No Longer Skeptical

Here is an email I got today and my response.  I hope it helps others.

Hey there Chris Duane.

I’m an avid viewer of your youtube channel and
watched your site emerge through articles. I originally heard about it
through the SGTReport, and you’ve done well ever since.

It was fun seeing you on Reddit and defending yourself against the
onslaught of Naysayers. To suffice it, I was one of them.

While I’ve been quite skeptical of your works since, I am no longer skeptical now.

You’re certainly a man of good intentions and of sharp mind.

I wish I had your sharpness sometimes. As of writing, I appear to have
entered in the depression phase of this awakening. I’ve been in the
bargaining phase for a long time, and did not have as big an anger
phase since I already came to terms with how things are (discovering
our state of affairs when I was only 17 at the time thanks to George
Carlin,) but here I am now.

It feels like I’m in the depression phase because of the overwhelming
negativity and pro-central-banker brainwashing I am surrounded by.
It’s funny how I got to speak with you directly via reddit, this is
arguably the biggest place contrary to all sound money advocates and
opponents of central banks. Even in the silverbugs community you were
met with fierce resistance. I’ve been stumped so many times in debates
trying to defend my stances on how terrible central banking is, along
with so many people in my immediate friends and family either being
against my stances or uninterested at all that it sunk me into a
proverbial rut.

Since the 2008 crisis began, the employment environment has been
unkind to me. My only real prospects of work were before 2008, when
the times were good. I can’t even get past the temp agencies, making
due with unskilled side gigs and stockpiling what little silver and
reserves I can for when the time comes. Many of my closest friends
have similar problems of not being able to find decent work. It could
be worse… I could have gone to college and taken a superfluous major
and have a five figure inescapable debt.

What’s making this depression phase so strong for me is my lack of
skills, lack of connections, and having nothing to my name save the
few dozen ounces of silver I have hidden away. These employment
prospects of mine are quite dismal. When competition is fierce for
entry level jobs and the only real openings are for unpaid
internships. I can’t hunt seriously in conventional work because I’m
so discouraged, yet also because I want freedom so bad, I have no
valuable skills I can use to contribute to the world. I wanted to
start a PAC nonprofit that would legalize precious metals in Canadian
provinces like they did in the states of Utah and South Carolina, but
I can’t even find four board members because of the negative sentiment
towards the idea. Or perhaps I’m not quite the company man…

Either way, it’s one thing to have silver, but one must be able to add
value to society for society to prosper. I can’t, and I feel shame and
poverty for it. If only I knew what I could do to add value to society
and not have to worry about gripping poverty or having something that
was more quid pro quo could I break out of this depression phase.
Kudos to finding your niche. I hope I can find mine soon enough.




No one was more skeptical and obnoxious as I was when I was in Denial.
I think that is why I am so patient with those that throw rocks at me, I was one of them.

I have found that as long as I keep speaking what is burning inside me, people do come around.
My major task is getting people to even question me.  That is the real battle.
Question one thing, questions everything.

I know full well what kind of crappy job market it was when I was unemployed for the first time in my life.
I went from millionaire car dealer to begging for a shitty car sales job in rural Ohio.

The one thing I learned in the hunt for a job was to stop hunting for a job.
I spent months pushing,researching, interviewing, job fairing and nothing but road blocks.
These were all in fields that I excelled in in my own life previously.

When you are so concerned about basic necessities at the bottom of Maslow’s Pyramid it makes it so difficult to get you head into higher thoughts.
It is so easy to get into the fear loop and get depressed.
I think it is vital to get out of the negative/toxic thoughts in your head.
Make sure you sleep, exercise, stop watching TV and crappy food.
Most importantly help someone else out.
Helping others is the best way to start spinning some positive karma.
Give your all with an abundance mentality and I think you will be amazed at what comes back.

For me it wasn’t until I said, “I give up I leave it up to you God” that within a few days through serendipity my wife met a girlfriend she had not seen in 15 years in a store.
They started talking and she said that her husband just started a company and needed help and asked if she could work for him.
My wife went on the interview and I ended up with the job after hearing about what I had done previously.
This was in internet marketing which I had NO CLUE  about but I used my logical skills to pick it up and eventually apply it to everything I do today.

The point is that unless we start to do things that resonate with us, provide real tangible value or trust a higher power, we usually miss the opportunities staring us in our face.
This was a huge leap for me personally, to trust a higher purpose and I am a better man because of it.

Stop pushing for what your desires want and start listening to what your inner voice wants.
You will end up doing things pretty amazing things and being rewarded for things that you love doing.
These will most likely be the careers of the future, they may not pay well now but in the next paradigm they will be awesome.

I hope that helps in some small way.

All of this I believe is a battle of consciousness.

Inside ourselves.
Inside our family.
Inside our communities.
Inside our corporations.
Inside our government.

We cannot change the world to become happy or free.
We must change ourselves for the world to become happy and free.

Here are two videos I did that were not very popular but I am very proud of them and I hope it helps when those toxic thoughts dig in.



6 comments to No Longer Skeptical

  • Brittany Yurkovitch

    I waver between the bargaining, depression, and acceptance phases on a regular basis. I teach government and Econ and am literally surrounded by pro central banker propaganda all the time. The summer has been great because I have been able to escape the negativity but it starts back up on Monday. I am entering the new year positive and knowing that some day everything will be different.

    I do agree that doing good things for others boomerangs back. The universe favors the good and that’s where our power lies. Despite the negativity of the world right now I can’t help but be excited for a paradigm shift.

  • martin vazquez

    It certainly helps me.

  • urban sling-bow

    Wise and inspirational words well written, well spoken, and well presented.


  • Marvin

    Ken, are you in Canada or in the U.S.?
    The new paradigm needs new thinking and new skills that many dont have. Food will become more expensive and will be produced in small lots/farms. Why dont you become proficient in this? There is much technology to learn and because you use tools to increase your output/income, this is in large part an intellectual activity. Whereever you are there are people who are willing to lend you land and tools and other things. In my town for example, the few people who are working the land for others are in high demand. And if you get into technology, there is aquaponics.

  • Mark

    Ken, when I was in your shoes I lived out of my cherokee for 6 months and called a parking lot my home. All I had was a bag of clothes and my tools, and lunch was a can of tuna and crackers. I then painted houses, helped install electrical and plumbing for real estate investors. Then I borrowed a trailer and bought a small mower, and mowed grass for money. After that I graduated to living in a one room office with a cot and small electric heater. At least there was a coffee maker! This was just before the real estate bubble, and I financed multiple rental properties on credit cards, and made out pretty well. Since I could look presentable now (there was a small communal shower near the office), I found work as a technician doing soldering and assembly, and eventually got a engineering job. The point is, don’t give up! I haven’t described even half of the trials and problems that I went through and have now. Keep with it like Chris said, things will come around. Do stuff that brings good karma, but don’t give up! Make sure to sleep well, get exercise, and eat healthy. Good luck!

  • Health Warrior

    When you spoke of the attempt to dominating our world I couldn’t help but think of big pharma and big agra and how their approach is always about dominance, control, violence and death. Instead of finding the cause (most often diet) and living in balance with nature, and accepting that microbes and insects are a necessary part of our world the current paradigm chooses to declare war against them. Without finding out why the person, plant or animal is so susceptible, a weak constitution, we kill the symptom of that weakness (the accumulation of germs, bugs, cancer cells etc.) . We never address the true cause.

    If man accepted bugs and microbes in his world instead of being afraid of them and figured out how to strengthen himself, his animals and plants instead, the balance of nature would be maintained and neither plant, animal or person would remain susceptible to their negative effects.

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