Stop the Revolution and Start the Evolution

Today there are so many stories about how Ron Paul, his delegates and his message are being mistreated at the Republican National Committee. 

I am sorry, but I have no sympathy for him, his delegates or his message.

When you are involved in a long term abusive relationship, at some point the the focus goes from the abuser, to the victims for staying in the relationship so long.

“The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”Steven Biko

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  • Mark

    How’s it go Chris? ‘Listen to all, follow none, walk your own path as best you can’, pretty much sums it all up. It appears all of the so called ‘solutions’ on offer merely give more oxygen to an already blazing inferno. Yep, let’s walk the hell away (no more oxygen).

    • Silver Shield

      Strave the system of you energy and they will be no more.
      Or another way to look at it…
      The system is mathematically coming down with too much debt, complexity and hipocracy. Get out now while you still can.

    • Silver Shield

      Yes but did he go as far as to tell people to walk away from the system because it is going to blow up and the only way out is to stop supporting the paradigm and empower ourselves to become independent of the system? No. Third party, third waste of time, energy and resources inside the paradigm.

      We must have the opposite consciousness.

  • Joshua Stewart

    I wish Ron Paul could see this video, I think he is coming around to what your saying he denounced his GOP affiliation today, and after you and Rob met with him I think he ended up reading what you wrote cause he posted about a week later about open currency on his site. I think you make a good point in this he is just one man fighting his fight and he does a lot of great things in that fight, but it comes down to the individual at the end of the day and no one is coming to save you! Keep up the great work Chris it was awesome to see a video I have missed them!!!

  • Silver42

    Great video. You are definitely spot on about a false hope keeping people in the paradigm. That false hope will now transfer to Gary Johnson. This video fits the post I made yesterday regarding Campaign for Liberty asking for donations to Audit the Fed. I am sure that Campaign for Liberty knows that donations are pointless, but they have to keep their site running.

    • Silver Shield

      Yes I am sure we are going to see a slew of new emails asking for donations to fund the fight. (stay in the paradigm sheep. )

  • Anotherguy

    Gonna have to disagree here a bit Chris. I don’t believe that anyone suggested sympathy for the Paul message etc. It does sound a bit like sour grapes from your trip to DC though. I am sorry that the ‘establishment’ is bent on fulfilling their committment to their dreadful plan. However, man MUST have hope. Certainly not in oneself since that is delusional, but in a greater source. While I certainly want to thank you for your ambitions and massive amounts of work attempting to ‘wake’ people, it has to be difficult for Paul to step down after a lifetime of being blatantly attacked. We can have empathy for the situation and perhaps for each other. Next step? There will be a one world government, there will be major war, there will be a lot of people killed, and there will be collapse. My hope is certainly not based on this small span of time. I will continue to do what I can to protect my family, even if they don’t believe me, help others and perhaps extend our existance longer to have greater impact. Do I expect to see the end of this mess? Not really. I’m visiting my grandson this holiday knowing that it may be one of the last times I see him, or next month might, or next month might, but I still have ‘hope’ that I will see him. The process of living is not easy, be aware yes, prepared, as much as you can, in the end a man takes his own path and hopefully along the way there is a bit of peace. I pray for all of us in the hellish days ahead.

    • Izzy Serius

      Anotherguy, you mirror my thoughts precisely.

      I will speak freely here. Chris Duane’s ego is out of control. I don’t “blame” him, it’s human nature. This is the problem with “leaders” who do this for ANY reason that is selfish.

      You must have other work, other sources of income, THEN become a freedom fighter. Anything else is a compromise. And no, this paradigm can’t go on. You worry about shortages of silver and gold, I worry about shortages of oil and gas. THINK

    • Silver Shield

      Oh I have lots of hope.
      That people who are awake are going to live life consciously different from now on.
      And those that are in denial will be snapped out of it permanently very soon.

      The future is massive decentralization of power as the one world government we now have, breaks from the debt, corruption, complexity and hipocracy.

  • Wahr Heit

    Important message. I flinched a few times but people need to see this.

    • Silver Shield

      The easiest thing for me to do is blow smoke to the Revolution bit we need to mature and grow.

