Gerald Celente–How Much Lower Can America Sink-And What You Need To Do Part 1– 22.Aug.12 presents

Gerald Celente, world known, well respected trend forecaster made his debut on FSN. World War Three could break out at any moment, but even if it doesn’t you still need to prepare. Get into shape, buy healthy foods, stop buying at chain stores and support the shopkeepers of America. Start detaching from the false economy and the false political system, while you still have time. Gerald may not be perfect when it comes to exact timing, although he predicted the Crash of 1987 with amazing precision, but he knows that the Country has been lead down a dead end road and that the only way to come back from this awful fate is to to become aware and to prepare. Gerald’s knowledge of history and his amazing ability to apply its lessons to today’s world is extremely worthy of your consideration. Gerald will be coming back to FSN again and again, as we’re both fellow New Yorkers. And as Gerald says, now is not the time to be running away, stay and fight for what you believe in. Taking up arms isn’t the way to go, refusing to be controlled and living your own life are what’s important.

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  • Josef Hannum


    The economy = the corporate global economy.

    Industrialization = corporate usurpation of production and destruction of the independent craftsman.

    Economic development = replacement of small businesses and self-sufficient local economies with the corporate system.

    Economic freedom = working for the corporations and buying from the corporations.

    Growth = increased corporate profits.

    Job creation = 1. (Global South) sweatshops, plantations, child labor. 2. (Global North) paper-shufflers.

    Mobility of capital and ideas = rootlessness, unaccountability.

    Competitive production costs = revocation of centuries-old protective tariffs (trade barriers), enabling production to be moved off shore.

    Global labor market = elimination of environmental, worker safety, minimum wage, & child labor laws.

    Free trade = massive oil-burning transportation system that centralizes economic power in the corporations.

    Privatization = corporate appropriation of public lands and resources.

    The poor = people who live sustainably in true communities and diverse cultures, crafting their own homes, clothing, and utensils, and growing their own organic food, thus requiring little or no cash income. These millions are termed “poor” because industrial capitalism places no value on communities, culture, and the goods and services people provide for themselves. Their good ancestral lands are taken, and they are herded into barren “reservations.”

    Globalization = destruction of all cultures.

    Stabilization = subjugation.

    Shift to export economy = corporate agribusiness theft of peasants’ land forcing migration into big city slums, sweatshops, and massive corporate mono-crop plantations.

    Business-friendly environment = corporate puppet regime installed by U.S. military, CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc., and controlled by detailed and conditional World Bank loans.

    European Union = elimination of local democracy and homogenization of Europe’s diverse cultures.

    Costs outsourcing = subsidies, bailouts, and tax breaks given to corporations in exchange for campaign contributions and cash payments.

    Media = propaganda machine owned by corporations and funded by corporate advertising.

    Industry consultant = corporate lobbyist.

    Market creation = advertising and selling increasingly complex, costly, and unnecessary consumer products.

    Automobile = an expensive, dangerous, stressful, and environmentally destructive personal isolation chamber which disrupts, disperses, and destroys compact pedestrian communities.

    Infrastructure = subsidized freeway sprawl forcing reliance on the automobile.

    Television = an addictive corporate advertising and “news” propaganda device, which wastes time formerly used for family, friends, community, and the reading of books.

    Peace-keeping forces = occupying army.

    Insurgent = local citizen resisting occupation.

    Military-industrial complex = $Trillions in obscene upper-class profits made from thousands of senseless middle & lower-class deaths.

    Private security contractors = Mercenaries who replace soldiers in occupied countries, facilitating the image of US departure.

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