SSG 3 The Anger Chasm

I uploaded the recording for members to listen to.

Download link

What a blast we had at the PA meeting.

I am so pumped at the quality of people and all of the superpowers we have just in this group.




Here are the show notes:

The Anger Phase

So much of what I have been focusing on is prepping for the next paradigm.  But there is a huge chasm between here and there.

The anger [phase of humanity is coming we know this from our own 5 stages awakening the huge differenece is that we did it in a controlled envirionment while things were working.  Our greatest suffering was not being accepted.

The collapse will be much worse as people who do not function in an ever changing environment will not know what to do and panic. They will have to wake up to a new world totally unprepared and hurt that they were so wrong for so long.

This recent shooting is a small dose of what is coming.

I stated that the beginning of this year that we do not need to be concerned what happens in the financial markets or the political news that will all be papered over and spun what we need to look for is something to skip the record.

This shooting was a small example of that.
A physical reality that rips the media propaganda trance.

Think about it an audience literally mezmerized watch a big
boom a harsh reality rips apart the illusion and what was important before will be changed forever.

Violence is the solution for those that see no way out.
James Holmes quiet neuroscience

I guarantee he was an INTJ

Here was an apparently a very smart kid that followed the rules studied and ended up in a trapped reality where he probably had student debt, no job and no hope.  Societally cornered.  If there is no productive efforts to focus on, no ideas that is idle hands and that is the devils workshop. video games and porn lead to an empty life.

Finding purpose finds value in resonating with something inside of you and helping others.

Given the programing what would we expect? the barrel is rotten

One bad apple Power Point

Normalization of psychopathic behavior vapid empty hole in their lives
They feel empty and hollow and view others as empty shells
No economic purpose in a consumer world = no value
our society has been warped to serve the collective schools, military, government, corporations
suppressed individual wants and desires shut down to follow the leader.

Maria Roger ebert gun control thomas jefferson
gun free zones attract psychopaths
they dont raid police stations like terminator
They attack where they know they won’t be opposed.

Where was the hero?
People culled into inaction.
No other


False flag

This will be in the news for a few weeks as the media morbidly covers every aspect of this crime
When this happens an incident like this won’t even make the front page as
societal crimes override individual crimes

UN gun control
in theory relaity


Local meetings

pooling resources on community level land energy sanitation

individual resources

Bugout for the chasm but really it is a reality test for the societal operating system

What really works what really fails.
Different communities can create their own contracts

I would think an LLC to buy a property is a great first step.

Pooling resources to buy a big property is a no brainer.

400,000 property 100 acres 20 people
With the property we don’t really need all of that land to we need a buffer.
Renewable energy smart food production like aquaponics and permaculture and outside production
$80,000 / 20 $4,000

1 contact
false front for negotiating and for curious locals.
Agoz Redemption camp

Individual ownership of buildings and business ideas.

equitable ownership

45 comments to SSG 3 The Anger Chasm

  • Irving14941

    I’m on it!

  • Darrell Densmore

    Irving, I live 20 miles from VF and would like to attend if my schedule permits. Is there room for 1 more? – Darrell

  • Mark Khusid

    I could drive from WNY on Saturday and drive back on Monday. Are there any accommodations nearby?

  • Tim Kaiser

    I’m coming from Pittsburgh. I can’t wait.

    • Mark Khusid

      Hey dude! It was awesome meeting you yesterday. I am definitely going to check out that science website. I am still blown away at your amazing depth of knowledge over many subjects. Next time we have a chance to chat, I have to do some homework to prepare!

  • Joshua Stewart

    Damn I wish I could get to Pittsburgh I will be listening in for sure!!!

  • Jay

    I am very sorry I cannot attend. I will try to listen in; can you record it as well?

    I plan to make the August meeting.

  • Jo Berman

    Hi Irving,
    I live in TX now and believe it or not I just bought a house in PA. Closing is in August so I won’t make the July Meeting but I couldn’t believe it when this group began to form. I would like to be a part of it of course, so please add me to the list.

    • Irving14941


      Great to hear! I’ve already met one of the local members in the P.A branch of the SSG.

      I’m extremely excited about the meeting this week. I did not count on my little blog post idea to take off like it did.

      It was, like, I posted it and then the members took it and this “meeting up” idea just took a life of it’s own. First, P.A members were saying “omg, yeah! Let’s meet up and have a local network of SSG members we can depend on!”

      Then it was Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Rhode Island, one after the other. And then, I hear Chris is coming?! Crazy.

      I met one of the SSG members local to my area. What an amazing guy. Both him and his family. I felt like I was among brothers whom I’ve known my whole life. Absolutely mind blowing.

      What was suppose to be a 1-hour meet & greet ended up being a 4-hour discussion about how best to awaken people, relating to each other, talking about each other’s experiences, what we think about Chris’ vision, etc.

      We ate some fresh corn & pork barbecued the real old-fashion way (Texas style) straight from local farms. Discussed, debated, shared ideas, related, resonated, connected, and I dunno John, words can’t describe how life changing it is to know that you have a patriot or two close by that isn’t just a part of this movement, but is also on the SAME level as you.

      Looking forward to hearing more from you. Are you registered in the forums? If not read this, so you can post on the thread that’s specific to the P.A branch of the SSG:

  • James Tetreault

    I think I’ll be there as well. It’ll be a drive but what the hell.

