Silver Shield Report #41- Practical Prepping For The Anger Phase

 I have been spending the past month and a half topping off the supplies and getting mentally ready for the Anger Phase. Today I brought in one of our Silver Shield Report experts in this field Chris McMichael of Providence Supplies We learn that in order to survive this collapse, it is much more than what you have stocked up, it is education on what to do.  This is a great interview to get a fire under you to get the right mindset before a new reality comes.  I know this call was helpful to me and I hope you find value in it.

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14 comments to Silver Shield Report #41- Practical Prepping For The Anger Phase

  • PitBull Pappa

    Working in the medical field in a hospital setting for almost 20 years I can confirm the point you made about people coming into the emergency room for the most minute crap!! People come in for every little sniffle… sneeze and ache that is NOT an emergency. I can’t help but to imagine how distraught people are going to be after the collapse when they have real medical emergencies and no way of getting the treatment they will need.

    Seeing an open wound is nothing guys… try assisting with autopsies and then we’ll talk… lol I used to work in pathology and assisted with several of them. Another thing to consider is infections and infectious diseases in a post collapse situation. I currently work as a microbiology tech assistant and have knowledge in this subject. Wound debridedment is going to be extremely important to prevent septic infections. Not only that but viral infections will be a major threat to those who have weak immune systems.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


    • lizcor68

      I totally agree Pit. I also worked in a hospital until recently, in both ED and OR. People will have NO idea what to do or where to go when something bad happens. I only assisted 1 autopsy but assisted many organ procurements. Most people will not even be able to handle the sight let alone what to do.

      Load up on at least the minimum of first aid supplies and take a course.

    • lizcor68

      BTW, one of my last ED cases that was not an emergency. I removed a wood tick from an older man. It had not even penetrated the skin yet. His son even wanted to know if he should be tested for Lyme disease. Brains and Medicare $$ hard at work.

  • Edward

    Everybody here should know by now to have plenty of colloidal silver on hand. But, if you don’t, just remember this. You can easily make it with three 9V batteries and silver that’s at least 99.9%. It’s your best defense in the event of a biological pandemic. Stock up on food grade hydrogen peroxide, too, while you’re at it. I prefer the 18% grade, which needs to be diluted to use topically.

    • David Richardson

      Colloidal silver is not the safest silver-based antimicrobial solution to use, nor the most effective. Colloidal silver can lead to a condition known as argyria

      There are far superior solutions, with a 5+ year shelf life like this:

      As a doctor I have not bought from this company, but from a nutritional supplement company that uses their patented ingredients to make a topical gel and a liquid for oral ingestion.

      • Eric Hartmann

        I was seriously considering to buy the “Silver Lung Generator.” I will look into the rxsilver solution. Thanks!

        Do you have any experience with the silver lung generator or know if the vaporizor nebulizer to inhale silver is safe?

      • Freedom Source
        “The reference dose, published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 1991, which recommends the estimated daily exposure which is unlikely to incur an appreciable risk of deleterious effects during a lifetime, is 5 µg/kg/d; meaning 5 microgram of silver per kilogram of weight per person each day – about 1 litre of 10 ppm colloidal silver per month for a 66 kg person.”

        In my opinion, drinking a LITER per month of even quality 10ppm electrically isolated silver in pure water is a LOT. I can do just fine for several months with 2 oz. of 5-10ppm solution to manage minor colds and keep from getting sick. If I am really sick, I might be able to use a 2 oz. bottle within a few weeks. There is no need to ingest more than a few ounces per month if you are really sick, and less if you are only keeping sickness at bay.

        The Silver Sol product has had good reviews, although the information on that link makes inaccurate statements regarding what can simply be made at home, because I definitely do not ingest anything over 15ppm, I test every time I make it and consistently produce 5-10ppm. That page refers to the “old” style colloid with solutions containing up to 300,000ppm!!! No wonder people have had problems with argyria.

        All said, if one is uncomfortable using self made solution, I think the Silver Sol would be a good product to substitute.

  • David Richardson

    Thanks for the research into The Brandon R. story. He really might have become a threat to the safety of others; he was apparently so stuck in negative thoughts, and so unhappy. I think authorities did the right thing to take him into custody,
    and I hope he is treated with compassion rather than as a terrorist.

  • Robert Gest IV

    Nice call. Definitely one worth taking notes while listening.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Download link doesnt work….

  • Chris McMichael

    It was a pleasure speaking with Chris. I hope this discussion was beneficial for people.


    David Rich, was he arrested? “The right thing to take him into custody”??? Do we still have a Constitution? What I think we have here is a man calling out for help. I think he is one of the young Marines who fell through the cracks. The VA failed again like they did with so many others. I don’t know what took place, but my prayers are with him and his family. These crazy, immoral,insane, and unconstitutional wars have to stop!

  • Matt Campbell

    Thanks for the reminder to finish off the preps, guys. Water filter, propane and charcoal, hurricane lamps, and other sundry items.

  • Edward

    So, we lock people up now for having negative thoughts and/or being unhappy? Do we have space for several hundred million more? I’m a lot more concerned about the people that still think everything is fine.

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