3rd Draft of The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield coin

I think we made really good progress and I think we are almost at a final draft and I am VERY excited about this coin.  There is nothing else out there like it and I think it will become an immediate collectors coin even though it will be at bullion pricing.  I wanted to get everyone’s last eyeball on it before I gave the go ahead and show the public.  I also feel the timing couldn’t be better as I expect a HUGE run up in silver starting very soon.


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As you know this is going to be a dualistic coin with one side representing the current debt and death paradigm.  It will be scarred up a bit and have a matte finish.  I had them put the Rothschild arrows in the back replaced the ribbon they have with a chain.  The only thing I am still hung up on is hat.  I might be to historically accurate but Nathan Rothschild, whom I believe is a the genesis of this current paradigm wore a top hat or should we just do hair, or just leave it alone?  Also should I write N.M. Rothschild on it or leave it alone?

This SBSS side will be minted and shiny showing the new paradigm.  We got rid of the 50 and replaced it with 1 oz. I think that was the right call.  He moved the “Collective Problem” to the same side. Is it ok as is? Or should it say “collective problems”?   “to collective problems”?

Other than that I am ready to buy a bunch of these babies.

I also have another idea for a more positive opposite consciousness coin, but let’s get this one done first.

56 comments to 3rd Draft of The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield coin

  • Jason Mcbride

    Ok Sheild I’m ready to put the freaking thing in my pocket it’s sweet.

    • Garrett Ferguson

      I would put the N.M. Rothschild. (so any one looking at it would recognize that its a rothschild) As for the hat put up a scetch of what it looks like with out the hat. The sbss side is perfect leave it alone.

  • David Richardson

    I don’t advise N.M. Rothschild as it might invite litigation [walk away from that temptation]

    Perhaps “Consciousness Solutions” “To Collective Problems”

    • Silver Shield

      I am digging the Conscious Solutions…

      That could make people think?

      This is about planting seeds.

      • Trafix

        How about “collectivist problem”

      • Adam Vogel

        Hm. Also good, but it sacrifices the potent contrast of individualism vs. collectivism.

        I also think that ‘individualist’ while a bit less nicely flowing than ‘individual’, is more technically accurate.

        My fave:
        A Collective Problem
        An Individualist Solution

  • Jason Mcbride

    Dont put roschild name on it @ all. Name makes me sick.

  • Wayne Miner

    I agree regarding leaving off any mention of Rothschild.
    Even though educational and awareness raising, the name has negative energy
    Why draw additional attention from the bad guys? They may take it personally

  • Nice coin, bud.

    I’d stick to the Rothschild symbols rather than write his actual name. If a person simply likes the coin they could research the symbol and learn at a ‘deeper’ level the true meaning of ‘debt and death’ and the Rothschild era.

    • Silver Shield

      I agree.

    • martin vazquez

      This reminds me of the fasces design on the mercury dime´s back. I had no clue of the object or its meaning, just some vague recollection from Roman Empire imagery, so I did some research and learned what the fasces meant for the Etruscans, later for the Romans and finally Mussolini (“fascism”). Then I saw it as part of the decoration of a courthouse (front, 5th floor, below human figure on roof)
      My point being the dime does not say fasces/etruscan/roman or anything, it is just there as a strong symbol that led me to the meaning. If the arrows and chain are undoubtedly Rothschild related, there´s no need for names.

    • Joshua Stewart

      great point!

  • Joshua Stewart

    I think the name would be cool but I wouldn’t want that family’s lawyers coming after us lol and yes a top hat would be better too, I think the current hat is a bit confusing. I do like “Consciousness Solutions” “To Collective Problems” or something to that nature. its sooo cool I cant wait to get this coin in my hand!! Great work!

    • Silver Shield

      I certainly don’t want lawyers coming, but boy that would provide a lot of publicity!

      “Richest family in the world sues (fiat) broke blogger.” :)

    • Silver Shield

      I think the Top Hat would be better too.

  • Barbara

    I think the Top Hat would be better …. will a change in his clothing be needed to better go with the top hat?

  • imAGine

    Collective problems should be on the debt and death side of the coin. Indivitual solution should be moved to the bottom where collective problem was. Then at the top 1 Troy Oz. (new paradigm side)

  • Moira

    I think the Top hat would be appropriate symbolism. I’m glad the 50 was changed to the 1oz. on the SBSS side. I can’t wait to get hold of these myself. FYI Silver is closing in on $30/ oz today….

  • Ant

    I like the clarity of putting the name N.M. Rothschild on the coin. Personally I like the idea of putting a crown on his head – king of death and cash.

  • David Richardson

    Of course the “Debt & Death” paradigm could just be a city ravaged after a once thriving industry was there in the past, or another country’s capital decimated by U.S. military intervention…just thoughts.

