Invisible Tax!

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  • aurochs

    They tax you…
    When you are born (your share of national debt)
    when you EARN money (income tax)
    when you SPEND mney (sales tax)
    when you keep or save money (inflation, property tax)
    when you invest money (capital gains tax)
    when you die and leave money to your heirs (inheritance tax)

    They tax away your money and your labor at every turn and leave you NO option. Earn it, keep it, save it, spend it, don’t spend it, give it away, invest it, leave it to your kids… it doesn’t matter what you do. Our facist government/banker elite will fleece and rob you of your money and your life.

    You cannot even own your own home. You must pay for the privlege of living in it. If you do not pay your property tax, you will soon find out who actually owns it (at the point of a gun.)

    You do not own the fruits of your own labor or the fiat money that represents it. They do, and they want it all. They allow you just enough to survive and keep you within the illusion of freedom so you keep producing for THEM.

    For the time being, gold and silver kept PRIVATELY and exchanged PRIVATELY is you only option to avoid this rape by the elite. That and your PRIVATELY HELD guns of course. Watch out. They will be coming after both before this is over.

    We are the Sheeple and America died long ago while we slept.

  • Kyle

    Thanks for the great comment Aurochs! Good points! Thanks for watching and keep stacking and stockpiling!

  • Jeremy

    It’s good to hear language being written that so clearly describes the problem it’s scientific; Praxeologic maybe!?!?

    Every word should be like daggers in the hearts of those who are still in love with the state. Hard to believe it up to me how long I participated but upon realising the decision to extract myself from there ponzi scheme was the most rewarding I and only logical one to make

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