All Most There…

Despite the nice pop in silver today up +.51, hold on to the bubbly.  We need to get above $30.61 to get the party started and bring out the silver rockets.  The reason I say $30.61 because that is the 200 DMA and the point that breaks out of the 16 month cup and handle formation.  I feel we have until next month until the real fireworks start.  And unfortunately you are probably not going to like the kind of fireworks you are going to see, let me explain…


This is all apart of my Big Silver Picture I released earlier in the year along with the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield My prediction is that this next move up is going to the THE ONE.  The one that finally breaks the fiat, paper illusion on the physical silver market.  The one that exposes the quadrillion dollar rehypothication, ponzi, fiat, counter-party, thieving empire built on debt and death.  The tremors we felt when Bear Stearns collapse because of their silver short position, will be magnitudes worse when the rest of the illusion of wealth comes crashing down.

The Anti Hegemon will make their final move to real assets.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers not only joined forces but are now making bets against the Euro and making big bets on Gold.

This will also lead to a Silver Paradigm shift for us little guys.

While the price of silver is set to explode, it is not time to say hooray and party.  This silver rocket launch will also mark the beginning of the Anger Phase of humanity as the house of paper assets come crashing down.

This will not only wipe quadrillions in paper assets from the face of the planet it will effect the real economy as currencies and commerce stops.  This will lead to massive social and political upheaval.  While I have been banging the table for years about stacking silver, now is the time to get ready to batten down the hatches as the storm comes home.  Get you mind sharpened and your plan finalized.  Also go out and enjoy life, while you still can.

As usual, I only preach what I practice.  I have taken the past month and a half to make my final preparations the best that I can to ensure the safety of my family.  I have closed the gate on the decentralized community in the Silver Shield Group on July 1st.  I will not be speaking out as we head into the Anger Phase of humanity.  It will simply be too late or too dangerous to do anything about preparing for what is coming.   If things get too dangerous I am prepared to pull all of my sites and work off of the internet and go dark.  When humanity enters the Bargaining Phase I hope we can then be a blessing on humanity and show them how the Ultimate Exit Strategy can build Resonating Communities all over the world.

I have decided that while I will not do anymore interviews, congressional hearings  or new videos.  I will be releasing the Sons of Liberty Academy for free on YouTube.  I saw the videos I did in The Greatest Truth Never Told simply take too long to make and there is still too much to go through.  I only finished 2/3rds of The Denial Stage.   I will be releasing a new Sons of Liberty Academy video everyday starting this week.  For access to the full version simply join the Sons of Liberty Academy member site any time for free.  There you will find the full program and hundreds of supporting documents.

As you many of you know the Academy is where all of my work started and I feel it is time to take it out of the private member site and release it on YouTube.  We have had 30,000+ people join the free site, but we need to reach millions.   I encourage people to download the videos if ever they are taken down.  And I hope this program provides a clear path to speed people through the 5 Stages of Awakening and that we can push through the Anger Phase with logic and understanding instead of violence and illusions.

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  • David Richardson

    I’ll bet the JPM & government computer programs increased sophistication & price-crashing potential will render the 200 day moving average, cup-and-handle formation, and other old measures antiquated relics. I think they can keep fixing the spot until physical shortages force the physical sellers to industry [75% of consumption] and investors to talk to one another, and en mass they decide to abandon the spot as a selling reference. We will see.

    • DD

      I tend to agree… I’m not sure how any of the old paradigm analytics can be counted on at this point… What say you Chris?

    • Silver Shield

      These guys can manipulate the markets and wipe out a lot of momentum monkeys in their rigged paper market in the short term.

      They cannot stop the trend as these short term interventions only seek to empower the physical stackers to take more and more metal off of the market into stronger hands.

      Since the May 1st 2011 drive by silver shooting a lot has changed…

      Any physical stackers who bought with the momentum monkey’s have long since abandoned their positions.

      Any momentum monkeys in the market after the blatant manipulations of these drive by shootings and MF Global and PFG Best are out of the market.

      That has been the past 15 months…

      All that is left in the market is long term stackers that just keep picking away at the physical market and HFT algorithms. That is it.

      While the price will move up the real physical market will detach and we will see that the ticker is just price propaganda they want us to see. Meanwhile I believe that there will be 11 mentality shifts for silver investors where there will be no physical silver to make a market with.

