Economic vitamins!

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  • James Tetreault

    What Dr. Thomas says here dovetails neatly with what I remember reading in a book called The Ascent of Man by Bronowski. Bronowski posited that human beings had first appeared in equatorial Africa and that they had almost certainly been dark skinned because at those latitudes, you could easily get the necessary sun exposure to make vitamin D in your body. More pigmentation was necessary for protection. Bronowski said that as human beings spread further north their skin likely became lighter because this was an advantageous mutation. If, in prehistoric times, you live in the location of what is now Helsinki, it won’t do you a hell of a lot of good to have very dark skin.

    I almost wonder if Dr. Thomas could have further differentiated how much time in the sun one needs depending on the latitude at which one lives. Burlington, Vermont? More. Miami, FL? A bit less.

  • Kyle

    Thanks for watching! Yes I remember reading part of that book about 20 years ago myself. That is an interesting question you pose. Wish I had thought to ask him that myself. Maybe you can call him and ask him that.

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