Silver Raid Coming?

I discuss whether we will have another silver raid since Bernanke will be talking at Jackson Hole.

What are your thoughts?

4 comments to Silver Raid Coming?

  • rex

    A disappointment seems kind of baked in already. Everyone is really waiting on the FOMC Sept 12 meeting.

  • Cytronus

    I don’t believe silver will see a smack down. It may move slightly and negligibly downward due to news of the day, Euro crisis developments, forex moves, etc., but I don’t believe the manipulation which occured in the past exists at any where near the level it did 6 months to a year ago – meaning there will not likely be a massive drop in the price. My bet is that any smack down attempt will likely not drop the price bellow $29.80 – $30 level.

    The manipulators’ short positions can’t last much longer and we’re already starting to see these effects now. Moreover there has been a very healthy consolidation of physical silver by investors, thus drying up the physical supply. At a point where industry and investors are unable to obtain the physical they want due to shortages, the manipulators’ game of throwing of paper at the market to keep the price surpressed will no longer work and we’ll see a dramatic split of the paper silver versus physical (i.e.: SLV will remain flat or move down, while physical prices move up).

  • Jon

    The problem as I see it is people don’t realize the money is already in the banks, all Bernanke has to do is take away the interest paid on keeping the money in the bank’s this will force them to release the money they already have. My guess is the press will not talk about this or at least the public will understand it and of course JPMorgan will push down silver and gold.

  • Jon

    September 12 is the day!
    Will the euro start to unravel, the whole system collapse? 2008 all over again.

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