  • RealityChick

    Did the “DC Debrief” recording ever get cleared of the echoing issue or was a transcript made? I still don’t know what was said in your meeting with Ron Paul which was included in that debriefing. Can a transcript be provided to the members? You do such great work, it’s shame when technology gets in the way…. Many thanks!

  • David Richardson

    This is a Bloomberg TV interview with Ron Paul asking him about the RNC, Romney’s nomination, and what he thinks about Romney. He clearly states he sees no real economic improvement happening with Romney as president, no better future, and restates the fed is one of the roots of the problem; something Romney will do nothing about. We have a debt problem, and we have a death problem [war machine rhetoric]. Give him credit for being the only person in the House or Senate for pointing these things out. He is getting elderly; maybe he is tired of being derided for pointing out some of these things, maybe he is just ready to retire in peace and enjoy his grandchildren.

    I still have respect for the man; let’s let him retire in peace.

    • Silver Shield

      He has certainly earned the right to retire from the battle and go on to a very lucrative speaking tour, but the battle rages on and we need a winning strategy this time. Not an Anger or Bargaining Strategy.

  • Gary

    Chris, beautifully done. The most powerful word is “ignore”. Yes. Yes. Yes. We no longer want to end the Fed or audit the Fed, only to IGNORE the Fed as the they are no longer relevant, as Rob spoke to. Amazing the difference one feels between the words “end” which keeps us locked into this position of slavery to these tyrants and “ignore” which means we walk away. The same is the case for politics. Let’s be clear: POLITICS IS NO LONGER RELEVANT TO HUMANITY. I REPEAT: POLITICS IS NO LONGER RELEVANT TO HUMANITY. We no longer need leaders, tyrants and dictators, as that is also from the the same consciousness. My biggest fear was that Ron Paul someone would win the nomination and then we would would drag out this miserable relationship (between we the people and these no longer relevant “leaders”), no different than a battered wife hearing “one more promise” from her 5th abusive husband, him telling her “I’m different, really I am”. This centuries long paradigm is over, and it will be a beautiful thing once it is gone from our world for good.

    And ps, I too have no sympathy for Ron Paul – it’s no excuse to be in power for decades and “push a little harder” for change, while still be cognizant of the corruption and tyranny right beneath his nose. He’s no dummy – he knows what’s going on and chose to stand by and back off when necessary. He was compliant with the oligarchs no different than anyone else in Congress, and don’t get me started with his coward, two-faced son Rand. . ..

  • Veracity

    Getting out of the insidious Fiat Money system is the most pressing issue; it will deny the Kleptocrats ready victims to fleece and undermines their power accordingly.
    This pernicious system enables TPTB not only to manipulate, control, and to enslave the populace in debt servitude, it is a perfect means to fleece the productive citizens of Billions of Dollars on a daily basis through rigged markets, with government blessing and connivance, which in turn buys them the politicians and power they wield now.
    (JPM alone boasts of ‘perfect quarters’, looting the markets in excess of $100M every single day through their “trading desk”, of course this is only possible in a totally rigged, fiat money system)

    Don’t blame the application and manipulation of the Gold Standard for any apparent failings; a properly implemented and calibrated GS, totally free of interference and manipulations is what is needed to free us from the Banksters grip on our lives.
    Almost the entire financial sector, as it exists at present, is a completely superfluous leeching maggot wrapped around humanity, and is only founded on the puerile, criminal machinations of the Fiat Money system.
    With every market entirely rigged by the WS/DC Kleptocracy justified by some delusional legitimacy of a 1934 act, there is nowhere to hide except the precious metals. (How can it be legitimate for the US to unilaterally rig world markets which affect every human being on this planet?)

    You can still have competing currencies, but the first step is to completely dismantle the entire financial fiat money edifice and start anew with a clean slate and a 100% Gold backed currency, which is outside any banking, or government control. This can be done in a real democracy, with the right to referenda and citizens initiatives as practiced in say Switzerland.
    But that requires complete change; talking revolution! The time has come for real action.

    • Silver Shield

      Gold backed currency that is out of the hands of the government, you must be kidding, right?

      The only thing worse than this unlimited debt based paradigm is a gold standard.

      Research the Long Depression after the Crime of 1873.

