We Are Change – Jacob Rothschild Confronted

J. Rothschild’s response is priceless.

6 comments to We Are Change – Jacob Rothschild Confronted

  • Fiat Facade

    This is great! These guys have brass balls. I cannot believe that Rothschild actually answered some questions and didn’t have security pushing these guys away.

  • Yeah, Rothschild was a rather good sport about it, actually. This was great – these guys do indeed have brass balls.

  • Howard

    Y does that rothchilds dude sound so weird ? He almost sounds like a male version of the queen… U should have broken he’s glass jaw , u tube would have crashed with all the hits that vid woulda gotten lol

  • Jeddes

    What was so great about the interview? Rothschild answered nothing. Why waste your time trying to interview Rothschild? He will never answer any questions.

    • intothevoid

      my opinion of the clip, is that i don’t necessarily think it was about getting answers in as much as it was trying to make a figurative stand.

      it is the silent hesitation and the sh*t eatin’ grin rothschild has, that speaks for itself after luke confronts him with the statements: ‘we as a people are not afraid’ and ‘we are waking up to the robber barons and the big banksters who are looting this economy with the federal reserve.’

      it is fear that they use to control the masses with; remove the fear and you will remove the control. that’s what makes the clip good, the fact that he confronted and spit the truth in the face of one of the highest members of the elite. not many would have the balls to do that.

      the elite know they are losing the war on information. the loss of fear and dependency by the masses through knowledge, non-compliance, and non-violent means, is the loss of control and power to their system.

      the sooner we wake up to their false paradigm, the faster we can walk away from their debt and death.

  • Peter

    When was this taken? Obviously he was in New York City. The NYPD Tow truck drove by him. What crime syndicate meeting was he attending here that day? He was so close with no protection. I would have smashed his glass jaw and knocked out his fake choppers and ran away. That would have been priceless.

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