Gold Standard Myths

In this podcast:

(1) I discuss the Gold Standard myths spewed by the MSM

(2) I also discuss the misconception of deflation

2 comments to Gold Standard Myths

  • Gareth

    Any monetary ‘standard’ is designed by the powers-that-be to ensnare the rest of society and turn them into slaves of some description.

    The ‘gold standard’ of Europe was devised and implemented by the Rothschilds. The plan was simple: loan gold to the governments and make the governments return the gold via taxation of the masses.

    I’ve state before many time on this site: Gold is NOT honest!!! Gold is an element without a morality compass……honestly. Usury can be practised on gold, silver, or fiat.

    Debt-free de-centralised currencies, i.e. no ‘standard’ should be discussed amongst the people.


  • James Tetreault

    My initial reaction is that the only worthwhile gold standard is the one where there’s full convertibility of the currency. Anyone should be able to convert some amount above a pretty modest minimum, say $2,000 into gold at reasonably numerous, accessible government offices. The sort of “gold standard” like we had after Bretton Woods up till 1971 was barely one at all. The only entities who could enforce some discipline upon the U.S. government by converting currency were foreigners! That was ridiculous. And good for Charles DeGaulle for doing so. But real discipline is created when every guy on the street has the possibility of exchanging his currency for gold if he so wishes.

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