    • Irving14941

      So glad to hear this. Rest well before you go out and drive, always.

      Be safe and I hope to see out there!

    • patriotdeb

      Awesome James! Putting you on the list. Safe trip!

      • James Tetreault

        Ugh. Ended up not being able to make it. Felt under the weather when I got up early to go.

        I wish I could have been there. I’d like to meet other folks in the group. Oh well, maybe next time.

  • vich

    Man!! It sucks that these are always on Sundays!!! I always have to work. I feel like Im missing out!! >:(

  • Hieu Nguyen

    can we get a survey out with information where fellow SSGer lives? anonymous information would be helpful as to know where the hotspots are..

    • Patrick

      @ Heiu check the ssg survey on the main page @ this site Barbara has put together a map of members hope that helps

    • Barbara


      The map on the main page was put up 7/13. I have one which is current which I’ve tried to post but have been unsuccessful; however, I’m seeking help as to how to do it. If you post your email or send one to me at I will send you a copy of the most recent map.

      Barbara G.

  • Patrick

    Why cant I see anyone in the meeting?

  • Stephen Justice

    I can look for property in western South Carolina. This is good area. Lakes, hills and mountains all around, as well as mild winter. Lots off fire wood. 2.5 hours from Atlanta, or Charlotte. About 35 minutes from Greenville, SC.

  • Al Estilong

    What do you all think of these type shelters?

    • Stephen Justice

      They look nice. I was wondering, They have those sea-land cargo shipping containers a person can pickup pretty reasonable then modify to suit your purpose…I always thought they would do well under ground.

    • Al Estilong

      To add to the discussion concerning bug out properties, here is a link on campsites for sale, These sites may have the infrastructure already in place to support multiple tenants. Some of these sites may also contain community bathrooms. Also, as Chris stated in the meeting, after the anger phase, this property could be used again as a income generating leisure recreational campsite. Thoughts?

      • Joe Ney

        I’m with you AL as far as getting a property with a large building already on it or even better individual small rooms already there.A camp sight,a school,etc.

  • stackerboy

    Thank you Chris, Deb and Irv for hosting today’s meeting. What a great experience meeting everyone and a what a concentration of learning. Looking forward to the next meeting.

  • The download link does not work. Haven’t scrolled up yet to see if this has already been addressed.

  • Anthony Scola

    I have been working in the construction field for the last 8 years ( mainly custom kitchen and bathrooms) I would love to get involed with building on our land.

  • Thomas Griffing

    I’ve been interested in aquaponics for some time now and thought I’d share some info I’ve found.

    To begin with, here is a video on how to build an aquaponic system from an IBC container (easy to find for less than $100):

    Building an ibc aquaponic system

    There are several related videos available as well.

    I visited a commercial aquaponic company last year and they had 1000 gallon fish tanks pumping into gravel grow beds and then into “raft” beds before returning the water to the fish. This solved several problems with solid waste from fish, but it still required work to maintain mineral levels in the water and keep out bugs and fungus.

    One about heating in the winter – I saw one video about a guy in Boston with several commercial greenhouses. Most were using gas fired heaters, but he was switching them to instead use compost heaps for heat, as they generate a lot of heat.

    In hot summer conditions, the greenhouses housing the aquaponics system must be cooled for some types of vegetables.

    Note that the nutrition of the vegetables and fish comes from the fish food. It should contain all necessary minerals and such for the fish and the plants.

  • Jeremy Goemaat

    Just a couple thoughts on where some of these break-out groups are moving.

    1. An awesome software product I have used for brainstorm and organizing information during these types of meetings is MindManger (

    2. Before making any money commitments, form any companies, sign any legal agreements, etc – if I were heading up a similar group, I would FIRST THING contact/contract Jim Rawles ( and Joel Skousen ( to get some very cost-effective consulting advice from experts with DECADES of experience helping others do exactly what you are talking about doing. I have no affiliation with them, other than reading both their work for YEARS. They will make you think about things you would never think of and tell you what has and has not worked when forming and settling groups of like-minded individuals.

  • Jeremy Goemaat

    Chris, that “One bad apple Power Point” is outstanding – once again, thank you SO MUCH for your work!

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    TO PENNSYLVANIA GROUP MEMBERS OR WOULD BE MEMBERS: IF you did not receive an email from me today with a questionaire then we dont have you on our email list. Please inform Deb to get on the list and also send me an email at We are deciding on a name and configuration for the bug out community.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Al Estilog, I really like your idea about campsites for sale. To save everyone lots of time and energy, could you please cull out the opportunities available for the Pennsylvania group and give a summary? I dont have time to wade through and hunt down the important details from the mass of information.

    By the way, I like the property presented by Steve last weekend because of its location and complete southern exposure. I care a great deal about harvesting sunlight (southern slope) for food and energy………………….

  • Robert Duke

    Does anyone live in central IL… I would really like to meet up with a few people from the group, face to face meeting.

  • Adam

    Camp sites are whereit’s at. We already have the multi-family issue bulit into it

  • Edward

    Am I the only one in Northern California?

  • Jon

    Where in the state Edward?

  • Soleil Taylor

    I am in central coast. Near san Luis obispo. Ca Anyone interested in meet up. Land bug out. Also have land in n at. 40 acres

  • Soleil Taylor


  • Soleil Taylor

    Near st johns az

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