If RON PAUL’S NOT on the Ballot, I’M NOT VOTING – Mike Rivero

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5 comments to If RON PAUL’S NOT on the Ballot, I’M NOT VOTING – Mike Rivero

  • Thomas Griffing

    My picks:

    1. Ron Paul
    2. Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
    3. Don’t vote at all

    Voting for the “two party system” has been a disservice to the people for decades.

  • I hate to say this but it is fact.
    If we aren’t careful here, we shall end up with the Marxist practicing fascist in the White House for 4 more years. One must remember that although we are truthfully a Republic, we do not practice it. We have settled into Democracy at this stage in our history.
    My life has shown me that one should vote his beliefs and conscience during the primary election and settle for the lesser of 2 evils during the main election. Actually, I am beginning to believe that in all honesty that our voting process has been completely compromised. So, it is useless.
    A Revolution is occurring in our land. …and it started long ago but was injected with a great dose of energy by the great statesman, Dr Ron Paul. This Revolution is only just beginning and I am afraid as with ANY revolution, it shall get worse before it gets any better. The Beltway needs a compete overall and it IS coming.
    Be Vigilant, Be True, Prepare

  • Joshua Stewart

    The problem with voting for the better of two evils is your voting for evil… I choose to remove my self from evil and toxic people and thoughts… Just walk away… put that time and energy into reaching your highest excitement & potential. sure is more fun for me at least :-)

  • Benton: ‘Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor.’

    WTF! I donated hard-earned cash to the Ron Paul Campaign, because, I thought, he was: “IN IT, TO WIN IT”! Apparently, that is NOT the case.

    No Confidence Party – Join today!

  • Yes, Central Bankers live lives of comfort, wealth and luxury (and fraud) – based upon stolen wealth, stolen from the “99%” who exchange their labor for a wage. (Only, now it’s NOT 99% exchanging their labor for a wage, since the true Unemployment rate is 49%!) END THE ‘FED’! END THE IRS!

    Real Simple Math Puts The Real US Unemployment Rate At 49%

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