Silver Shield video backup

Chris Duane has encouraged us to make backups of his YouTube videos, as he intends to remove them. You can help shield this valuable information.

To make the process easier for those familiar with torrents, here are two video collections from Chris’ YouTube channel TruthNeverTold:

The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield torrent (48 HD videos, 3.9 GB total)

The Greatest Truth Never Told Part 1: Denial torrent (57 HD videos, 2.8 GB total)

And here are all 10 Modules of the Sons of Liberty Academy, which also has a YouTube presence:

Sons of Liberty Academy torrent (46 hours, 3.2 GB total)

The above links go to Pirate Bay where you can download the torrents by clicking on “GET TORRENT FILE.” Each of the torrents can fit on a DVD disc or memory stick for storage or distribution. Please consider seeding the torrents.

These videos are unique in their extensive coverage of the “greatest truth never told.” They have helped many to awaken in time to prepare for the coming crisis, and will continue to be a valuable resource for years to come. Please consider supporting Chris in his ongoing efforts by getting on the Sons of Liberty Academy mailing list and by Funding the Fight.

19 comments to Silver Shield video backup

  • Joshua Stewart

    Thanks for doing this!!! Awesome!!!

  • rocky theboat

    Thank you!!!!!

  • Kurt

    Thank you for all of your hard work!

    What about an FTP site?
    Or, creating inexpensive physical DVDs for sale?

    • Citizen Doctor

      Thank you for all of your hard work!
      You’re welcome, and thanks to everyone helping to save, distribute and seed this valuable information.

      What about an FTP site?
      Anyone is welcome to create one, but I think torrents are better because they are decentralized and require no maintenance; only a few seeders are needed to keep them alive.

      Or, creating inexpensive physical DVDs for sale?
      It’s easy to burn the downloaded files onto blank DVD’s as sowack mentions below, then share them. Chris may decide to offer his videos as DVD’s for sale at some point — that’s up to him.

  • Mike Scott

    Wow. I had backed up the SOLA videos to my hard drive some time back, not out of concern that Chris would take them down, but that YouTube would do so, as they had already done to some of his stuff. It was a LOT of work. When I read that he might take the TGTNT and SBSS down, my brain went into overload, thinking “how am I going to do these before he takes them down, without my family flipping out, thinking I’ve abandoned them for a week of evenings?” Thank you!!!!!

  • marz

    It´s loading. Slowly (I´m not very familiar with btorrent) but steadily. Thank you so much.

  • Irving14941

    Wow, how did you get this??

    I have my own ways of ripping any kind of video from a video source.

    • Citizen Doctor

      Wow, how did you get this??

      I used the DownloadHelper add-on for the Firefox browser.

  • Jeremy

    Yes, thanks! I had already downloaded many of the youtube videos, but not the academy.

  • sowack

    Kick ass! Thanks for uploading these. Will seed once they finish. Will also burn to DVD and put them at a liberty oriented bookstore here in town for free.

  • timar2

    Which DownloadHelper AddOn did you use? I added both DownloadHelpher 4.9.9 and RPNET Download Healpher 3.0 for the Firefox Browser and I am still unable to download the torrents. Message “The address wasn’t understood – Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because the protocol (magnet) isn’t associated with any program.” is being received after clicking on “GET THIS TORRENT” link. Thanks.

    • Citizen Doctor

      Sorry for the confusion, timar2. I thought Irving was asking how I downloaded the videos from the Sons of Liberty Academy website. I used Firefox with DownloadHelpher 4.9.9 for that.

      For downloading the torrents, first you need to install a torrent client. Many people these days use µTorrent. I use qbittorrent myself because it is open source. Then you need to download the torrent files from Pirate Bay (using the links provided above) which give your torrent client software the information it needs to find other computers on the internet that have the video files you want.

      However, getting a bittorrent client working the first time can be a bit tricky because it sometimes takes extra work to establish a connection directly to other computers (as opposed to a server) through your router and firewall. That is why I suggested this backup approach for people already familiar with bittorrent. But it’s worth the effort to get it working, because it’s really the best way to transfer very large amounts of data, and it’s free once you have an internet connection (no server bandwidth charges for Chris).

  • Jeff Stein

    Very much appreciated, downloading now. Are the “76 Facts about the collapse, why things are bad, etc” Included in TGTNT?

    • Citizen Doctor

      Sorry, that video is no longer available. I think Chris had to remove some due to complaints. The same for the other two similar videos. Maybe it was the sound track that caused Chris to get a copyright notice. I wish I had saved those before they were removed — they were really powerful. I’m sure Chris still has the originals. But what if the originals are lost? That is why it’s so important to make decentralized backups.

  • Cheers, Cit D.

    I’ll burn these and distribute them……’s the least I can do.

  • Stacker

    Thank you Chris for all you have done to awaken so many!

  • Stacker

    Torrent downloads look very active! I’ve uploaded about 5.5GB in the last few hours. The truth can not be stopped!

    • Terry Bytes

      I agree! I stopped seeding after hitting 20 GB worth of uploads after just a few days…
      (I just switched Internet providers, and didn’t want to exceed their cap on my first month! I’ll look into seeding again in a few days.)

      I wonder– could this only be activity from SSR people here? Seems like activity from a wider audience. I noticed that nothing shows up from searching… I believe one needs the links.

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