      This will lead to massive dislocations that only Bear Stearns hinted at in 2008.

      The 16 month handle washed out all of the momentum monkeys leaving us stackers even strong before.

      Once we breakout of the consolidation… hang on to your metal.

  • Anger Phase Self Defense System:
    1. Store food, water, ammunition
    2. Lift heavy $h!t, Jump and Sprint (Compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, presses, rows and power cleans; practice vertical and broad jumps for power; add sprints and anaerobic metabolic conditioning to your routine for speed and cardio)
    3. Learn to Neutralize(unconsciousness, incapacitation or death)an attacker(s) with your bare hands (see at You will not have a gun or knife with you, but you will always have your hands!
    4. Love and Patience

  • Marc Wasson


    Thanks for the updates and hard work…we live in exciting times. I’m mostly on board with all your work and understand that you have really discovered much in a relative short time compared to the many years I have been aware of the ponzi scheme. It started with me in the early 80’s reading “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” and “The Unseen Hand and a lot of the books by R. E. McMasters which if you do not know about should Google and read some of his stuff.

    As you know from my other posts to you, that I’m also tracking the parallel worlds (Soul and Spirit-Earth-Heaven) and think it is very important that you understand both. You have got the soul-earth thing down, but you need to better understand the spirit-heaven biblical view of history and prophecy that is the other side of the coin. They always say “There is two sides to every coin” but I discovered long ago that there are “Three” It’s always there binding the two sides together at the core in circular motion completing the matrix of soul-spirit-earth-heaven…? We are on the “Edge-Rim” of a new age that the bible has told us was, is and will happen. The Lord of Heavens Armies is He who we need to ultimately trust in to go before us and cover our rear and be victorious.

    Humor me and read all of the book of Isaiah in the modern and more readable version such as the NLT (New Living Translation.


    Carpinteria, CA

    • Silver Shield

      3 sides like the like between the Head and the Hand there is the Heart.

      • Marc Wasson

        Chris, Not sure I understand your analogy Head (mind) Hand (work) Heart (desire)? I was speaking about the edge of the coin. Like two sides of a story the truth stands between them. Also, be of good cheer. Some people are just mean and want to put others down to make themselves relevant. Ignore those that post so. I still want you to read Isaiah and consider how God is still working in this world to complete all His plans. Evil and the people who are practicing it’s path (such as the power behind the banksers) will be dealt with by God…in His time which looks to me like it is coming on fast. The good guys win.

        Still stacking, and like play Jinga with the coins..try it and see how high you can go.

  • john rodman

    As a psychologist, your “5 stages of awakening” are simply the 5 stages of grief identified by the work of elizabeth kubler ross. You are misusing the the theory. They are psychological stages of greiving that don’t necessary go in the order given. The public as you are using attempts to use this theory to explain everything under the sun other than grieving which is simply wrong. One, it doesn’t follow a linear process, and two applies only to greiving and loss as it has been studied in psychological research, not the stages the masses will follow during an economic collapse.

    This paranoia you are espousing (going to enter the anger phase) is not supported by the theory you are stating and misused. You should do your
    research before you go off trying to scare people.

    • Jordan

      When the food stamps stop, the currency is without value, and the grocery store shelves are empty, how do you foresee people acting?

      • john rodman

        This comment does not address the false grief theory as economic theory he is using to induce paranoia. To me he is no better than the politicians, he just uses a different method, same stupid result, motivate and control through fear, not through rational discussion. In fact there is no discussion, he ignores criticism and cuts it off and surrounds himself only with those that agree with him. Hitler started out this way.

        But to answer your question, I forsee the process going along the chris martenson line of thinking, building a commmunity of all people helping each other thru humanitarianism and solving the problems thru civil protest and education peacefully as ghandi and the civil rights movement did. We don’t have the luxury anymore of us vs them mentality. People have to come together and save each other and the planet or we and it will not survive.

        Duane seems only interested in profiting from “anger mongering” and inciting people to hoard resources and guns to fight. People like Chris Martenson are the people who will lead the sheeple to their senses, not people like Duane who invent economic theories like “the 5 stages of grief” to proclaim and predict the future. Again the comaparison is apt to hitler who took an enlightened population and led them to genecide.

        • mattthenuke

          Well, first of all, Goodwin’s Law x2.

