Work > Consume > Debt > Entertain > REPEAT

There’s an ugly truth that few people in our society are willing to admit, isn’t there?

And that truth is, America is now officially a nest full of debt stricken, junk food laden, brainwashed, mass entertained, over worked corporate slaves… consuming their life away with more debt and mass medicating the sadness of this reality with alcohol, anti-depressants, and television.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no angel. I have my own vices  as well. I like a good beer or a good alcoholic drink and I’ll smoke a cigar once in a great while. Heck, I’ll even shed some FRNs for a good leather jacket.

But the individuals I speak of is the majority. They embody the spirit of this disgusting overworked corporate, slave environment filled with lies, a child-like mentality, and feeling like everything’s alright because their Visa card can still buy them the latest blouse or techno gadget.

A fearful society with psychopaths in power, living in fear, with no free will, independent thought,  working towards nothing, with no goals, no future, no direction, no passion, no purpose, and narcissistic tendencies, as they lose their connection to humanity and nature to the corporate culture which embodies debt & death.

I want out. No, I WILL get out.

This is a disgusting way of life. It’s no way to live. It’s no world to leave behind for future generations. Let it be known that the current system and the empire of debt & death that it represents, MUST DIE. Writing in a blog about it may not change the world, but at least I know I’m not alone in what I’m saying. This bad nightmare needs to end so bad, so hard, and so fast.

I won’t be a part of it. I won’t stand for it. And this is my affirmation towards walking away from it all.

11 comments to Work > Consume > Debt > Entertain > REPEAT

  • Farmer

    Buy some quality heirloom seeds and plant them.
    Food sovereignty is the first step out of enslavement.

  • Jeffroe

    Irving, I can relate to your frustration. You can’t throw a stick without hitting one of these idiots, and the scary part is, it seems to be getting worse each day. The drooling faces glued to the moronic programing on television are but a small testament to the mental condition of the majority. So many of them are simply incapable dolts, but most are just unwilling. This way of living will indeed change as it cannot continue under its own weight. You are not alone, we are definitely in the minority, but not alone.

  • Rainmaker

    Its all strange. Wierd thing, Irv, if you were to mention any of this 5 years ago, you would be labelled a kook or worst, enemy of the state. My question is, what does all this get replaced with? What happens between now and then?

    • Irving14941

      I know SilverShield isn’t a big advocate of starting your own business, but I seriously don’t see any other way. I can at least start a small business, or several small businesses, doing what resonates with my heart.

      I’d rather do something I love and be making less money, then chase after a paycheck while becoming a corporate slave with boredom on the table, day after day, as the creativity from my brain is sucked into the abyss of corporate policies, procedures, following the rules, and always having my performance being observed by close supervision, better known as, their best trained corporate stooges.

    • Ben

      Why even bother brother.

  • AS

    I was mentioning the coming collapse 8 years ago and, yes, I was treated almost like a pariah. I was in mortgages then and realtors would say that’s just being negative…it’ll bounce back. Guess what? Not much has changed. There is still a tremendous grip of denial out there. People believe in Glen Beck, a new administration will make a difference, the paid actors/shills being interviewed by paid actors/shills at Occupy Wall St, G-20 gatherings, 9-11 gatherings, evening news, etc.

    What happens between now and then? We already know the truth and are acting on it. That’s why our group is so important. When out present paradigm devolves, we will be prepared.

    What does all this get replaced with? First the anger phase will have pissed- off people by the millions acting on their rage. Remember the ugliness of the Rodney King riots or Civil Rights riots? Multiply that by 1,000 to get an idea of what’s coming. But, like Chris says, that will burn out…don’t know how long it will take. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. There is safety in numbers of like-minded people.

    Ultimately, rational minds will win the day and commerce of some kind will ensue. If we have the infrastructure and talent in place, we should be in a sweet spot. In the meantime, we survive to fight another day. You may not like the financial tsunami that’s coming and everything that changes with it, but you have no control over it other than your personal preparedness and wealth which, by now, I trust you have converted to silver. PREPARE!

  • Moira

    Irving, I feel the same way. As an over worked corporate slave, I appreciate your putting this frustration into words. I too am looking for something better as I can not and will not do this any more. Thumbs up to you !!

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