Ranting Andy–The Economy System Has Reached A Tobacco Moment 30.Jul.12

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Ranting Andy joined us today for his weekly rant. He believes that there is no finer investment than silver, which will outperform even Apple in the long run. The System has lost all credibility, much as the Tobacco Industry did in the 1990’s, when it became clear that they would be paying out billions in damage verdicts. So too with Liborgate, the financial industry’s potential Waterloo. The propaganda is wearing thin. Nobody believes that recovery is just around the corner. No one believes that happy days are here again. Rather, everyone is shaking their heads wondering how to protect themselves. And that’s perhaps the best reason why silver is the investment of the future.

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1 comment to Ranting Andy–The Economy System Has Reached A Tobacco Moment 30.Jul.12

  • Gary

    Hello Chris – first off I want to applaud you for the amazing work you have done and for the commitment and courage you have shown for years now with the work you do. If more people did as you have the world would be a dramatically better place.

    I write this because although I agree with almost everything you speak and write to, I cannot with regards to your position on silver. Ok, that stung for a moment, but hear me out. This is my contention: There is no longer a need for ANY type of money or exchange system in the world, although of course billions would fight to the death to argue otherwise based on centuries of conditioning. However, to say that is it really that far off from the paradigm-shift you propose with silver?

    My belief is the following: Going “back” to silver is just that – humanity going back and not forward. As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it”. Using silver is that very same consciousness. I know that’s a tough pill to swallow, particularly given all of the hard work you have done, but isn’t it true nonetheless?

    Another IMMENSELY important point no one that champions silver or gold speaks to: We have abundance on this planet for every human being, but we are forcefully told otherwise en mass by TPTB. Silver and gold may minimize the scarcity mentality that we are indoctrinated into (vs. debt-based fiat currency), but it will not eliminate it. And that being said here’s the REALLY important point: With gold and silver we are still raping and plundering the earth to get these precious metals. Once paper is gone, can you imagine how much more raping and pillaging of the earth will take place if “precious metals” becomes the next de-facto currency for billions of us?

    This frightens me. I don’t see anything less than an exponentially increased assault on the planet if and when fiat collapses and IF gold and silver replaced it. How could the world survive with billions of people using a precious and extremely finite resource to conduct their lives in perpetuity? To me it’s just a “better” solution than fiat but would certainly not be a long-term solution for humanity. Years down the road we would all simply be facing a different crisis, and be looking back at a planet decimated even further than it is now.

    Wishing you all the best~

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