  • Mark Brown

    I definitely think keep the top hat, there were a few buzzards that wore ’em that supported the debt & death paradigm.

    Looking forward to dem coins Chris.

  • Ant

    I still dont like that the coin says in debt and death we trust. I dont trust it, i hate it. Unless you clarify the actor as the one saying it this does not deliver the correct message. You can easily interpret the meaing that ‘we’ the ssr group believe in debt and death. We dont. So please clarify it for those that dont know anything about our group. In my opinion this would be a tragic mistake! Am I just being stupid here?

    • intothevoid

      what about the possibility of changing the ‘we’ to ‘they’ to represent the TPTB, i would find that relevant, since the elite do rely on death and debt to fulfill their agenda.

      i think a change in pronouns would be able to provide a distinct separation from their paradigm and what we envision ours to be on the reverse of the coin.

      i agree with the idea of having a rothschild on it with a top hat.

      and i also like the ‘conscious solutions’ – ‘to collective problems’ tagline

      i think this coin should be able to tell a story, teach a little bit of history, and offer itself as a solution, and it definitely seems to be on its way of doing that.

  • Jos

    I would advise “In depth & death THEY trust” … if it is a coins of US, made for US, the SSG… it is OUR coin… it would be awful to read such a bad sentence in a coin were some much positive energy have been casted into… or maybe better “In depth & death WE DO NOT trust”

    • Jos

      Upss, sorry… “debt” I meant…

    • Ant

      Jos, I like your last quote, “In depth & death WE DO NOT trust.” As it stands, the statment is simply falling prey to cognitive dissonance. Why is this not clear as rainbows?

  • FiatFlatline

    I just stumbled onto this posting after being “away” for weeks, and see this fascinating proposal to have a coin of our own.

    My 2 cents: I am against copying ANY of the language from our current fiat coins, as it tends to give them undeserved stature and honor. I’d replace “In Debt and Death They Trust” How about “Reject the Debt and Death Paradigm” or similar sentiment.

    For both the reverse and the obverse (front) I’d suggest using a less “hokey” type font for the main wording. I feel it would bring greater respectability and stature to have a more professional, “block” letter font for those words, and that would also make those words easier to read.

    I have not look at prior draft, so if this repeats earlier (and rejected) suggestions, I apologize.

    By the way, what are those things coming out from behind the shield in the center of the obverse… missiles? Cigars?
    If I am confused about them, then I feel a lot of new users will also be.

    Just a thought.



  • GoldSaver

    My gram of silver….. return the “collective problem to the reverse. It is supposed to explain that the obverse is an individual solution and the reverse is the collective problem. I also agree with going with the top hat vs the three cornered hat. The obverse lettering should be beautiful, not grotesque as on the reverse. The number 1 on the obverse is odd looking, can he make it a block letter one? Perhaps Cambria or Cailbri font? The reverse font could be a Baskerville Old Face to give it a bit of “old European” feel.

    This is a great looking coin. Much more attractive than an ASE.

  • Rewster

    I agree with the change to a top hat…the tricorn hat is often seen as a symbol of an American patriot. Also, I kinda recall seeing photos of J.P. Morgan, one of the founders of the Federal Reserve, wearing a top hat.

    The overall look of the coin is outstanding.

  • Eric Hartmann

    I like the Rothchild angle to it and the meaning of the arrows and chain. I don’t think it’s a good idea to name the family outright, but the top hat is good! Maybe we can add the Red Shield to the vest of the skull man, but I don’t know if that would be going too far at calling the Rothchilds out?

    I will order a tube of 25 of these and give a bunch out for Christmas :)


    • Trafix

      Or you could just have a shield that says “red shield” on it – lawyers couldn’t touch that.

      The hat – I like the fact it looks like a pirate because that is what these guys are, but it looks too big and undefined. Maybe smaller with a little more detail?

      Really nice though! I’m up for 25 of these too.

  • Big Country

    im in now, this is becoming a sweet coin!

  • Mary

    Somethings going on tonight in the silver market….http://www.forexpros.com/commodities/silver-advanced-chart.

  • Wayne Miner

    Instead of naming Rothschild, how about refering to him as “He who must not be named”??

  • Adam Vogel

    It’s looking great. I like the jagged, piratey font on the Debt and Death side, but agree with others that the proof side could stand to have a more regal one (perhaps without entirely abandoning the rock ‘n’ roll feel).

    The text on the proof side is looking a bit cramped. Is “Listen to All – Follow None” the ideal phrase for what the coin symbolizes? Not sure whether you’d want to go the Latin angle, but there are some gems at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Latin_phrases_%28full%29
    Some of the more sinister/imperialist ones could be fitting on the Hamilton side–a nod to two empires that lost their way.

