Eustace Mullins Last Interview

Very interesting…

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  • James Tetreault

    The interview seems to go totally off the rails with the statements about Ron Paul.

  • Gareth

    You cannot state I didn’t warn you about Ron Paul. It was my final warning.

    Ron Paul is a SHILL.

  • Justin DeArmond

    i see that you listen to Jan Irvin as well. He has a great podcast at love his work on the trivium, which is where i first got into the trivium research. love it love it love it. i encourage everyone to visit his website at, so many great interviews. also you have to watch his video, the pharmacratic will question everything about religion youve ever held dear, including santa clause..heres a hint: hes a magic mushroom incarnate!!! (so are all cardinals…red robes white skirt red cap… a mushroom!)

  • Izzy Serius

    I love this website! Gnosticism makes a lot of sense. Afterall, if Satan IS as evil and smart as he’s supposed to be, wouldn’t “the truth” be that he is tricking us into believing that he’s really god and that the real god is the bad guy? That’s the premise of Gnosticism. That we are all worshipping THE WRONG GOD and that the One True God is out there, but we can only get access to him through Lucifer.

    Love it! Makes a LOT more sense than that idiot Romney’s religion or even straight Christianity.

    • speedspirit

      Really? Gnosticism makes a lot of sense.

      Gnostic systems are loosely described as being “dualistic” in nature, meaning that they had the view that the world consists of or is explicable as two fundamental entities. Statement on Wikipedia

      God is Love. Everything was made from the Universal beginning of God. God is ever expanding. Picture a atom constantly dividing. Everything depends on the energy of that process to grow. Once an entity sees itself as seperate from God it is no longer able to obtain “energy” from that source. That entity is now in a dualistic mode. Dualistic is a conflict to Source energy and Laws. Anything Dualistic does not make sense and is not the path to knowledge and Love.

    • speedspirit

      “That we are all worshipping THE WRONG GOD and that the One True God is out there, but we can only get access to him through Lucifer.”

      I respond by stating yes most are worshipping the Wrong God represented by the Roman Catholic Church. The Church is built on the representation of Peter. Following the Pope is following Lucifer.

      • Izzy Serius

        Speedspirit, this is the crux of my “issue” with religion. Everyone thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong. But that can’t possibly be true!

        The Muslims think the Jews and the Christians are evil. The Jews think the Muslims are evil (and the Christians, at least those in Washington, useful idiots) and the Christians think the Jews and Muslims are evil and any other brand of Christianity is evil except theres.

        Religion was *almost* gotten rid of during the Enlightenment, but the “evil ones” (yes, those who’s name begin with R) and their minions couldn’t have that. Now we are literally being plunged back into a dark age.

        Evangelists, from the ones who performed in tents to the ones who perform on TV, are CRIMINAL CHARLETINS. If they were not, they’d go on TV and preach FOR FREE. None of them emulate Christ. I hate the way they prey upon the weak and powerless. The Republican party has also learned to use people.

        BTW, this has NOTHING to do with believing in “God”. If there is a God and you believe in him, then that is fine and have a personal relationship with him and all…but don’t pollute it with religion! Religion, IMHO, is evil. Not God, not spirituality, but RELIGION! The organization which is always ready with that collection plate!

  • Farmer

    So the modern day Alchemist(Moneyprinters/Central Bankers) have been for a long time and are presently calling the shots.
    I rebel monthly with a purchase of metals and opt out of their paper slavery as best I can. Thanks for putting together this site Chris Duane. As for Lucifer Izzy Serius take a look at Revelations 2-9 and maybe those whose last name begins with R fits the description.

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