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  • aurochs

    Yeah, Wilson was a real evil steaming pile of puss but for the last couple of years I have been awakening to the evil done to this country, the Constitution and the intent of our founders by Abe Lincoln. The Constitution was under attack right from the get go but Lincoln really gutted it and set the president for those to follow. He suspended the right of habius corpus, initiated the draft (forced servitude/slavery) abolished states rights and replaced it with all powerful centralized power of Fed. Govt. As history is always written by the winning side, we were all fed a load of shit in school about what a great president he was but half the country of the time thought he was so dangerous they withdrew from the nation, which was their constitutional right. Lincoln made it like the mafia or ‘hotel california,’ “you can check out but you can never leave.” Lincoln ties with Wilson for worst president in my book.

    • Silver Eagle

      I agree, it burns me a new one every time I hear someone say how Lincoln saved the Union and he was the greatest president. He did save the Union, but he killed the Republic! He was not a Republican, he was a Whig and the Whigs had been trying to centralize power since Hamilton. The War for Southern Independence was a war born out of Jefferson and Hamilton’s feud. It was basically Jeffersonian’s (Ron Paul) and Hamiltonian’s (Demo-Republicrats). unfortunately, Jeffersonians lost the physical battle but it is still the true spirit of man.

    • Izzy Serius

      Did you know that some people consider that Thomas Jefferson was a Grand Master of the Illuminati? Afterall, he was VERY close with Adam Weishaupt.

      Just sayin…

      • aurochs

        And just what did Jeffeson DO that has displeased you so that you would spread such unfounded slander about him? Do you see the Declaration of Independence as some sort of illuminati plot or something? Just as there are bad guys, there have also been good guys. Jefferson is at the top of my list of good guys. But you are entitled to your opinion. I’d be interested in some FACTS to back up your statement though. You may also want to see the quote from Jefferson about Weishaupt available on Wikipedia. Jefferson was THE champion of the sovereignty of the individual man and the enemy of centralized tyranny in everything I have ever read by him. Where do you get the notion that he was a secret globalist?

        • Izzy Serius

          First of all, Thomas Jefferson is one of the greatest men who ever graced the face of this Earth.

          READ and COMPREHEND what I said, man. Don’t spin what you want me to say into it (you, of course, don’t do this with anything you read, I’m quite sure, which is why you have such a sane grasp on reality.) I said SOME PEOPLE CONSIDER…my point being that I was attempting to show that just as some people say all sorts of weird things about Lincoln, they do about Jefferson as well. Doesn’t mean I believe any of it. Truth is, aurochs, neither you nor i know the TRUTH about the situation regarding Lincoln or Jefferson because we weren’t there. You are only wiling to believe the awful things written about Lincoln because you dislike the man where you apparently like Jefferson.

          OK, regarding your quality of thought. You tend to read things you wish to see into things. As I stated above, I consider Thomas Jefferson to be among the greatest men who ever walked the face of this planet, so you are quite wrong at first thrust in my feelings regarding the man. You also read where I say “some people” as the same as “I” or “me”. They are not the same.

          An intelligent and fair person, one who is interested in TRUE debate and the give and take and exchange of information would’ve asked me if he wasn’t clear.

          Finally, slander is oral defamation of character. It’s not possible for me to slander Thomas Jefferson in writing…and the fact that he is dead.

          aurochs, I’ve read some of the other things you’ve written on here. You’re a racist and a you’re a tool. I’d also say you’re a right-wingnut-job, but I don’t wish to be redundant.

          • aurochs

            Now there’s an intellegent logical reply. Don’t clarify your point of view, don’t take apart my argument with facts or evidence. Just call me a filthy name. Frequent readers here know I have never said a single word about the superiority or inferiority of any race or skin color, and I haven’t done it here. Just where the hell do you get this from? Because I question what we have been taught in government schoos about whether Lincoln was a good president or not? Izzy, you would do well to take a good look at yourself before you start flinging mud at others. Let’s see… where would I go to hear people call others “racist, tool, or right wing nut job?” Oh I don’t know.. maybe the liberal propoganda channel MSNBC or really any of the mainstream media, or maybe from Michael Moore? Really Izzy, not too smart. You just tipped us off as to who you really are. Smart moles and trolls stay hidden so they can do more damage longer.

            • Izzy Serius

              Irv, thanks for the wise advice.