          Second, these posts are open to the public to allow discusion and debate. Your posts seem to spark neither. You proclaim that Chris’s messages are nothing but fear mongering, but I’m sure most of the folks here agree that the dollar’s days are numbered. It’s not a large jump from there to think that people are going to be pissed when their 401k’s and life savings become about worthless. It does take an eastern mystic or conival prognosticator to see that.

          You don’t think taking personal responsibility and “hoarding resources” is a prudent action?

          • marz

            Exactly. Reductio ad Hitlerum. So I guess we are the Gestapo, or something. Wait…I just noticed a double S in SBSS! This leads to “genecide”.

        • Ben

          this is beautiful.

        • marz

          Not rational discussion? You sure talk about this site?

        • eagleeye

          Have you actually seen he’s videos? or read he’s articles. He did say in some areas neighbours will be helping each other, in other area it will be total chaos, remember hurrican Catrina. There was rape, murder, robbery, now imagine this times hundred.. My friend your suffering from normalcy bias, you don’t want to think of the worst, becuase it’s unfomfortable.

    • GreenBeard

      How ironic that you suggest Chris should do more research before speaking…

      • john rodman

        I don’t call what Duane does “research”. The above article is a perfect example of this. Chris Martenson researches, Duane presents opinions. As for solutions,
        Martenson has created a website with forums in different categories like finance, and gardening that people can interact with and empowers them to solve the problem. Duanes method is to charge for access to profit personally. This is to be expected from someones only claim to fame is a former auto salesman and former military person.

        • Jim

          Have you read or viewed all of Chris’s work? I have a hard time believing you could be of that opinion if you had. I think the guy has done ton of research and I have learned a lot. I believe his method is leaderless resistance and to walk away.

          I like Chris Martenson’s site. I have learned a lot from his site also. Will he not be charging a fee to join his site soon? I really don’t think what Chris Martenson is doing is all that much different than what Chris Duane is trying to do. They are both trying to form communities of like minded people who can try to do things better in the next paradigm. If we are to make a difference in the next paradigm we need to some how transfer are wealth into it. Stacking silver seems to me to be a good way to do that. I think your the one who needs to do some research.

          • john rodman

            I have viewed Chris Duanes work for over a year now. Unfortunately,
            I have come to the conclusion that he is fear mongering fanatic.

            The above article is a perfect example. He posts as research youtube videos trying to assert that the next human stage is going to be anger
            based on the 5 stages he claims to have invented which is stolen from Elizabeth Kubler Ross psychological work. I am a psychologist and I follow the Austrian school of economics.

            Simply read the article above and you can see everything that is wrong
            about following a guy like this. The next phase is supposed to be
            “anger phase of humanity” based on what? In reality based on economics, the next social movement will be “fear” first, not anger. When the stock market crashes as we have seen from other crashes, fear takes over first, not anger. Just think through his logic for a moment. Basing an economic social phase on a psychological model of griefing is insane and quite simply stupid.

            Also look at his other statement that the next move up in silver will be the “ONE” that breaks the fiat currency. Again, think this through using simple logic. Even in the crash of 2008, gold and silver did not crash the currency. The banks and federal reserve have capital controls and other mechanisms to manipulate the market. I will bet anyone any amount of money the next move in silver will not break the dollar and the FED. Silver and gold initially went down in the 2008 crash, not straight up as Chris is hoping. The dollar and fed are going to be broken over time and as Jim Rickards says probably it will be some trivial event like a snow flake causing an avalance. Read other people like Jim Ricards, James Turk, Ben Davies, David Morgan. These are people who know the silver market and economics. Trying to time the market is a fools game and here Chris is saying the next move up in silver is going to literally break the currency. The best strategy is simple to dollar cost average into silver I’ve found.

            Also look at his other statements above, “I will not do anymore videos, interviews, etc…”. What an ego. Really. This is a narcissistic view where the world revolves around his ego and opinions. Again, contrast his approach to Chris Martenson, a phd, to the greedy auto salesmans, where he stresses community and all of us working together, not fear, follow the guru, and escape and hide from the world until it is better

            • Gareth

              “I am a Psychologist”.

              Really, John, and in which field is your expertise?

              Why do we use parametric testing such as ANOVA, MANOVA, and ANCOVA on non-parametric testing instead of Chi-square and other mathematical formula?

              Who is arguably ‘the man’ that reconciled behaviourism with cognitism?