  • Vincent

    Holy shit great video, you are so smart that it pisses me off that I can’t figure this shit out on my own. Great work

    • Silver Shield

      Please don’t tell me that, Izzy might say my ego is out of control….

      At the end of the day I am just planting seeds and whistling along.

  • Duck Tale

    Weather you use gold, diamonds, silver or peanuts as the standard for money it is a double think and most likely behind it lies the one computation which is the backbone of the problem.
    The backbone of the problem is “the lecherous acquisition of lecherous money”.
    Anyone who applies empirical logic will always come up with the obvious. Money can only be tied to honest production. If production increases, the money supply increases. As simple as that.
    You know this Scottish saying “a stiff …… has no consciousness”, well the thought of money does the same to man. Especially the Americman. Well at least some of them.
    In today’s computerized world, this system could easily be governed.

  • Steve Duby

    The only reason I have kept facebook for the past 6 months, is because I had been involved in the Alaska Republican Party as a state delegate supporting Ron Paul. I had gathered a decent network of folks, some of whom would be very receptive to the opposite consciousness….but far too many who fall into this abusive relationship mentality, convincing themselves, after rampant corruption at the state party level, and even now after the RNC, that they can still work within the system to make a change. I posted this video onto those facebook groups started by the RP-Liberty movement in Alaska….and I will leave it to those individual members to find their own path. With my reasons to remain on that social predator networking site now in the past, I can finally sever the connection.

    Chris…I want to thank you for reporting on your DC meeting with the congressman from Texas last month. After listening to that Silver Shield Report a couple weeks ago, even with the annoying reverberation (has that been fixed on that audio file?), I was finally jarred loose from my depression phase and rose to acceptance. You are deeply correct when you explain how this man has only served to keep people within the system…but from my own perspective, I think this may have to do with the fact that Dr. Paul loves this country, it’s founding principles, and the culture of liberty it was MEANT to create. Old habit die hard, especially in old men, and in his own mind he must know that, by advocating for people to exit the paradigm, he would be calling for an end to the United States of America as it currently operates…but as we all know, this is not only necessary, but inevitable through one scenario or another.

    As far as I’m concerned…this site right here…chock full of deep thinkers who resonate with me…is my social network. I look forward to the work we will accomplish together.

    Keep on having fun.

  • Veracity

    TPTB are determined to censure and control the internet; this is the one immediate media which is free and has the power to organize and get the truth out. The truth obviously is what is feared, and anyone with nothing to hide has nothing to fear from the truth seeing the light of day.
    That’s the driving force behind the contemptible witch hunt against Assange and the calls for his assassination by the highest ranking politicos.
    Now, how interesting that my post below is not being published by TPTB on this precious little website! Go figure!

    The panic of 1873 had very little to nothing to do with the gold standard or the demonetization of silver, but everything with the economic turmoil that engulfed the world at that time.
    There was the civil war which left the economy in the south in tatters. The coinage act of 1873 was a minor contributing factor but not the cause by any stretch. The real malaise and final trigger emanated from Europe with a collapse in the building boom caused in part by cheap imports from the US which undermined the economic growth assumptions on which the euphoric credit expansion was built by the property boom. This led to a severe tightening of credit and interbank lending which skyrocketed and infected also American financial institutions. This in turn led to the collapse in railway companies and the final straw was when railway tycoon Jay Cooke defaulted on his debt causing the stock market to crash. There was too much debt in the system and hundreds of banks collapsed. The resumption of specie payments in 1879, which was the return of a gold standard improved matters considerably and brought stability to the financial system and the economy.

    The Gold Standard has been systematically maligned by the powers which have a vested interest in maintaining the current fiat money system which allows them to loot, pilfer and profiteer from the productive citizens.
    Events such as the period of the late 1800s, or the return to a form of gold standard after WWI, where the wrong peg was chosen against better judgement and advice, namely the pre WWI level, are often cited and misrepresented cases. It pays to take account of context and factors which are not easily apparent, but that requires intellectual honesty and nous.

    Almost the entire cabal of Keynesian WS hacks masquerading as ‘academia’, the Banksters, Politicians and the MSM all have a vested interest in maintaining the fiat monetary system and will do anything to malign the Gold Standard, which would put an abrupt end to the Kleptocracy now ruling the planet.

