Updated: Silver Shield Group #5- D.C. Debrief

(UPDATED: The Recording is posted and it is a great one!  We covered the the behind the scenes meeting with Ron Paul and why even more sure about the path that we are on.  We also got David Morgan to give his high level analysis on silver and some of the very cool rumblings he is hearing about.  He also announces a very big development about his personal holdings and what that means for just how close we really are.  We also announced a new Silver Bullet and Silver Shield coin and the chance to win free Executive Jet Service to the Silver Summit.   We conclude with a detailed discussion about our involvement with the Free Lakota Bank. )

You have seen the testimony and you have heard how it happened, but the behind the scenes is where it got interesting.  This Thursday night at 7 pm EST I will be giving a full debrief along with Rob Gray and Gus Demos of OpenCurrency.com   In this live call we will go over the behind the scenes drama of the testimony, our 20 minute meeting with Dr. Paul, his answer to my one question, our ante room discussions Dr. Ebeling and Dr. Paul, what really happened in the meeting off camera, our meeting with a Wall Street Journal journalist and just the over all eerie tone of the trip.  This should be a very lively and interesting discussion.  I hope that this meeting is well attended and to see if this can be a better time for people to meet.

This will also be a great opportunity for you all to ask Rob and Gus about the Free Lakota Bank and where they see the Ultimate Exit Strategy for our group.

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Once again the recording is a little rough for the first 1:15 of the call as there is a bad echo. It does clear up at the end. I have one of our members helping me on doing this in the future.

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David’s notes.
1. What was the reason Rob got picked for this hearing?
2. Were you given guidelines on what your testimony was to be about?
3. What made you bring Chris in to the conversation?
4. How did you guys decide to go with the tone you went with?
5. Rob you wrote about the lack of security in Congress, can you describe it?
6. What was the meeting like?
7. What was the conversational tone like?
8. What did Dr. Paul tell you?
9. Chris you asked one important question to Dr. Paul what was it?
10. What is defacto nullification mean?
11. What did his chief of staff tell you after the meeting?
12. What did you guys do after the meeting?
13. Before the hearing you met with Dr. Paul and Nathan Lewis author of Gold- Once and Future Money, Dr. Richard Ebeling leading Austrian Economics in the ante room, what was discussed?
14. We all heard your opening statement, excellent I might add, how was it received? Congressman Green walked out when we said thieves.
15. What did you all think of the questions you were asked?
16. Chris why is you think the bankers are behind a new gold standard?
17. Rob you have a slightly controversial position on honest money legislation, as you know I was involved with the gold and silver legal tender laws passing in Utah, why is it you think it is wolf in sheep’s clothing legislation?
18. Chris you have talked about your Ultimate Exit Strategy, how is that going?
19. Do you guys want to talk about the Silver Summit and the contest we are putting together?
20. Any final questions?


I had David Morgan do his take on the silver chart we have been working off of and I am very excited about what is coming.


We will be announcing a new contest to coincide with the launch of Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield silver coin. 
This unique coin will have two very different sides.

A Silver Bullet side will be minted and shiny.

The other side will be the Debt and Death Paradigm and it will be roughed up.

We are going make a pre sell a limited production 1 ounce silver coin that will be sold through major online retailers.  I hope that we will be able to make this unique coin more competitive than the American Silver Eagle.

This coin will look like nothing else in the market and should sell very well.  I believe these coins will immediately command a higher premium due to it’s limited production, unique features, and the overall message of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.

We are fortunate to have one of our members offer Executive Jet Service from anywhere in the Continental US to the Silver Summit in Spokane Washington October 25th to 26th.

The Executive Jet service will be announcing that they will barter silver and gold for their services.  This is a good way to train his customers about the value of silver and gold.

We  will be giving out one chance per silver coin that is bought through this launch.

This promotion should get a lot of attention.

If you have a business that will take gold and silver and you are interested in joining this promotion please email me at SilverShieldReport@yahoo.com.

Not everything is locked down, but that is what is coming next month.

Preview of the coming Silver Bullet and Silver Shield coin.

We also did a large section on the Lakota Bank.

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  • Eric Hartmann

    I just noticed the coin should say “Silver Shield” and not “Shield Shield.”

  • Silver Shield

    We will see what fits I think Aware and Prepared will work.

    We are hoping to get this available for pre order by the end of this month.

    I hope we can get $2.99 over spot on higher volume retail and I hope we can get $1.99 over spot for our members at any amount.

    I want to really make an impact in the silver market and go after the American Silver Eagle in price, quality and imagery.

    I think the proof on one side and uncirculated on the other with the distinct and modern look and the idea of the Silver Bullet and Silver Shield will make this a very sought after coin.

    We will take pre orders for the 2012 and then work on another one for 2013.

    I have a really cool idea for the next one :)

  • Rex Bowe

    Aware and Prepared is great. Having a coin that we can use to reach out to friends and share the SS/SOL story adds value. Not just something we will go out and bury.

    For myself, as I have taken the “red pill” and have gone down the rabbit hole, I have gotten to see the world and religion in a different context. My wife & I left a dying church and shocked many of our friends, they couldn’t understand the journey we were on. We tried sharing the truth of the matrix, but they were not ready. Slowly, now, they are asking questions, and I would like to have a story to tell about the value of a SS round.

    *Note- Having found a new church our faith is nothing like it was before. And just to share in case anyone is interested, here is a Ted Talk delivered by our pastor, Chris Seay. I think it will resonate with many here…he speaks truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGpErdGX368&playnext=1&list=PL5DDEAE00BA49029E&feature=results_main

  • Mary

    The coin is a great idea…..I love it. I have tried endlessly to wake family and friends up to the “silver is real money” story with no success at all. People are sleepwalking.

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