              • Gareth

                “Why do we use parametric testing such as ANOVA, MANOVA, and ANCOVA on non-parametric testing” Should read “on non-parametric data”

            • trailhiker

              You state that you have followed Chris’ work but yet you make the statement, “the 5 stages he claims to have invented which is stolen from Elizabeth Kubler Ross psychological work.”, which in Chris’ work he has given full credit to her for that. This tells me that you do not know much of Chris’ work and have probably not looked into much of it, you are just another dolt that wanders onto a site reads a few articles and makes claims about their knowledge, while at the same time trying to push commenters to go to another site for the “truth”. If you have followed Chris even a little, you would know that if you do not like what he puts forth you have every capability to walk away and not pay attention to him, but yet you come back to trash on him. No one is making you read or listen to him, just walk away and go play in another sandbox.

              • john rodman

                I have been following his work for over a year.

                Where is his reference to Elizabeth Kubler Ross giving credit and why isn’t it in the article above?

                Your post gives an example of cognitive dissonance in psychology. When presented with contrary evidence (as I describe) you rationalize or discount or attack the messenger.

                Chris Duane is one of the more than 50 people I have been following for 1.5 years now. I stopped reading him about 6 months ago except for every once in awhile because I still get his emails and click on the articles once in awhile. I read through most of the posts and videos on the sons of liberty website.

                Why is it so threatening to people for others to present constructive criticism? I mention Chris Martenson as an
                alternative because his model and solution to the problems at
                hand are constructive and the way forward from my point of view and I am sharing it with others on this forum. Chris Martenson is not the only person I would recommend but he has forums with direct action people can take and seems the best fit for this group so I recommended it.

                After following Duane for 1.5 years as I said, I think he is a fanatic. The article above is the perfect example. Read it closely and ask basic questions to see his flawed logic, tangental thinking, paranoia, and narcissism. Contrast this to Mike Maloney or David Morgan body of work and you will be struck by the contrast and ethics compared to Duane.

                Duane excels at scaring people and his negativity. Again look at the words he uses in the post above for examples: “theiving empire built on debt and death”, “enjoy life while you still can”, “closed the gate on the decentralized community”, “anger phase of humanity”, “too dangerous”, “go dark”, “the ONE”, ad nauseum. This isn’t the world I plan to leave for my 5 year old daughter or how I plan to behave. That is why his philosophy is so destructive to me, persuading people through fear and negativity is no better than people he is rampaging against.

            • Silver Shield

              In the most commented articles with 101 comments is and article called 5 Stages of the Awakening half way down I give proper reference to Elizabeth Kubler Ross work credit.

              I will hold my breath for the apology.

            • marz

              “I have been following his work for over a year”. So it takes you 12 months to realize there´s “no rational discussion”? That long?

        • SilverFox

          Mr. Rodman, I respectfully disagree with all of your hypotheses. If you are for real I think you live to deeply within your own mind. You think there will be community building, perhaps in some places. Why don’t you try going to the seedy side of town in any large city after we crash and tell us all about the “community building”. But I don’t think you are real. I think you are a troll. You bash Chris for making a profit and yet you charge your clients a great deal for helping them. I say it’s time for you to take your rhetoric elsewhere.

          • john rodman

            Why don’t you talk about the issue, Chris Duanes stupid post above. Your argument is that because there is a seedy side of town that the next phase of humanity is going to be anger? Your logic is just as jumbled as Chris’s.

            Chris Duane’s mental paradigm is us vs them. Hoard your food, silver, and guns and wait for the apocolypse. Chris Martensons paradigm is we don’t have the luxury of us vs them models anymore. We have one planet and we have to work together now to save the planet and people, not run away and hide. Which one of these worlds do you want to live in? Where do you want your family and friends to be when problems happening? Hiding and hoarding or building community? Do you want to be dependent on a self-proclaimed “guru” who doesn’t know simple economics and spouts pseudo psychology as if it is economic proof of his “anger” phase just lurking around the corner? Not me.

            • Rod Johnman

              Take a hike, troll. MOLON LABE, scum!

