have a stable currency and balanced budget – but that is a paradigm shift I don’t see U.S. society at for a while. :(

    • James Tetreault

      Eugene. I’m all in. I’ve converted IRA accounts. I sold my cool car and now lease generic transportation. I sold my condo, that I could still afford and now rent. When I say all in, that doesn’t mean every dime of that went into PM’s. I hadn’t done any prepping before this spring and that took some resources.

    • Eugene Oh

      Jeremy and James, thanks for the responses. I admire your conviction. I did msot of my prepping first and got into metals afterwards. Unfortunately, most of this was done over the past year so I have taken a bad beating relative to fiat over the past year. Ugh. Unfortunate timing.

      • James Tetreault

        At some point down the road when the official conversion rate from dollars to silver is $750 per ounce or $1,000 per ounce (though no one will want to sell you their silver for even that much), you’ll laugh with other stackers about the difference between having gotten in at $40 or $27 per ounce. It’ll be one big ‘so what?!’. You got in.

    • mattthenuke

      I cached out my 401k and spent it all on physical silver, foodstuffs, and guns/ammo. Now, instead of sending 10% of my pay to my 401k account, I use it to buy silver. Working out great so far 😉

      I don’t really have any “assets to sell,” I’ve never really bought into the newest-greatest stuff. Prolly my most favored possestion is my coin collection, which got me started into stacking to begin with. It’d be pretty hard to sell it to get more silver.

      • David

        Have already cashed out of 2 IRAs and an annuity. Taken 2 loans on 401k, and loans on all of my life insurance policies. We have also cashed out of about 3/4 of my wife’s profit sharing account from a previous job (she’s still a little hesitant about cashing out the rest). I can not cash out on 401k, due to not being 59 1/2 years old and still employed with company. What are the tax implications of cashing out on life insurance, versus loans? (I look at the repaying on the loans as throwing PMs down the drain)

      • David

        Matt, I had a great Morgan Dollar collection that I had worked on for about 20 years. When I made the difficult decision to sell it and buy silver, I thought I might regret it, but once I took the plunge, and realized it was the right thing to do, NO REGRETS AT ALL!

  • Stephen Justice

    I wanted to post a Southeast Area contact list for anyone wishing to signup on. Someone may have already done this and I just dont know how to find it??? Does anyone know how a person can post a “WORD” document contact list form? and is this the correct way to do that ?

    You may contact me at this email address


  • DTOM27

    I am looking for people to connect with here in SoCal.
    I do not currently have a bug out place yet but am looking to relocate somewhere else but am not sure at the moment.

    You can email me at:


  • Josh Bender

    Meeting Leader: Josh B AKA Big Country
    Group Name:SW SSG (Misfits) :-)
    Meeting Topic: Introductions
    Short Description: Team building (get to know each other)
    Agenda and Goals: Understanding skill sets, who is digging in where they are and who is bugging out, also possible future projects
    Meeting Time and Date: July 29 10am Mountain standard time.
    Meeting Length:20 mins or until discussion is complete

  • Josh Bender

    Okay guys the group is coming together!

    Please pm me or email me if you are interested in getting in on the meeting!

  • farmerdan138

    Did I miss the survey monkey thing? Where do you go to fill that out?

  • Edward

    Sonoma County, CA

  • Josh Bender

    Hello Misfits! I Just wanted to get this info out there for all who are interested!

    I just wanted to get a email out about the meeting on the 29th. I am looking forward to talking with all of you!

    Topic: South West SSG Misfits/Meet and greet
    Date and Time:
    Sunday, July 29, 2012 12:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
    Sunday, July 29, 2012 10:00 am, Mountain Daylight Time (Denver, GMT-06:00)

    Okay so, to get things a little more organized here is the Agenda for this meeting. I would like to stay on track with this meeting, I know that we are all excited and probably have a ton we would like to talk about. So we will have some time at the end of the meeting for questions and comments. I am hoping to have this meeting wrapped up in about 35-45 mins.

    Meet and Greet
    Executive Brief (Anger phase / what we are seeing on the ground)
    Note Taker and Backup Meeting Leader
    Skill sets
    What are you looking for from SW SSG
    Where you are or want to bug out
    Group Bug out Location?
    Questions and Comments

  • Melody Stang-Howat

    Hi I would like to start or join a meeting in tampa bay

  • Tom Genzman

    Looking to start or join a group in Ohio, preferablly northwest. Maybe even Southeast MI, or northeast IN. Let me know if youre intrested. Thanks.

  • William Vannerus

    Greetings, I would like to join a group in Houston Texas, preferably North side. thanks

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