Silver Shield Report #40- Ultimate Exit Strategy Partnership

This contact and interview is what this Silver Shield Group is all about.  Today I am speaking with Rob Grey and Gus Demos of The American Open Currency Standard.  I am releasing this weekend’s Silver Shield Report early for two reasons; 1. This is a kick butt conversation and 2. Rob, Gus and I will be in Washington D.C. to have a personal meeting with Ron Paul on August 1st and August 2nd we will be at the Committee on Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology.

The bigger picture is that this message is gaining some powerful traction and it is bringing into focus what opportunities we will have in the next paradigm.  Rob and Gus’s work with the world’s only non-reserve, non-fractional bank that issues, accepts for deposit, and circulates REAL money: .999 fine silver.  All of their demand deposits are liquid, meaning they can be withdrawn at any time in minted rounds.  This a truly opposite consciousness bank.  These lessons will be very useful when we seek to create the “Ultimate Exit Strategy” bank to leverage our silver wealth to take advantage of the greatest deals since the Louisiana Purchase.

This report will blow your mind on what Rob, Gus and others are working on.  One idea in particular, I think is a billion dollar idea and will become so popular with silver stackers that I bet Jay Z will be stacking silver soon.  This single idea will make silver a truly desirable form of money especially when the fiat world collapses.  I cannot say enough about this call and I am sure we will post another follow up call to give an insider look at our trip into the belly of the beast.

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26 comments to Silver Shield Report #40- Ultimate Exit Strategy Partnership

  • I like those guys. They even consider the small folk with all their copper tokens :-)

    If you’re broke as $hit, it’s wise to accumulate those US bronze pennies, too :-)

    Be interesting to note the response of that shill, R.Paul.


  • jeremy corby

    amazing news, thanks guys for all the great work you are doing


    “Yes, this was a five star, “kick in the butt conversation”. Just wish the listening was clearer. F.Y.I. DOLLAR = 371.25 grains (troy) of fine silver.
    U.S. Mint Act 1792. Also, Money must be: durable,divisible,consistent,convenient and value in itself (INTRINSIC)
    per: Aristotle It’s gettin’ there Chris, keep up the outstanding job!

  • Robert Woodruff

    I was curious about their currency value. The Lakota Nation currencies show 1oz of copper having 2 currency value, silver is at 50, and Gold is 5000. That is a 100 to 1 ratio on Gold/Silver. Shouldn’t it be more in line with natural rates 15 or 16 or even manipulated ratio of 50-60?

    • James Tetreault

      Good point. As nutty as the ratio of the Comex’s purported gold value to its purported silver value is (about 58:1 right now), it’s not 100:1. WTF?

    • I agree, but as far as I’m aware the bank itself only trades in silver bullion, right? The copper and gold tokens are physical entities rather than part of the bank? Not sure…….

      Gold, silver, and copper are different metals and shouldn’t be merged into the same currency system. You could have gold dollars, silver dollars, and copper dollars, but they shouldn’t be pegged to each other……….let them compete.

      Oh, and sorry for the plug, but I once wrote an idea for a nickel dollar 😉


  • Janet Podojil

    I have been in Free Lakota for about 2 months now. great Customer service! and the security is most effective.
    I have both accounts, and getting a 3% annual return??!! WOW! And its being invested wisely?!! WOW!
    Nice they have the service that will sell whatever amount you wish and put the dollar amount on any credit /debit card you have. So it works now and in the next paradigm.

    My only concerns is how do I get my silver if the power/internet/phone goes down (I have put the question to them); and whats to keep washington goons from taking over/seizing the holdings? they’ve run over them for over a century.

    I’d also like to see just what projects they’ve invested in. Hopefully they’ll add it to thier site.

  • Robert Gest IV

    Just opened an account and I’m excited to see what happens.

  • Clark Mumaw

    If you can figure out a way to fund the account with the silver people are currently stacking, The you’ve got a real attractive product. I understand the verification of quality issue. People might claim to send you 90% coin but is it really all 90%? Still, the conversion from one form of silver to your “approved” silver is a barrier to participation. I wish we could make that barrier disappear. Seems it could be dealt with … with low cost labor being taught to sort, test and evaluate. Otherwise, stackers will prefer to hold and barter. Sorry, this is a bit of my own sour grapes in not being able to participate being I am unwilling to transfer from one form 90% to “your” coin form.