            • speedspirit

              John Rodman.
              Sorry pal. I can see your logic on some of your points but trying to take care of the whole world spells your “DOOM”. It cant be done. People need to save themselves or they do not see value in the work others are trying to do on their behalf. That will only lead to more of this entitlement attitude that created the mess.
              This is reason for our group to come together to help our community survive and rebuild. From there we will help others by showing what has and hasnt worked for us.
              Chris doesnt claim to be a prophet or a Phd just a guy sharing his info. He is brave to admit what he thinks even if he could have his timing off. He is taking action the best way he can concieve. We all see the logic and have prepared our selves as we each feel comfortable with. Thanks for trying to bring to our attention this different point of view you have but we are not interested.

            • Silver Shield

              John you should appreciate this being a psychologist….

              “Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.” – Belgicia Howell.

              Or maybe you can start quoting me…

              “Listen to all. Follow none.”

            • Matt Campbell

              I stopped counting at six logical fallacies. We’ve got better things to do that get in an argument with someone who refuses to face facts, and only offers straw men and opinions as their basis.

            • eagleeye

              To; John Rodman,

              your comment “Chris Duanes stupid post above” john I’ve always found people who loose aguments become aggresive & defensive. Chris HAS been trying to wake people & teach them how to help themselves for the last few years. And he has said, if you prepare yourself, when the time comes, you can help friends & famalies. You clearly haven’t studied he’s work. Everything he’s predicted is coming true. You seem to have so much time on your hand to write lengthy false accusations, your clearly a paid shill.

            • Todd

              “Which one of thes worlds do you want to live in?” You really think there will be a choice? We are trying to be prepared in our own way and walking our path here. And Chris’s work does indeed resonate with his followers. Kudos to Mr Duane for the hard work and for walking his path. It takes a lot more guts to actually get out on the field and play then to sit on the sidelines and criticize the players…

            • Todd

              Just curious John,

              Is your criticism and calling people’s comment “stupid” the first step in “building a community of all people helping each other?” In your vision of a peaceful collapse is there any provisions for people disagreeing? I’m just curious how your going force people to get along…

        • Ben

          this is better still….

        • marz

          Yeah, he should be a psychologist, who don´t charge for profit.

    • GreenBeard

      John Rodman, your statements that the above article is “stupid” and “I don’t call what Duane does ‘research’”, and your various other points lead me to believe that you have NOT done the amount of research into Chris’ work that you claim. Also, with you being a psychologist, it seems to me, that you should be able to make a much better assessment of Chris than you have, that is, if you had actually studied his work.

      Chris is no guru or messiah, neither self proclaimed or otherwise. He’s just a guy who, like me (and you?), sees through the bullshit. He is attempting to help other people the best way he can. If you want a better understanding of the above article then go through the Sons of Liberty Academy. I suggest this not just for the information contained in it, its all available otherwise, Chris just (very painstakingly I might add) put a lot of great information, based on his RESEARCH, all together in one place (and he gives it away for free too, that greedy bastard). Besides, if you are who you portray yourself to be than I would assume you are already aware of much of the information contained in it. So for you I suggest it primarily as a means to better understand Chris Duane, you have totally missed the mark with him. It would give you valuable insight into his personality, which I believe would help you make more sense of his articles and videos. As an added bonus you would likely acquire some new information or discover an interesting book or two you haven’t read somewhere in his references.

      Chris is an intelligent, genuine person and you are selling him terribly short when you summarize him as a fanatic, and you are way off when you accuse him of using language designed to cause trepidation for the purpose of controlling people and taking advantage of them, either for his ego or financial gain. The fact that you place him into that classification is, in my mind, self evident proof that you are sorely lacking integral information. You have to understand that Chris (and others on this blog) often uses a different dialect, one which you seem to be completely unfamiliar with. Your lack of cognizance for the phrases you quoted was just one of the revealing things in your posts that substantiate my assertion that you are not conversant with his work.

      • Silver Shield

        And seriously what kind of psychologist even utters the word “stupid” in evaluating another human being?

        I after reading some of the supportive comments here, I almost wish more trolls came by…

        Thank you.

  • Roberthorse

    It seems impossible for the CFTC to publish a silver-manipulation verdict which protects the silver manipulators AND satisfies the GATA side and of course they will go for the former to avoid undermining the credibility of the whole system.

    But we partly have ourselves to blame by endorsing what is going on by buying paper products.