    Lastly–and this is total nitpicking–the formation of the bullets could use a tiny bit of reworking to achieve a little more balance/geometry. They mimic well the iterations of feathers on a bird’s wings until the top corners.

    Aside from any of these suggestions, though–I want one!

  • vincent formoso

    the back is PERFECT!!!! I like the top hat. and different clothes maybe. no names. the symbol with chains is genius. Love the 1oz on the back. can I order some right fucking now cause silver will be 50+ by the time they are done. lol

  • vincent formoso

    what about the outside of the rim of the coin? is it going to be ridged like eagles? or would you write something on it like a libertad? you could be very creative here.

  • Irrelevant

    On the new paradigm side it looks there’s bullets or missiles coming out on the side. If the opposite of a death and debt paradigm is life & liberty maybe lose any reference to death. If you put a tree behind the shield it would symbolize: a return to respecting nature and the branches would bind all those to the strong trunk of liberty.

    • Silver Shield

      Watch the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield represents in the video series or article. It is a figurative non violent way to “attack” the current paradigm by withdrawing their bullets/dollars out of the banking system. And using those dollars to shield yourself with real wealth of staking silver.

  • Jos

    It is a pity there is no more place to place somthing like FREEDOM or HONEST MONEY… or just HONESTY or simply HONEST… these are 2 virtues the world baldy needs in bigger quantities…

  • Jos

    And what about changing DEBT for FIAT MONEY or PAPER MONEY? Getting in debt is not wrong per se… if the contract is run honestly for both parties with honest contidions… thatt is fine. But when a debt contract is signed in a fiat or paper money system, this casino, it is easy to poison and distort by the strong party. In fact, sure Lakota bank has clients in debt with them, and that should work fine as long as the conditions are HONEST…

  • Jos

    And my opinion about the type of letter: this coin is already quite yin-yang… so lets do the same with the letters: as Fiatflatline says, a more clear letter block but ONLY for the front side front site and leave a more unconfortable-to-read letter font for the reverse…

  • Nemanja Kostic

    I would personally like ”Skeletor Rotschild” to be facing the same way as in the painting below and be dressed exactly the same way (my asociation on the way he is dressed now is way to possitive for that bastard!).

    Or that he is a shadowly figure in the backround, with those five frakkin’ arrows on top of him and text centered.

    Also, I don’t like the way 2012 looks like… It would estheticaly look better for me if 2012 was under the shield – than it would say ”2012 collective problem(s)”.

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Would it be able for me to buy them somehow (I’m from Serbia)?

  • David Richardson


    Many good ideas submitted; and I think it worth taking the time and multiple revisions to get it just the way you and your partner[s] in this venture want it–slogans, artwork, and typefaces. But buy the blanks or planchets, or secure contracts for them as soon as possible. Silver may go up further or there may be an orchestrated smackdown. I’m betting a mix of the two with an upward trend this fall. Securing the price for the silver ASAP will make this worth it for you and the buyers. The selling price should be able to compete with generic rounds coming from the best-price online metals dealers. Also fair postage rates and low minimum orders helps those who only have a little bit at a time to invest.

  • Wayne Jennings

    Good Morning All:

    I would like to see the portrait of Rothschild instead of the skeleton, except more moth-eaten and somewhat decaying (representing the death central banks have caused, and the decay our current society is suffering). I would still like him to be recognizeable.

    Best regards,

  • Derrick

    I love all the ideas here. The coin looks great Chris and regardless of what the final product looks like I plan on buying. I can already tell they will hold a special place in my heart.

    I always thought that the Einstein quote perfectly represented what this group was all about. “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

    But hey that’s just my two cents/

  • Will Lehr

    She’s a beauty! I just showed ’em to the boss. When available we’ll take a big stack over here at Great Southern Coins! BTW- Any of my SBSS friends are eligible for my friends and fam discount, and we ship free. Call us and ask for Silver Willy. Peace ya’ll!

  • Will Lehr

    Would be cool to get some in 1/2 or 1/4 sizes too as gifts for family and friends that we are still trying to awaken.

  • Steve Duby

    Didn’t read through all the comments so if this was stated already disregard…but I would invert the individual-collective statements, with the “solution” on the bottom. Maybe it’s just me, but I think most people read what’s on a coin (as they would most everything else) from top to bottom. As such the “problem” should precede the “solution”. I can see some value to having the INDIVIDUAL on top (superior to collectivism), but the last word in the phrases is really what should control its placement.

    The other possibility would be to say “Collective Problem?” as if asking a question, where individualism, the answer, is on the bottom. The back is priceless…but I think he should have a top hat; more indicative of a corrupt bankster.

  • Andrew Hitchcock

    Are you able to show the “hidden hand” in the coat? This also reveals to people the hidden control that is now being destroyed.

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