    Unfortunately most gullible sheeples have swallowed the bait hook line and sinker and even the PM ‘bugs’ community is not immune to falling pray to the meme.
    Gold has been money for thousands of years. It is self evident that intrinsic properties for a store of wealth must be rare, not replicable, fungible, divisible, portable, durable, and be intrinsically valuable, which only comes about from the fact that gold has a history of being just that, a representation of wealth for most of human economic history. What else is there? Paper printed with numbers on it which are replicated by the trillions at will? No and yes; no in the fiat money fashion, yes when it is backed 100% by gold, and is just a representation of, and freely convertible to gold.

    • Silver Shield

      So in short a boom you described built off of debt and death (Civil War) followed up by a gold standard (crime of 1873)brought about the worst time to be alive in America….

      How would this be any different than what they are purposing now?

  • Veracity

    Perhaps this looks like a gremlin in the system, if so please disregard.

  • Wayne Jennings

    Hello All:

    I need access to the SSR Group. I have been a member since Ausgust 21st and the group message still reads “Request Sent”. I have emailed several times with no response. The SSR group is the main reason I joined.

    I will wait until Wednesday, and then dispute the credit card billing. Perhaps that will garner some attention. Then again, perhaps no one will notice that either.

    Best regards,

  • Joe Sef

    Funny thing for me is, as I watch this video, it’s dawned on me that I haven’t watched tv for about 3 months now. I don’t look at the local paper like I used to, and I definitely don’t pay attention to these straight up idiots who think they’re fooling us. Obamney is a sad sad joke, as is the rest of this treasonous government. I’m just hoping I’m able to get my house in order on time. Chris, I appreciate ya man. Take care!

  • Mark

    I have lost any faith whatsoever in this political system. The infantile tricks the GOP played on RP and his supporters go beyond the pail. I would have expected something like this in a third world country, not the USA. I can understand why RP chose to stay with the GOP, sort of like how someone chooses to stay in an abusive relationship. RP did much to advance the cause of liberty, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the drive to call out the establishment, walk away and do a third party run with Gary Johnson as VP. Peter Schiff as Treasury Sec. Jesse Ventura as Sec. Def. Alex Jones as White House Press Correspondent. That would have been da bomb.

  • Montyjuke

    It occured to me last night that there isn’t any KNOWN political system that isn’t corruptable. It also occured to me that anyone telling us they have the answer is looking to be on the winning side i.e. They will gain in their ideas of how the world should be and ‘everyone else should live like me’ mantra (beware).

    Chris’ ideas have grown over time and he should give some praise to Dr Paul because I suspect is own ideas have grown out of Dr Pauls ideas. Respect.

    Not until this system has fallen can there be a new system but you can bet your house (and some of you have in silver, gold) on who will be building this new system and you know it in your hearts, it is gonna be the same type of folk who created and run the old one (meet the new boss, same as the old boss, The Who).

    Ironically the good folk on this website and many more like this floating around the web, who i suspect are all holding gold and silver, will become yes you have got it the new boss, and thou shall be like the old boss when you relise that people want to give there power over to others in a weird Stockholm Syndrome way.

    Money corrupts and it WILL corrupt even the good meaning people on this site, especially when you have just won the lottery with your bets on gold and silver. You will look around at all the people who laughed at you and think to yourself, whose laughing now Mr/Mrs smug paper bug.

    We (humans) are the lowest common denominator on this planet, all animals live in absolute 100% balance . We are the ones who are capable of building weapons that can destroy every living thing on this planet, and will if our backs are against the wall. I wish we were more than I just said but I fear not.

    p.s. Bright sunny day in New Zealand today:-)
    p.p.s Love the work Chris

    • Silver Shield

      The only system that is worth anything is a Constitutional Republic.

      I think our intellectual foundation for a new societal operating system will improve upon that but I feel it is only good for local governance.

  • Veracity

    Actually the gold standard returned in 1879, which brought back stability and economic growth.
    But I’m not here to go over the same ground again, you’re welcome to your views, however misplaced they might be regarding the spuriously maligned GS.
    Regarding a GS which is outside the bounds of politicos and Banksters, this is a question of what political system is in place.

