April 29th Webcast With David Morgan

We had a blast last night with David Morgan for over 2 hours.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Here is a quick run down of what happened. I went over the Drudge Report Silver Bomb debrief we ended up with close to 2 million impressions on the Drudge Report. The ad got held up because Priceless Silver ad seemed to be in conflict with another advertiser that has an exclusive deal to advertise gold. The ad got cleared late and ran at 4pm on Monday. As a result of the confusion we got bonused 250,000 impressions on Thursday. Overall we got close to 5,000  clicks to the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield so every $1 donated got one person to open their eyes.

The next thing we covered was the three winners in the Raffle:

  1. Keith D. form Virginia
  2. Mark K. from Hawaii
  3. Richard W. from California

They will get to choose from the 3 prizes we offered; the gun training, the silver rounds or the silver Peace dollars. All three come with 2 -1 hour strategy session with me.

I then announced that we have a cool new sponsor Don’t Tread On Me t-shirts. They designed overnight the first official limited edition Sons of Liberty Academy t-shirt. This is a cool way to spread the news about the Academy and is an awesome way to find like minded individuals in your community. They do really great quality t-shirts and I know that some rock stars wear their stuff. If this shirt does well we will try to do more in the future. I will be buying a couple and if this Academy keeps growing the way it is, this could be a serious collectors item as we keep spreading our message.

Limited Edition Sons of Liberty Academy T-Shirt

Currently pre-sale – ships May 8th

Order here.

Then came the announcement that I am most excited about and the one that I hope you all participate in the NEW Sons of Liberty Academy Forum. This is exclusive to only Academy members and is the best way to tighten up this community. I have had hundreds of communications with man, many members and I can tell you that there are a ton of very bright and intelligent people who get it. This forum is a great way for you to not feel alone in this fight. Here we can share news and info and act as a place for us to form our own local leaderless resistance cells. I put access to the site in a tab on top of the members page of the Sons of Liberty Academy.

We have 1,756 members in the free Sons of Liberty Academy and if even 10% of you participate on a daily basis in the Academy it will be awesome. The forum is free and I will not be on search engines to keep trouble makers out. I put a video up on the Forum landing page to show you how to get started and post your first topic.

The forum is a buddy press site which allows for much more than just a regular forum capabilities. It has social media functions including some features like what facebook has. The best part is here you can be friends with people by choice and not just social coincidence. Check it out today.


I also floated the idea of having a informal get together in Cleveland for the Academy. If you are interested in coming up to Cleveland and getting a meeting room in a hotel where we can get a couple of members to meet, email me at SS@SonsOfLibertyAcademy.com. I have had talks with 5 or 6 members already and I want to invite whoever is interested in coming to join us to email me when is a good weekend for you to come to sunny Cleveland. I would image we would meet in the morning and really get to know each other. After lunch we can discuss the direction of the Academy and the country. I am sure I will want to go out for some beers after that!


After that, we spent probably a hour and a half taking questions with David Morgan of Silver-Investor.com and Silver123.net. David was very generous with his time and expertise and I feel is a great compliment to my younger and aggressive style. I encourage everyone to check out his sites and get on his free subscriber list. David had probably the most open conversation I have heard from him in years and it was great to hear his thoughts on the markets and the world. I will try to schedule time with him next week to do a YouTube video with him next week and see if we can get him to open up some more.

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