    What a crazy world this has become when so called ‘leaders’ can act without penalty for their obvious lack of integrity and transparency and the PM metals miners and Joe Public turn the other way as if nothing was happening when so much pain is being inflicted upon them. The world seems conditioned to accept the spot price as gospel but lets hope something happens to bring the world to its senses like David suggests.

  • Yvan

    Thanks for all your work that you have done let just hope and pray that things don’t get to apocalyptic :(

  • lakecity55

    As for the Red Shield folks shorting Euros, remember, they shorted the Pound knowing Napoleon had lost. I would be wary of what they do on the surface.

    • Gareth

      ????????? Please elaborate.

      1815 £Sterling was in the form of gold, silver, and copper coins.

      1815 wasn’t an era of currency exchange fiats. Currencies were a weight in gold or silver.

  • Sam

    I have not started the sol academy and all indications are that I don’t have time. How do I start at this late hour?

    • Silver Shield

      It takes a week or two to go through and it will save you years of floundering around.

      I am in the process of putting it all up on YouTube but you can get the full free version at

    • svirtue2012

      Start stacking. All the indicators have been pressed, start stacking.

  • Edward

    JR- What exactly would Chris’s motive be to “go off trying to scare people”? He gives away virtually all of his work for free.

    • Silver Shield

      I wonder how much work or even information he has given away?

      I have given away my life’s work and walked away from more money in doing so than I am sure he ever has.

      Here is a better idea maybe he could start a YouTube Channel and spread his ideas.

      Let me know when he gets 4 million views in 10 months teaching his ideas.

      I love Chris Martenson’s work but I must be on to something as I have almost double the YT subscribers, 25% less views but he has been around 4 years longer than I.

      The real challenge is not between thinkers and idea makers like myself and Chris it is between those that create and those that throw rocks to destroy.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    In a recent Chris Duane video he makes the suggestion that we silver stackers should never sell our physical silver.

    We all know it is the superior form of money when compared to all of the fiat paper currencies and Chris goes on to suggest someone with a silver stash should exploit it to purchase an income producing asset.

    My stack at the current market value will soon be reaching a valuation that will allow to purchase a unit of such an income producing asset but I am loathe to put any of my stack out of my physical possession so my question is would you consider it possible for me to still collateralise any kind of loan with silver that was being kept in my physical possession ?

    If so then can you point this citizen of Britain and readers who are citizens elsewhere in the direction of any suitable lenders.

    • Silver Shield

      I am making the contacts and ground work for us to eventually become the bank in the next paradigm.

      You have to hold your stack through this mess.

  • Defender


    Silver, as we know, is the best way to protect your financial health. However, you and others believe that silver will become unavailable to the masses, which is probaly a given. But you added that you knew what the next best thing is going to be.

    I don’t remember seeing you expound on that. I was just wondering what your thinking on this is, pennies/nickels? Pre-formed lead? Ding-dongs?

    • Silver Shield

      When did I say there was the next best thing to silver?
      I can’t think of a close second to silver it is far and away the best asset to own while you still can.

  • Silver Landon

    I’ve been following you for a while now(I’m 15 now, discovered you a few months ago). Anyways, what I wanting to know is, how bad is the future looking for the small towns that I live in?

    • intothevoid

      there will be some small towns and rural areas that will have a better chance of pulling through the collapse than most major metropolitan areas. areas that are wholly dependent on the fiat ponzi scheme and steady influx of commodities such as food, fuel, and water and will be the first to go. people will react with anger, violence and crime will increase dramatically, and chances of survival will drop.

      not every area in the country will experience the same degree of panic or uprising that will occur in major cities, but most areas will experience hard times, as a large percent of americans are not even sufficiently prepared to survive 72 hours on their own in the event of a disaster or emergency.

      rural areas and small towns that have community building groups/activities, arable farmland, and provide farmer’s markets will most likely have a better sense of community and be more willing to band together through a crisis.

      they would be in a better position to efficiently manage the tasks of growing food, setting up security, establishing alternative markets/currencies, and utilizing barter systems. they will be more apt to weather through the coming collapse than most.