    The US NEVER had Democracy!

    The very minute one forfeits and concedes power to politicians, even legitimately elected, which is never the case in the US, is when one completely relinquishes any right to self-determination and freedom.
    The only solution is citizen initiated referenda and initiatives, which are binding, and every major issue must be put to a vote.
    This is Democracy and arguably the best governed country has this attribute in place.
    Politicians will always be politicians and there is no way one could consciously let them govern on your behalf; the temptations are just too great and (almost) anyone can be bought.

    If you really want to make a difference then advocate this kind of Democracy which is the only kind that has the checks and balances to keep the political process honest!
    No matter what kind of system comes after a collapse of the financial system, if the current political structure stays in place then nothing, absolutely nothing is gained as the political process in the US is corrupt in its very essence due to the naïve notion that deputation of power to elected politicos is judicious and represents Democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The ‘founding fathers’ had it all wrong!!!

    You should seriously consider this issue.

    Eloquent platitudes are great and impressive, and you’re doing a great job spreading your message, but where will it lead and what beneficial change will it engender?

    And please hone up on that GS some more, you’ve got the intellectual honesty, or we could all go back to barter, cash and Au/Ag in our pockets of course.

    • Silver Shield

      Another monopoly currency controlled by the government/bankers will lead to a worse economic plight than what we have now.

      Right now people are free to save in gold if they like but as soon as it becomes legal tender it will lead to more regulation and tracking of these metals.

      “think about how stupid the average American is. Then think about the half that is stupider than him.” George Carlin

      Democracy is mob rule and worse our mob is Walmart.

      I will stick to competition in currency and the Constitutional Republic.

      • aurochs47

        “Democracy is mob rule and worse our mob is Walmart.

        I will stick to competition in currency and the Constitutional Republic.”

        Amen again brother!

    • Wahr Heit

      Another issue is when you base a currency on something that is also a commodity, you run into the problem of manipulating commodity markets to manipulate currencies.

    • Wahr Heit

      Also, thank God we don’t have democracy. Tyranny of the majority trumps individual rights. Don’t you get that?

      Democracy works in very small, relatively homogenous countries where for the most part everyone is on the same page. Take Switzerland, for example – you should go there if you want the closest thing to direct democracy on this planet that I know of. You’ll have to conform to their immigration standards, though. Justifiably, they don’t want just any swingin’ sausage in.

      For a giant, heterogenous countries composed mainly of immigrants from other countries, democracy just ain’t gonna work. Sorry.

      A republic, if you can keep it.

    • Wahr Heit

      One other thing concerning mass psychology – the IQ of an individual may be high but the collective IQ of a crowd of such individuals is a fraction of that. It’s just human nature. People act differently in crowds and I don’t see it being any different if everyone’s crowded around their laptops voting on whether to execute James Holmes or who should pay for the space elevator.

      I read Don Delilo’s “MAO II” back in college – the opening page has a photo of soccer fans being crushed against a fence and suffocating to death. The Edward Bernays crowd will have a field day with direct democracy in a nation of 300+ million people, I guarantee it.

    • Silver Eagle

      I have always loved the description of a pure democracy

      Two wolves and sheep voting on what to have for dinner! But liberty is a armed sheep contesting the vote. No pure democracy for this armed sheep thank you!

  • Silver42

    If only Ron Paul said he was going to endorse Romney over Obama to have a speaking slot at the RNC. He would of briefly stated he is endorsing Romney and then following up with something like this or maybe something Chris would of helped him write if he gave him the time:

    This is for my followers and anyone who believes it is nearly impossible to change the system from the inside. Here are four things I would do if I was in this same boat. I must say that I am not a financial advisor, so don’t take into account that I am telling you what to do.

    1) If I were tired of Wall Street, I would take my money out of their system and buy physical “Silver”, which is extremely cheap in terms of dollars right now. While protesting gets the media attention, pulling your money out of their system would definitely get their attention. It doesn’t matter if you made a clever sign or wrote a anti wall street song, they are still growing if you still buy into their system and hope for change.

