8 Things Kate Does Not Know About The Royal Family

1. The Royal Family is not the most powerful family in England. And no it is not J.K. Rowling either. The most powerful man in England is and probably the most powerful man in the world, is Evelyn de Rothschild. Evelyn is the head of the most powerful banking family ever in history. The Rothschild wealth was estimated in 1900 to be over 1/2 of the net worth of the world. No doubt a century of debt and war has increased their wealth. The Rothschilds own controlling interests in many of the world’s central banks and ultimately own most of the world’s wealth through the debts they create.

“I care not what puppet  is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The  man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the  British Empire and I control the British money supply.” -Nathan Rothschild

“Give me the control of the credit of a nation, and I care  not who makes the laws.” -Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild

2. Her new grandfather in-law is an Elitist, Psychopath that fascinates about “culling excess” population of humans. Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, wrote in his foreward to If I Were An Animal, “I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist…. I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.”

In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” -Prince Philip

“The great difficulty about “life” is that we humans are part of it, and it is therefore almost impossible to study objectively…. It therefore tends to be anthropocentric and gives scant attention to the welfare of all the other life-forms which share this planet with us.” -Prince Philip

“Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We’re in for a major disaster if it isn’t curbed–not just for the natural world, but for the human world. The more people there are, the more resources they’ll consume, the more pollution they’ll create, the more fighting they will do. We have no option. If it isn’t controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war.” -Prince Philip

I don’t claim to have any special interest in natural history, but as a boy I was made aware of the annual fluctuations in the number of game animals and the need to adjust the “cull” to the size of the surplus population.” -Prince Philip

3. The Royal family helped create Hitler’s Nazi regime. The British started secretly funding the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, through Britain’s Lord Norman and Germany’s former Reichsbank president Hjalmar Schacht, who got eventual backing of all of the major industrialists in Germany.  The highest levels of British society secretly backed Hitler including Neville “Peace in our time” Chamberlin, British press magnate Lord Beaverbrook, Governor of the Bank of England Montagu Norman and most notably King Edward VIII.

Hjalmar Schacht (above left) and Bank of England's Sir Montagu Norman (right)

Adolf Hitler with his banker Hjalmar Schacht


The ultimate plan was to have the Fascist Germans get involved in a bloody stalemate with Communist Russians, while the British and the Americans consolidate their grip on the world especially the Middle East where all of the oil was. Under Hitler, the whole of the country would be forced into national service in order to rebuild Germany. Once Hitler took power, Norman Montagu and the Bank of England supplied Hitler’s regime with ample credit and even visited in May 1934. Hjalmar Schacht was rewarded by Hitler his old post as the president of the Reichsbank. During the American Depression, millions were being pumped into Hitler’s Germany as they built tremendous power.

“After WWI, Germany fell into the hands of the international bankers. Those bankers bought her and they now own her, lock, stock, and barrel. They have purchased her industries, they have mortgages on her soil, they control her production, they control all her public utilities. The international German bankers have subsidized the present Government of Germany and they have also supplied every dollar of the money Adolph Hitler has used in his lavish campaign to build up threat to the government of Bruening. When Bruening fails to obey the orders of the German International Bankers, Hitler is brought forth to scare the Germans into submission… Through the Federal Reserve Board over $30 billion of American money has been pumped into Germany. You have all heard of the spending that has taken place in Germany… Modernistic dwellings, her great planetariums, her gymnasiums, her swimming pools, her fine public highways, her perfect factories. All this was done on our money. All this was given to Germany through the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board has pumped so many billions of dollars into Germany that they dare not name the total.”

-Congressman Louis T.McFadden (D-PA) who served twelve years as Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency.

4. The Queen came to power because her uncle, King Edward VIII, was a Nazi sympathizer. They would like to say he gave up his crown for love, but the truth of the matter is the British could not have a king that supported the growing Nazi threat. I wonder if the King speech would have stuttered saying Sieg Heil?
5. The Royal family was such strong supporters of the Nazi regime, that Rudolf Hess flew secretly to England to stop the feud between the two countries he loved. On May 10th 1941 Rudolf Hess who was Hitler’s Deputy in the Nazi party made a daring flight to Scotland in hopes of negotiating a peace with the Royals. Unfortunately for him, the Royals no longer were in control of the state and Rudolf  was captured and sentenced to life in prison. After many attempts he finally committed suicide at the ripe old age of 93 in 1987.

The Ulitmate Face Palm

6.The apple does not fall far from the tree. Here is William’s brother Harry at a party dressed as a Nazi and making out with a girl dressed as an Nazi officer. This is most shocking because so many British citizens died directly from the Nazis that they created. This cannot be passed off as some young prank especially given his family’s history.