              Aurochs, you believe in the right/left paradigm, hence you ARE the very definition of a tool.

              I also believe, based upon reading what you’ve written on here, that you are a racist. I note with great interest you don’t deny that. Instead, you state there is no written evidence of you being a racist. Interesting response. Racism is based on fear. I actually pity you a great deal, to be quite frank.

              BTW, I’m not a liberal. I’m not a conservative. I don’t belong or believe in Occupy or Tea Party. I do not get my news from the mainstream media, in fact, I do not own a television. I believe that every man and woman should be compensated fairly for their work, but I also believe that anyone who believes that “an individual” does ANYTHING without the help of many people, seen and unseen, is a fool. The universe is a living organism and just as the individual cells of, for example, your liver believe they are individual and lead individual lives, birth, growth, eating, excreting, giving birth, and dying, they are also part of something greater. That’s how everything works.

              One final thing you should know about me, Aurochs. I don’t like you. I think you are a jerk. But you’re my brother and I would feed you if you were hungry and shelter you if you needed it and I wish you and your family good luck in this upcoming crisis. Nothing more need be said.

              • aurochs

                Once again you failed to answer the question or provide any support for your filthy name calling. You’re just a nasty little boy who shouts a dirty word and runs away.

              • Izzy Serius

                Apparently replies only go so deep here. Aurochs said: “Once again you failed to answer the question or provide any support for your filthy name calling. You’re just a nasty little boy who shouts a dirty word and runs away.”

                Where have I “run away to”, exactly? I’m simply tired of playing “rubber-rubber-glue” with you, dude. If I wanted to listen to Rush Limbaugh, I’d turn on the radio, you know?

              • aurochs

                You run away figuratively by not answering the question about your claim of racism. I’m still waiting for you to quote my racist words back to me so I can learn from them. Calling someone a racist is, to me, the same as calling someone the “N” word. It’s what cowards use against others these days when they have hate in their hearts but do not posess the cognitive ability to formulatge a logical argument. You called me racist. I’m waiting for the evidence. But of course you don’t have any because I’ve not said any such thing. Ever.

                And for a someone who denies the ‘left right paradigm’ you sure have no problem calling me a “right-wingnut-job” or comparing me to Rush Limbaugh. But you can’t see the lack of logic in your own thinking can you? Typical liberal. And I’m not your brother and I doubt you’ll be able to feed yourself wtshtf. More likely you’ll be trying to loot your neighbors when the time comes. That’s your mind set.

              • Izzy Serius

                You’re correct about one thing, Aurochs. I’m absolutely, 100% NOT able to “formulgate” any danged thing. But I can see that YOU, sir, are a real and true “formulgator”, so I will just bow to your obviously superior “formulgatin” ability.


              • aurochs

                If you had a logical thought of your own or an honest point to make, you’d share that with us I’m sure. But typical for an emotional socialist moron; you pick out a typo and try to use THAT to show everyone what a big brain you supposedly have. You found a ‘g’ where it didn’t belong so you must be a superior person. So predictable. So sad.

            • Izzy Serius

              I’m really sorry you think I’ve got this much power over you. You take all of this way too seriously…or is that seriusly?

              I’m only here for two reasons. Mainly entertainment, but there are the occasional “true free thinkers” whom I enjoy listening to.

              It’s funny you have me pegged as a socialist. That is the *reason* I believe you to be a “right-winger”.

              I’m actually an “anti-political”. I find “left-wingers” and “right-wingers” equally abhorrent. If I really did offend you or bother you, I’m sorry, but in all honesty, you should not let some idiot’s personna on an online forum bother you so much. It’s just not worth it.

              As for you being my brother, we’re all brothers and sisters, you just don’t know that yet.

              • aurochs

                Apology accepted. Next time don’t stoop to name calling and perhaps we could actually have a give and take of ideas rather than snide remarks and anger. But I don’t submit meekly to ass holes and bullies. I stand up to them just like I’d stand up to a thief. This website, like everywhere these days, has infiltrators and traitors who sometimes try to direct and control the conversation. That’s how this country got in this mess. I know, I’ve been watching it for many years. All I know about you is; you made some sort of unsavory comment about Jefferson being an Illuminati and then didn’t back it up and then you called me a racist and didn’t back that up either. Exactly how Beloved Leader and his crowd behave. So.. if it quacks like a duck…

                As for us all being brothers… you must be very young. Such a naive notion. The world is full of people who hate you and me, who want us in chains, who want us DEAD. Don’t kid yourself. You have mortal enemies and they do not consider you their brother. You may meet some of them before this is all over. I hope you never do.

