Silver Shield Report #42- Enemy of the State Part 1

Editor’s Note: Part 1 of my interview with Ken O’Keefe is up.

“Violence … is the last refuge of the incompetent.” -Isaac Asimov

This week has been hyper-busy and I actually have too much stuff to put into this weeks Silver Shield Report.  The Brandon Raub case is a perfect set up of one of the most powerful interviews of a real enemy of the state and champion for human liberty and dignity, Ken O’Keefe of  For those of you that don’t know Ken, like Brandon and I, he was a former Marine, but he actually woke up to this criminal Elite before 9/11.   He actually revoked his American citizenship in 2000 and immediately called 9/11 out as a False Flag Event the day it happened.   He has been an outspoken champion of freedom through bold actions, education and awareness.

In 2003, he drove a double-decker bus from England into Baghdad to act as a human shield against civilian targets.  He also was on the Palestinian relief flotilla that was raided by Israeli Commandos and personally disarmed two of them and held them captive until the situation was resolved.  Despite all of Ken’s years of active resistance to state injustice he has recently changed is tactics to one he feels will produce more change with less danger to him and his Palestinian wife and two children.

Ken recently came across my Silver Bullet and Silver Shield series and saw the “genius” in this opposite consciousness resistance.  He saw that this not only deleveraged their fiat paradigm, it deleveraged the physical metal in their ponzi scheme, it was non violent, decentralized and worked outside the system.  No longer did he have to jump in front of armed psychopaths, he could now promote the opposite consciousness.

Ken has recently joined the Silver Shield Group and I just had to have a interview with him. This interview was one that I found so engrossing and so full of deep thoughts, I am going to have to break it up.  I am very happy to have another stellar and unique member in our group, as I believe that we are building a historically significant group, that I hope will be a blessing on to a lost humanity.

In addition to the first part of my exclusive interview with Ken O’Keefe, I have compiled all of the work on Brandon’s case into one video for the record.  I am glad that Brandon was released and was not injured.  The key to this is that he did not resist or freak out to their provocations and Brandon’s mother spoke out immediately to the alternative media to raise awareness.  I feel she might have saved his life with her action.  From the beginning I have stated that his is a battle of human consciousness and that those that promote violence or even active resistance are fighting a losing battle at best or Federal Agents looking for a patsy.  I hope my work and Ken’s interview that I recorded earlier this month, helps people see this clearly.

I also have posted a new one hour interview in the Report that I did with a trusted friend, as I did a personal reality check on the Brandon Raub case.

Here is my interview with Kerry Lutz on the Brandon Raub case and where silver is going.

Also I have another “Final” version of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield coin.  I hope to have a final, final copy Monday with one last detail on it.  Once everyone is good, we will be pre-selling it to Silver Shield Group members at wholesale prices and I believe very low spot prices as we are on the verge of a major breakout.

I actually have much more stuff, but I don’t want to drown you with info anymore that I did today.

Here is a video of Ken O’Keefe on BBC’s Hard Talk Live on his ordeal with the  Israeli attack that left 9 people dead.

Here is a interview about Israel calling Ken O’Keefe a “terrorist”

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I will be uploading all of this information throughout the day… patience.

Here is my interview with Jack Blood where I did a whole hour on all sorts of different aspects of the Brandon Raub case.

Download link

I will be posting all of the YouTube videos I did on Brandon Raub here when they are rendered.

I have taken them down from YouTube for a couple of reasons.
1. Brandon is released and safe.
2. My YouTube Channel was hit with two strikes against it almost shutting down my channel with over 4 million views and 17,500 subscribers. The first claim was that under bullying and inappropriate material. When I saw that I immediately took all other of my videos down because I knew what was coming next. I then got an message supposedly from the girl that took Brandon’s arrest video saying that she was aware that I had posted her video to help spread the word, but that she received notice that a copyright claim was issued against my video and that she has no idea who filed it. Thankfully the video was already private so that did not hit. I challenged the YT bullying claim and said that people are very upset with FaceBook over this situation and I hope that YouTube does not go down that same path of police state. Within a half an hour I received a message that the video reviewed and was seen to be acceptable according to community guidelines and that the strike was removed and put into good standing.
3. I cannot deal with any more internet tough guys. I have gotten everything from threats, being called a pussy, to claiming that I denigrated Brandon and called him insane. This is just a small taste of why I am going dark when the Anger Phase happens. These are supposedly awakened or aware people and they just don’t get it.
4. It is a distraction from the message of the channel with The Greatest Truth Never Told and the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield. If the Brandon case had not distracted me I would have had the first few videos of the remastered Sons of Liberty Academy up on the channel. So I hope by Wednesday I can start releasing the entire series a video a day until the huge project is complete. This is my life’s work and it is a huge undertaking. What I find amazing is that despite most of it being created in 2008-2010 it is surprisingly accurate and relevant.  Stay tuned for My 5 Stages of the Awakening and the release of the Sons of Liberty Academy.