7. The British Royal family changed it’s last name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor because of it’s German royal lineage. Most people don’t even know that the Royals have last names like us commoners, but they do. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was the marriage of two German dynasties. In fact, many of the aristocracies across Europe are interrelated and preside over many European countries. Through this intermarriage, the Royal families have very little in common with their serfs.

8. The Elitist Royal family will never truly accept Kate into their circle. Kate and William seems like nice people but the world she is entering will never accept her. They are Elitist, Psychopaths that see others as a means to power. They never accepted Diana and made here life miserable. I only hope that William will stand up for her, unlike his father. Diana was never accepted as an equal and they were jealous of her acceptance by the common people. When she divorced Charles they were glad to be rid of her but never wanted her to be happy. They became furious when she became the lover of Muslim Dodi al-Fayhed. The two were killed in a much publicized death in Paris. Dodi’s father, Mohamed al-Fayed, believes was a conspiracy by the Royal Family to kill his son and Diana. Now al-Fayed says that he has letters from Prince William himself that says he is struggling with that very possibility.

I hope this article is enough to get people to stop fawning over these Elitists that enslave humanity through war and debt. They do not care about you or your family. Their wealth is derived off of your backs and the deaths of many others in third world nations. They are not to be admired or even given any attention to. This whole wedding has been one of many distractions the Elite put in front of you to keep you from seeing the truth, that our way of life hangs precariously in the balance. If you want to become and aware for a post-dollar world, please join the Sons of Liberty Academy, where you can learn for free more truths about how the world really works.

25 comments to 8 Things Kate Does Not Know About The Royal Family

  • k-os

    Excellent article, as usual!

    My only issue is with Harry dressing up as a Nazi for Halloween. In my youth, and even beyond, I have dressed up as many characters that I don’t truly relate to. I am pretty sure most people think it was rather tasteless to dress up as a Nazi, but that’s what being young and stupid does to a person. Maybe . . . just maybe it was a stab AT his family for their history, instead of a glorification of it. As if he was saying “Hey grandma, F-U”. It’s a possibility, at least. I am sure she didn’t appreciate it one bit.

    • Silver Shield

      K-os I miss you girl, where have you been?!

      I agree that Harry is a wild child and that his antics are well known but given his family’s past I cannot give him a pass.
      London was bombed and Britons died trying to fight the Nazis and that is unacceptable.

  • Michael Dehaemers

    I’m a commoner so yes I accept I dont know everything about the royals and their history, and yes you will find grammer mistakes, spelling errors etc. however Iwill express my feelings on this Post. Its a shame there’s so much proper ganda in this article, because it could have been a good read. Yes some of this is true. but come on Phillip a Elitist, Psychopath…..royal family are nazi’s! The royal family had Diana killed! Talk about going overboard with your hatred and over blown nonsense. Yes alot of people dont like the royals but to say their blood thirsty neo nazi murdere is laughable. Anyway it won be long before the queen and Phillip will be dead, can you seriously see William and Harry being what you claim the royal family are. I mean if the family was what you claim they was 100’s of years ago, surely that time has passed now!

    • Silver Shield

      I have hope for William and his bride.
      I think they are good people but they need to be aware of what they are up against.
      I only wish Diana had this knowledge before she got married.

  • CeteraDesunt

    This reply is to Michael Dehaemers. It may be difficult to swallow, but a lot of this is true history. What if I were to tell you that George Prescott Bush also helped in creating the Nazi party? (Father of Bush Sr. and Grandfather of W. Bush)

    You may immediately jump to the same line of reasoning “come on, that is a bit overboard, etc.” Well in that case, I would point to the fact that he was *convicted by congress* of funneling money to the Nazis.

    So while it may be difficult to believe, that in no way has any influence on whether or not it is a historical fact.

  • ewkeane

    These ‘people’ have been the enemys of america since its founding.
    I can only atribute americans fauning over these degenerates is due to mind control propaganda promoted those crypto-royalist tories that have lived in secret in this land, so called ‘anglophiles’. The east coast is filled to the brim with this riff-raff. Where is Col. Jackson when you need him?

  • Paris L

    I have difficulty understanding why someone views a person who wishes there were fewer people on the planet as a psychopath. Our planet is dying because there are far too many of us. When the planet dies, we all die. Human breeding is out of control. I saw a woman the other day dragging along two kids while pushing one in a stroller AND she was pregnant. Its disgusting, humans are disgusting. We are more like plague to this planet than like one of its many species which live in harmony with nature.
    “The great difficulty about “life” is that we humans are part of it, and it is therefore almost impossible to study objectively…. It therefore tends to be anthropocentric and gives scant attention to the welfare of all the other life-forms which share this planet with us.” -Prince Philip
    These are the words of a thoughtful man who does not selfishly (or wrongly) believe humans are the rightful heirs of this planet.
    All I can say is please spare us your bleeding heart sentimentality for a species that has single handily destroyed this planet … it reeks of human selfishness.

