An update for NEW SSR members

Hey guys,

So it has been brought to my attention that some of you are a bit lost. This is completely understandable as the information is “fragmented” as one member mentioned or spread out in a seemingly illogical manner.

So here’s how to stay on top of things:

  • Every time the Silver Shield posts updates for SSR members ONLY, it will have a blue background or blue highlighted background with a little “post it” next to the title of the post. It’s easy to spot these posts, as you can not access these posts or comment on them unless you’re a member and logged in
  • You can access the forums by reading one of my previous posts here
  • Finally, I realize that the private SSR forum isn’t the greatest. They’re not the greatest forums I’ve used, myself. But it’s what we have for now. On the bright side, Freedom Source is working on a solution for better, user friendly, and more secure forums. Check his thread within the SSR forums, HERE.

*You will not be able to access anything in the forums if you are not registered. In order to do so, please click the link I provided in the second bullet point above*



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