Here is Part 1 of my interview with Ken O’Keefe. I will post the rest next week as I have run out of patience with this file for today. :)
Download link

Here is the “Final” draft of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield Coin.  I should have a a go ahead on the coin and a link for SSG member’s to lock in at wholesale prices that we will be selling to larger retailers like Apmex, Gainsville and Provident metals.

17 comments to Silver Shield Report #42- Enemy of the State Part 1

  • David Thomas

    Great message Great Rendering !
    May I post your images on FB Silver bug Group?

    • Silver Shield

      Not yet, if you don’t mind, as I would like to keep this under wraps until we are ready to make it.

  • Big Country

    When was this recorded?

  • Mustafa Cohen

    First Ken O’Keefe video, 1:24:
    “Do you think [it] was worth 9 lives? – Absolutely.”

    Please correct me:

    1. This man has enough spare time and other resources to join a futile, suicidal foray into Minding Someone Else’s Business. (No one can be set free – they must free themselves.)

    2. He is invited to talk about it on one of the foremost beacons of the Status Quo. (Assange much?)

    3. He gleefully rides 9 dead men’s coattails into self-serving publicity.

    Which part makes him a person to admire and not one of the psychopaths whose world it already is?

    • Silver Shield

      That is a very cold look, but let’s play this out…

      1. He is very sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinian People, his with and Children are all Palestinians, so that makes it his business a bit.

      2. HardTalk did everything they could to make him look bad and was not a puff piece by any means. I think he handled himself quite well.

      3. I don’t think gleefully is the right world only the absurdity of the reality we live in that is near asking a rape victim if the sex was good.

      4. I hardly think a man that disarms commandos and stands up for those that can’t or won’t are hallmarks of a psychopath.

      5. Listen to my interview with him and he has changed his tune with violent confrontation and is a big supporter of the non violent, non compliance of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield. He is embracing the opposite consciousness and see that in order to free people you must walk your path in peace for others to have the courage to free themselves.

  • Rex Bowe

    I got info that medical personnel stationed in Germany were being moved to southern Italy for an action coming in “Nothern Africa”.

  • Joseph

    Hey Chris,
    Love the detailing on the coin. Looking forward to “gettin’ some!”

  • Rex Bowe

    I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s take on the brother hood with respect to this author’s work:

  • Marijan

    I suppose that palestinian flotilla was turkish convoy. I wonder why is Turkey so compassionate for palestinians and not for kurdish people in Turkey who want free kurdistan? My guess is classical antisemitisam.

    • Silver Shield

      Hmmm humanitarian relief for Palestinians under what President Carter called Apartheid and economic warfare against the poorest people on earth… Anti semetism?

      How would you define Rachael Corrie then?

      • Marijan

        I do not need to define her. I do not justify every action by Israel.
        I just wonder where are media in kurdistan, sudan,… where problems and wictims are much larger. Media will find every detail and magnify it to present Israel like some bad guy and palestinians like innocent victims. There will be no solution as long as arabs think that israel have no right to exist and that jerusalem is not israel’s capital. When you have two sides which can not find solution between themselves conflict is going to be continious. Only thing which will change is intensity of conflict. Sometimes will be stronger and sometimes weaker.

  • Justin DeArmond

    In you interview with Ken you mentioned the ambassador in the mid east that suckered Saddam the first times name was April Glaspie, not April O’Neil, thats the news reporter from the ninja turtles comics/movies/cartoon!! I had a good laugh on that one.

  • Joshua Stewart

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” They are trying to pick fights with you now Chris! stay strong your about to win!

    “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”

    I know you know this Chris but I figure it was worth saying cause I was going through this SS report but when I got to the threats, bullying and B.S with youtube strikes it really pissed me off! I watched your overall review of the Brandon case with two other friends & we all thought it was a brilliant introspective view of what is going on all over in many of us warriors fighting the greatest battle of our lives right now, and its not with the Illuminati NWO Republicans DEM. or even psychopaths, Its one of personal consciousness the battle going on in our hearts and minds. And you my friend have hit the nail on the head! Thank you for taking the B.S on behalf of all the people I know you have helped to help them self wake up. Thank You!

    I am so happy Brandon is out, it would be awesome if he was willing to do a SS report. Also The coin really turned out great looking forward to pre-orders.

  • Matt

    I’m just getting around to watching these and it says your interview with kerry lutz is a private video and I cant view them.

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