  • G-sus

    Paris L, you need to put a lot more thought into this before you come out and defend these inbred freaks.

    Those of us who oppose elitism do not do it because we LIKE overpopulation. We oppose these people because WE REFUSE TO ADDRESS OVERPOPULATION THE WAY THE ELITES WANT US TO. Which is an immediate drop from 6 billion to 500 million people. 12 out of 13 people alive today would be killed. That’s the very definition of psychopathy, and it’s what drives these people to fund both sides of conflicts and generally shit all over the rest of us.

    Yeah, overpopulation is bad… but the future of humanity in the hands of people like prince philip IS WORSE. Think before you post.

  • G-sus

    The irony is that THEIR laissez-faire capitalist dream society is THE VERY THING THAT OVERPOPULATED THE PLANET IN THE FIRST PLACE. But your still cleaning their boots with your tongue. You make me sick.

  • …. history of the conquerors and the conquered…. which side are you on…
    they always say those without vision will perish… how is your vision? are you worth saving? ‘it is what it is’ …. Todd B.
    Peace on earth goodwill to all men!

  • Phil UK

    A good article but two of the pictures look fake.
    The Harry making out with Nazi girl images look nothing like him.

    It discredits an otherwise great article.

    • Silver Shield

      When I first saw the Nazi girl picture I passed off the subtle differences in hair color and profile as a poor quality and lighting of the picture. I did notice that in the newspaper photo that sprung the scandal he had a bracelet on his left arm and does not have one in the Nazi girl photo. I will look into this further and see what comes up… Thanks for the feedback.
      From this site claiming it was the Sun that released it…
      The pictures are fakes..

      Look at this one…

  • jan

    Just a few things: The Royals have integrated themselves into the british economy to the point of: if they do leave, they take their wealth with them, but not only that, it would totally wipe out the tourist trade. No pomp and “circustance” to show off. Unemployed household guards, etc;a who heck of a a lot or horses they’d have to shoot, and what the heck would you do with all those castles? cost of upkeep? they’ve made themselves somewhat irreplaceable. Ain’t that a thought?

    And this is something thats really been bothering me since Diana Died: the only one who lived through that crash is the one guy WEARING A SEAT BELT! I dont care WHO is chasing you, being in a limo doesnt make you safer. She died because she didnt buckle up, folks!! I’m a retired medic and have seem first hand that 9 out of 10 times belts save lives – Diana could’ve been one of them.

    • Silver Shield

      I guess the same argument could be made about our parasitic elitist class if we stop feeding them there would be a lot of out of wOrk hedge fund managers, lobbyists, script writers, military contractors, prison guards, school administrators…

      Whatever would we do?

  • Bryan

    Bob Chapman – Rothschilds merge Windsor -… 4 minutes


    Kate Middleton is not a commoner (she is a Rothschild). The two most powerful families just merged.

  • Michael Dehaemers
    April 29, 2011 at 5:04 pm
    I am saddened by the ignorance of many people like the above named! Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons that we are in such the mess that we are! Were you to take a little time away from your trivial interests such as computer gaming, television watching, social gatherings, etc., etc., and spend some quality time educating yourself (as Chris Duane has)on our world’s past history, you might just have a sickening feeling starting to materialize in the pit of your stomach!! Then, sir, you may just have a little lead time to help yourself survive the inevitable holocaust that is coming! I have been researching the very same things that Chris has for more than 5 years now, and believe you me, he is right on! Open your mind and join the Academy, or at least, go to my website listed above and spend a few hours. I am a God fearing, God loving Christian and will do all I can to help anyone that may be uninformed! Ignorance is not an insult..it is merely non knowledge! Educate yourself of the facts and THEN make a decision!! God help us!

  • All I will say is a good major place to find out and check these truths is look into the researches and works of Professor Anntony C Sutton. A brilliant man who brings light that the power behind this world is of an elite orientation. Remember, anyone who rivals them in power shall be delt with. That’s why so many of us are debt slaves and an extreme few control the many. It’s a spiritual war to keep us in the box basically so we don’t become spiritually empowered.

  • What proof is there that the world is over populated? The rich or the media telling you this or have you traveled and seen this for yourself? I live in the country and we have farms all over that are not used and if they are used its a corn or soy contract. Listen there is room for everyone to have a home and land to Grow your own food. Its Life Liberty and Property, not the Pursuit of Happyness.

    There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument,and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance. that principle is condemnation before investigation.

    -Edmund Spencer

    And I add:Jeremiah 5:21 Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not:

  • Chris,

    Just read this after you linked it in the latest post’s comments.


    You are a beast with writing. Please keep spreading the truth, you’ve got a subscriber in me.


  • Andris Larote

    Don’t worry about Kate. She is one of the Goldsmith-Rothschilds.

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