  • Bryan

    Hey Silver Shield– thanks for your great info. I want to get some silver but what would be the best group to get it from? Do you have your favorite ones out there, could you give me one who gives the best value for the lowest price? Thanks

  • RobH

    Don’t shoot the messenger! As we all know in life there are many diverse views. Only history will tell us which view was correct. That we are here reading this only means that we have all taken the ‘Red Pill’ and are trying to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes and what will be the next move by our elite overlords in our fictional-fiat-generated-world.
    I often think that, as with all exponential systems, that the system will fail with mathematical certainty. But the US has been spreading its fiat right across world so now nearly every country is so far up to their neck in this poo that we are all trying to keep it going for as long as possibly. The believe the alternative is just too horrible to contemplate. But it will end and I believe the Elites have an exit plan, probably war. As we have heard many times from these c*nts they firmly believe that war stimulates the economy, ie: destroy everything and you have to rebuild, and if you rebuild you will need capital, and if you need capital we have just the stuff you need. “G+S are relics of the past.” Fortunes will be lost and made in the turmoil but this is completely irrelevant to the bigger fiat game.

  • speedspirit

    I really dont think that TPTB will let Silver or Gold start looking like a place to store ones savings BEFORE the next election. My guess is this chart pattern will stall at least until then. remember the S&P head and shoulders pattern that in 2010? EVERYONE said was going to move up and out of the pattern and guess what it didnt. TPTB control those charts. They have plans very well thought out plans and this thing isnt yet ready to blow. First they will have the middle east in total chaos and they are still trying to sucker more nations to save the Euro. My other reasoning is all the dis-information bloggers screaming the sky is falling this time for sure. TPTB are in control.

    • jim bo

      Physical shortages of silver and other natural resources will overwhelm TPTB. They can’t print natural resources out of thin air like fiat.

  • Alfred Newman

    One-hundred dollar bills do make good ass-wipe but make sure you run them through the wash first.

    A friend of mine won’t pay attention to that advice some time in the near future and he will probably pay the hard way one way or another. Need I elaborate?

  • SilverFox

    Today was a good day, I was at my command center when silver popped. I usually keep a 6 hour chart open on one screen. I saw the first pop up and thought, hey, that’s cool. Then another and another. I watched the whole ride up and even though it was only 73 cents at the time I was thrilled to see something besides the up and down waves of late. But then my excitement turned to fear, not for myself so much but for the sheeple. I wish we could wake more, I still try. Not that I thought this was the big one, but one day it will be. Today gave me a glimpse of that feeling. In the midst of my sadness for the sheep I went out and stocked up a little more, my family will need my help. Best wishes to all.
    P.S. got a second water filter last week. She’s a bute.

  • When silver goes to 35$ an ounce, I am going to be very upset. Upset that i dont believe i have enough silver to make it through.

    • Silver Shield

      The fact that you have ANY silver will put you way ahead of the crowd in the next paradigm. You have to hold on to it till then…

      Your mindset and friends are going to be more valuable resources.

  • Suppressed A. Censor

    My last post here. This is John Rodman. My last two posts are not showing up so I’ve been effectively censored from posting to this forum. Wow. No notice, just blocked.

    So when someone disagrees with Duane, they will be censored as I am.

    Watch as this post disappears too.

    Those that suppress discourse and disagreement are what the founding fathers fought against and the sons of liberty as well. Chris Duane is full of shit.


    • Ben

      On the last couple of sentences.

      I could not agree more.

      “Will dissent be permitted? The answer to that question will determine whether the society is a free society or a fear society.”
      – Natan Sharansky

      I love rocks.

      • RealityChick

        Ben – What happened to the “Garden Project” posts — maybe I’m not searching correctly?? (sorry if this is the wrong Ben…)

    • Mike Scott

      “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”

      – From

      Try – it’s free.

      What makes you think that a man who has the guts and gumption to build a site like this is obligated to allow those who post comments on his site criticizing him, to continue almost without limit beyond bounds of common manners and decency ???

      He has no desire to tell you what you can do on YOUR blog – but our would-be overlords do.

      Just ask Brandon Raub.

      THAT is censorship, in case you were confused about the definition.


    • GreenBeard

      JOHN RODMAN, I looked into your accusation of censorship, as best I can tell, you were NOT CENSORED. Your last two posts were flagged as spam since they were essentially just short statements then a web link to gold shark, the only way I could differentiate them from most of the other spam was looking for your name. The spam folder is full of posts similar to your last two, I think you just had bad luck with your wording.

      Chris is not the kind of guy to censor someone because of their disagreement with his views. As long as you do not become abusive, resort to name calling or other childish behavior, post spam (or post spam look-a-likes) you are free to speak your mind, in fact I would personally encourage you to do so.