    Still Kudos for getting this far. I’m a fan if not an account holder. This maybe great for those just getting into the game and playing catchup. Those with wealth to transfer out of the commercial and into a store of real value like a commodity. There will be many more of these people than those like me. So you’ve probably got a workable marketable product! Kudos again.

    • Silver Shield

      There is no fund.
      There is no coin of the land.
      We are simply stacking silver.

      I have every form out there.
      And will continue to buy more until there is no more to be had.

  • Thomas Griffing

    I’ve been a Ron Paul supporter since 2007 and felt like a ship without a rudder after he threw in the towel for the republican primary.

    I expect something similar soon for this year’s primary – there’s very few options for consolation. But this time, I’m not so wrapped up in the system.

    What a shock it would be to the entire nation if he takes Chris’ advice and tells supporters to quit the system! Imagine if millions of supporters withdrew from the system and “went Galt”.

    In effect, Ron Paul is already leading the way by quitting the failed system.

    Go Chris, Go!

    • Silver Shield

      We are going to do a call going over all of the behind the scenes and our 2 meeting with with Ron.

  • James Tetreault

    Wow! Great interview, Chris!
    I feel like such a lazy idiot. I’ve had the Free Lakota Bank on my browser favorites panel for months now. I saw something about them and thought it sounded interesting but never really looked into it any further.

    This is great stuff. I love the conceptual framework they’ve carefully built.

    • l1b3r7y1776

      I really enjoyed this one. Very interesting. I went to to look at purchasing some gold and silver from them. Here is my issue. If I go to I can buy a 1oz gold american eagle for $1,683.29. The price for a 1oz gold round from AOCS mint is $1,836.63. Why would I pay $150 more per oz to buy from these guys? I really would like an answer to this as I am sure the other SSR folks would.

      • Silver Shield

        I would think the premiums will maintain their value and the smaller mintage will make them more valuable. But I am all about getting more metal for you money.

        P.S. Why are you buying gold? Come on a year and a half of me pounding he table on silver and you are window shopping gold 😉

        I am going to work on a coin based off of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield with them and I want them to be cheaper than Silver Eagles.

  • Janet Podojil

    Boy, I’d like to be a fly on the wall at this meeting!

  • jeremy corby

    Hey Chris, I fixed the audio on this skype session. I exported a full stereo WAV file, let me know where I can upload it, or I can email it to you.

  • LQ

    Would’ve been great to have a tanscript of the what these two guys had to say, because much of the audio is hard to make out. Chris comes across LOUD and clear but I had a very hard time following what they said…If all we got was the finer points and highlights in written form that would certainly help.

    • LQ

      At times Chris’ short affirmations (yeah, aha etc.) were SO LOUD–i was afraid my speakers were gonna burst..i had to leave the volume turned up coz of the guests faint audio.

  • Josh Bender

    Update for SW SSg

    New forum for all your questions

  • Adam Farah

    Love your work Chris.
    Just finished watching the presentation you did in front of Ron Paul. I say this as an Australian but i was disgusted that there were only 2 other politicians other than Ron Paul present considering the seriousness of the topic being discussed.
    Even the sheer stupidity of the other two’s questions at one point referencing babysitting with barter. God help us all, we can’t rely on these people to even manage a wheelbarrow.

    Keep stacking guys, Adam from Australia.

    • Silver Shield

      This shows you how far gone we really are and that when this goes down we will not even have Ron their offering the small voice of logic.

      Batten down the hatches, the Anger Phase of Humanity is coming.

  • greentea

    Do Rob or Gus have an email for questions about the Lakota bank or should web just use the contact form on the Lakota site?

  • Jon

    For Josh: I went to
    to request membership but it would not accept my attempt to register as new. Can you help? Thanks, Jon

  • Terry Bytes

    If one could trust this entity for the next X years… it could literally replace your grandparent’s CD laddering technique.

    Just buy a 3-yr note of 21 ounces to start with.
    Three months later you invest another 21 ounces + the 0.4 ounce silver you were paid in interest for another 3-yr note.
    Three months later you invest another 21 ounces + the 0.8 ounce silver you were paid in interest for another 3-yr note.
    And so on…

    At the beginning of the 4th year, your interest payment will be 4.7 ounces + getting the first 21-ounce principle back. Which you could either roll back in as a 25.7 ounce 3-yr note with no further investment on your part (252 ounces so far only), or continue to add 20 ounces for a 45.7 ounce note!

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