Ordinary people preparing for Euro collapse (16July12)

6 comments to Ordinary people preparing for Euro collapse (16July12)

  • Archangel

    Will America have the luxury of a warning shot? Will a collapse of europe preceed a US collapse, giving us more time to prepare?


    Archangel, Don’t hold me to this. I was told that when the EURO goes to 1.20 (now @ 1.22), that you would have 2-3 weeks to be out of “FRN’s” and be in PM????
    Have you heard anything like this?

  • Endofnonsense

    we need a Euro SS group. Let me know if there are more of us, it would be good to at least have a forum.

  • urban sling-bow

    If / when the Euro goes down, the UK Pound and the US Dollar will follow in very short order. This is a controlled demolition of the western financial system plain and simple.

    The modern western financial system is now mostly one big, interlinked, and primarily digital system, one upon which everyone – to various degrees – is dependent on to send / receive payments and pay / sell goods. As with all things digital and electronic there is an ‘off switch’. Bank holidays, computer glitches, flame/stuxnet type viruses, or simply government decree – all have the power to separate us from the modern economy almost instantly.

    Everyone here knows what kind of scenarios we can expect to see play out when the money (and therefore oil and food) stop flowing into our major population centres. It wont take more than a couple of weeks for people to literally be begging the government to help them.

    Once those holding the cards decide we have all experienced enough pain and ‘chaos’, and that the vast majority we will now willingly accept whatever pre-planned ‘solution’ has been planned, we will be presented with the ‘solution’ which will bring ‘order’ from the ‘chaos’.

    The ‘off switch’ may be thrown later this year, perhaps during a suitable ‘distraction’ such as a false flag at the Olympics, a ‘cocked pistol’ confrontation with Russia over Syria, or the big one – a shooting war with Iran.

    What interesting times we live in……

    • Rainmaker

      Could be a slew of events. Even a shooting at a local movie theatre that fosters more gun control sentiment. Timing is impecable. I am pretty sure that the evil witch Hill Airey will sign the new UN treaty this Friday, the same day as the opening of the olympics. Fellow frogs, the waters getting tepid. Are we feeling froggy?

      • urban sling-bow

        Already jumped out of the pot my friend.

        At the moment only 2 other frogs have jumped out of the pot to sit on nice cool lilly pads with me. We are watching the steam begin to rise from the pot and the first bubbles begin to form, and cannot – for the life of us – understand why the other frogs have not yet jumped out. Perhaps they think they are in a jacuzzee……..

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