Triple Lutz Report–Mayor Nanny Bloomberg’s Next Target-Baby Formula–Episode 201 presents

Remember what I told you. First they came for your transfats. Then they came for your tobacco, then it was you double gulp drinks. Now they’re after new born babies. Nanny Bloomberg has done it again. And this is really about being a nanny, literally.New York’s hospitals now keep formula under lock and key so that they can force new mothers to do the right thing, which in their high and mighty opinion and remember they always know better than you, is breast feeding. Now we’re not going to discuss the relative merits of formula fed babies versus breast fed babies. Honestly I don’t know and you probably don’t either. Rather this is a matter of freedom.

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1 comment to Triple Lutz Report–Mayor Nanny Bloomberg’s Next Target-Baby Formula–Episode 201

  • SilverEye

    OK…I hear you on the liberty movement. Bravo!!! However, as a father of three and and a Grandfather of one, second to be delivered this evening, you are missing the mark on this one. Breast-feeding is truly the best thing for a child and a high fructose corn syrup and/or artificial diet sweetener laced drinks are hands down the worst thing for a human to drink. On these issues they really do have it right, this time!! On the other hand, I agree, they have NO BUSINESS telling me what to place into my body. The same can be said for alcohol, fat, sugar (and all it’s variants), flour, rice, red meat and on and on. They have no business telling me what to consume…. Particularly, when they hide critical facts from us concerning food ( e.g Frankenfoods, pesticides, and antibiotics they feed animals we consume, et al), and “drugs” that are deemed “safe” when is the very producers of the drugs that are funding the FDA (read: built-in conflict of interest). And add to this the indoctiniation of Americans such that they are unable to to think for themselves and somehow come to the “conclusion” that the government is there to protect us and safe us from the bad companies seeking to make a profit off our backs….never mind the power that accumulates in government more and more!!!


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