Freedom’s Phoenix Interview With Ernest Hancock

I had a BLAST with Ernest Hancock this week on his radio show! He got me going with his enthusiastic energy and generosity with his time and talents. We went longer than the original hour and probably could have gone on for another 2 hours. Please take time to visit his site at

6 comments to Freedom’s Phoenix Interview With Ernest Hancock

  • Gareth

    That guy’s interesting. Good interview.

  • intothevoid

    did ernest just mention producing dime cards to promote chris’ work at 12:43? where have i heard that idea before…

    on a side note, this guy reminds me so much of tom arnold.

    • Robert Gest IV

      Looked and sounded like Tom Arnold to me as well. I am so glad there wasn’t a minimum cover charge (in how much silver you have)in order to join :-)

  • Irving14941

    It’s not working for me :(

    Look @ screenshot:

  • TexPat

    Really great video series. At the end of the second video Ernest speaks of going off grid, this is fantastic. First I’m completely out of the paper markets “Bye Bye Banksters” Tomorrow morning I’ll be going to the bank to make a wire transfer “Dumping FRN’s” to purchase a solar/turbine system with the ability to make 3500 kWt of juice expandable to 6000 kWt from “Missouri Wind And Solar”. This should take care of all our electric needs for the time being. It is an off grid system and I’ll be utlizing 24v deep cycle, high capacity fork lift batteris for power storage, also am installing a seperate system to feed 500 watts a daily to the grid so they can pay me. Check out for some really great deals on American made off grid power systems.
    High-Ho Silver Away!

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