      Truth be told, I rather enjoy a spirited debate when the subject matter interests me and the other side appears capable of making a valid argument. However, you should be warned, I will take you to school when you are in error, and I will patently inform you when your argumentation is flawed, so come prepared.

      You initially caught my attention with your post because of the subject. However, you have not succeeded in keeping my attention due to your inability to prove even one of your “facts.” As a specific example, the “proof” you provided, with the intent of demonstrating that Chris is a fear monger with ill intent, were the quotes you posted. These prove nothing more than your complete misunderstanding of the terms. This in turn exposes, for everyone to see, the fact that you are arguing without a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. This conclusion is further solidified when one considers your complete unawareness of the issue you were going to create by giving your “facts.” You have undermined your own creditability. In all of your posts you have miserably failed to demonstrate any validity to your case. What you have done exceptionally well however, is exposed the weakness of your argument and the baseless nature of your opinion.

      At this point I will draw my logical conclusion based on your reasoning and argumentation. Either you have not actually read enough of his work to form a sound opinion, or you completely failed to understand it. Either way, get aquatinted with his work and come back when you know what you are talking about.

  • Collin Michael Hayes

    I bought too much silver at too high a price right around the time Chris proclaimed “the silver door is closing.” He advised buying before the inevitable price increase. I followed that advice and my silver holdings average right around $41.00 an ounce.
    If I were to sell my silver eagles today I’d be lucky to get $30 if I needed to cash out. Meanwhile, the stocks I sold to purchase have done extremely well.
    Sure, silver will likely rise, but according to the timeline I believed in when I started buying, I should be be considerably better off, or at least even. Instead… instead, I have taken a big hit. Do I blame Chris Duane? No. I make my own decisions. I could have chosen to listen to the projections of another.I could have asked more questions, done more homework. There are lots of educated folk who don’t see a great future in the current monetary system, but don’t believe throwing most of your dough into precious metals is a smart bet. I recommend this: be very, very careful of who you follow. Don’t be swayed by fear or greed. Don’t think about getting rich with the downfall of the world, or you’ll find yourself wishing for it, and the new paradigm, if it unfolds the way Chris Duane says it will, will have you wishing for the old days, when you might have been poorer, but were considerably safer and happier. Be cautious but not paranoid.

    • marz

      If you bring some to Buenos Aires, you can sell/auction them at 50-100 usd (seriously, I´m not joking).

    • David baker

      CHEEP we here in the UK have to pay 20% VAT on silver purchase’s

    • Wahr Heit

      The COMEX spot and bid prices are BS anyway. Maybe try selling at a premium on ebay (e.g. >50$) then use that cash to buy in at 30$ .

      I’ve been shocked sometimes at ebay PM bids.

      • Silver Shield

        That is also because most of the world it is expensive to get silver with VaT or sales taxes or it is simply not available. The US is spoiled with their low premiums.

        To those place that have these hinderances I believe you will have higher purchasing power Tgere because of the added layer of difficulty in obtaining silver.

  • vincent formoso

    Lol @ John rodman, and the fact everyone just ignores him now

  • Moira

    We are certainly knocking on that $30.61 level with AG spot price over $30 today and rising. I was planning a purchase for next Friday, Aug 31st when I get my quarterly bonus from work but now I’m thinking I should buy some today on the old AMEX Card. I don’t really want to wait till next week and find out I screwed myself. Or maybe 1/2 now and 1/2 then?? Fiat cost averaging?

  • Clembo

    We just crossed the $30.61 mark in spot price….hang on guys and fasten your sealtbelts, as it’s going to be a very instresting and exciting drive….Drive safely out there everybody….watch out for the out of control drivers that may cross your way….

    • Silver Shield

      The angle of this little surge is very vertical much more than it was 2 years ago.

      If we have a nice close above the 200dma and finish strong on Friday I think this could get very rowdy very soon.

      Like I said this one means huge up days and will bring a huge amount of distress in the financial and monetary facade.

      We should have a few days? weeks? Months? Ahead of the financial collapse where food and fuel are shut. Please take this time to get your food and final preps. If you still have any paper assets get them out now. This includes retirement and insurance policies as the benefits they might provide will be destroyed when the currency is destroyed.

      Get safe. Get physical. And sit tight.

  • johan

    Time to hunker down and get ready

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