          • Irving14941


            I wouldn’t waste my breath. Check out his history on comments he’s left in other posts.

            Sorry Aurochs, just saying… no personal attacks being done here on purpose.

            • aurochs

              I thought you were trying to stop talking smack here Irv. Just couldn’t resist huh? Nothing to offer on the topic of ‘worst president’ but never miss an opportunity to take a cheap shot at others on a personal level (and if it’s not ‘on purpose’ then it must just be careless.) I’m still waiting for one of you intellectual giants to provide the EVIDENCE of my supposed racism. C’mon ‘dude’, back up your big mouth with ONE quote of me saying anything racist on this blog. You call someone a filthy name like that, you better be able to back it up. Unless of course you’re a liberal retard in which case facts don’t matter. You and Izzy are just a couple of cyber bullies.

  • James Tetreault

    In addition to the actions in the video, remember that Wilson went to Paris in 1919 declaring how he was going to make the peace treaty a just one, posturing about his sense of morality. Annnnnnnnnd then he didn’t stop the French (especially)and British from putting punitive terms into the treaty of Versailles which helped contribute to the Weimar hyperinflation, the rise of Hitler and World War II.

    When you’re a prude, progressive, racist ivy leaguer, you’re so special you can screw up the whole world, not just America!

  • sledmaster

    What we all know here is bad presidents or good presidents they really don’t make any decisions. If there were good presidents, they were either killed or shut up just so they could ride the rest of their term out. They are told what to do and which decisions to make. They are totally controlled by the banking cartel. I truly believe every war we have been in, except for the civil war, was created by the world elite and or the banking cartel. Just grasp that for a minute… Look at the loss of life because of these guys. Things are happening at warp speed now, just set back and look at the legislation that has been passed in the last year. Look at all that has transpired since 2001, which again, was fraud to the core. All things happening currently, all hinges on what happened that day in Sept. I don’t know what to say beyond this, life today is just a big bad illusion. I just pray that our military knows the truth and will do what is right.

  • What?

    Hey! Listen, Girls!
    I was listening to the bitching/pissing contest going on here – unfortunately, with avid interest – and I was just wondering, am I gay?

  • What?!

    What I meant was:-
    I was listening to the bitching/pissing contest going on here – unfortunately, with avid interest (and with lots of fun and giggles) – and I was just wondering, am I gay?

    Have you all not noticed the underlined sub title above?
    It says:

    “Society in a collapsing Empire”.

    Do you all think that the above is a symptom of it? Perhaps, its very reflection?

    When I was a young “boy”, though now that is becoming quite dubious :) – I happened to see the most startling thing that has remained with me to this day.

    One day, I was playing on the grass, below some flats, mindful of myself, when someone, perhaps a woman, threw some bread out of the window to feed some birds. Now, there was lots of bread scattered on the ground,on a bright and beautiful day. Strangely enough, first, there was one small bird, (a sparrow) and then another. Now, usually, if anyone threw out bread for the birds, it was customary to see large flocks of birds swarming over the litter, but today it was different. It was only these two small birds.

    What was interesting is how these two birds were interested in only one piece of small bread, and they were fighting literally to the death over that one piece of small, gnarled bread, when there was so much excess of bread to choose. No. In fact, they fought so intensely and incessantly, that they not only ignored the vast sums of bread around them, they pretty much ignored everything else around them. -In fact they were so intent on fighting to the death over that piece of bread, that they even ignored me! They fought so much that they bumped into walls and fought around my feet. I could have easily picked them both up without trying!

    What was interesting is how, after many intense minutes of dire and desperate fighting, they both flew off, still fighting over the rooftops of the houses with all that lovely bread still untouched!

    What I saw then will remind me a lot about what I have seen today, because the question has to be asked, “is this all that we have come to?”

  • Izzy Serius

    Aurochs, or anyone else who is interested in what I think might be going on, I would direct you to the following volumes:

    _America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones_ by Antony Sutton


    _The Anglo-American Establishment_ by Carroll Quigley (Quigley’s _Tragedy and Hope_ is also quite good.)

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