    2) If I believed the FED will keep printing money, then I won’t save in dollars anymore. I would keep my federal reserve notes for everyday expenses, but I would store my wealth in precious metals. I would remind myself that throughout history that workers made 1/10 oz of silver for a hard days labor. A silver dime is worth around $3 and most countries workers make this for a full days work, so this still holds true.

    3) If I felt my job was pointless or wouldn’t be valued in an economic down turn, then I would learn a valuable skill in my spare time. I would spend less time watching TV and would learn a skill such as carpentry, gardening, or any other skill that is always valued. I might even move out to the country where these types of skills are more valued.

    4) Lastly, If I am like most Americans and don’t have much in savings, I would start buying whatever Silver and food storage I could afford. If I spent $60/week eating out, I would cut that out and buy 10 silver dimes and $30 worth of food storage. After a few months I would have a decent amount of silver and food stored to help me and my family in any economic down turn and dollar collapse.

    This would be seen live by a lot of viewers and would be replayed on programs such as Daily Show and Colbert Report.

  • Brian Lewy

    That was the best video you have done yet.

  • I like the concept and thought and I agree. The challenge I find is the masses sleep and don’t want to be awakened. I however would love to connect with you. Also I did sign up to see your information but your site did not have the modules can you let me know how that works.


  • Eric Hartmann

    Amazing video Chris. But as much as you want to bash Ron Paul for working within the corrupt system, it was never about winning the presidency. He ran to spoil the party and spread the message of liberty and sound money while exposing the garbage and corruption. Working within the system did just that and planted the seeds of liberty in the minds of many. I Ron Paul came accross as the better man in this dirty campaign. When everyone else was dropping out of the race like flees, he thugged it out old school style till the end! Mission accomplished! He’s a remarkable figure and an example to humanity! Now that he stepped down he will have some much needed time to reflect on his career and the legacy he will leave behind. We are entering a new era now and I don’t think the Ron Paul story is over. I do not underestimate Ron Paul’s wisdome. Let’s hope he adopts the opposite conciousness and encourage everyone to walk away from the debt and deth paradigm! It would be fitting if he wrote a new book called “Ignore The Fed.”

  • Veracity

    Same gremlin again, can’t post!
    Try this………………….


    And what will these competing currencies look like?
    Are the fiat, or are they backed by anything?
    If they’re fiat, why should anyone have anymore confidence in them than the current one?
    If they’re backed by something tangible, like gold, (a Gold Standard) how will they all be kept from interference by government and/or Banksters, as you so vehemently object under your curious aversion to a GS?
    If they’re just hard, physical currencies minted in gold or silver, then how will they fit into a Banking system?

    It all comes back to the political system.

    The US, and most countries don’t have Democracy!

    The ‘founding fathers’ were either delusional or devious in thinking that divesting ones democratic rights and privileges to delegates and some self aggrandized dude granted gratuitous powers constitutes democracy.
    The system has been designed for corruption, fascism, repression and outright tyranny, as is now the case.

    The ‘founding fathers’ have enslaved and sold out the American people, either by devious design or by utter stupidity.

    President after president had nothing by slick and eloquent words, bar Dubya, and at every step all freedoms were eroded and tyranny has crept in by stealth; all by design.

    Citizens yielded their freedom and ‘government’ gained repressive power.

    Ask the people of Switzerland whether they would willingly abandon their rights to referenda and direct Democracy where every issue, (tax rates, pension plans, funding proposals, infrastructure projects, everything) has to be decided by plebiscite.
    And while you’re about talking to them, ask what they think of the American political system. (they’ll shake their heads and muse how such archaic, tyrannical systems survived into the ‘enlightened’ 21st century, along with other monarchies, where the American system is no different to hereditary power, it is just derived from the power of money, which remains the same and anoints the next stooge.)

    It’s the old frog in the well; the American populace has swallowed the meme; and the delusion of freedom and superiority are so ingrained that TPTB have the easiest ride in fleecing and exploiting the sheeples with impunity.

    It’s time to climb out of the well!

    • Silver Eagle

      Democracy leads to tyranny and the stripping of liberty by the majority on the minorities.

      If my liberty of self defense is denied by the majority through the ownership of a firearm, how can any liberty be defended.

      Please don’t point to the idiots in Europe for examples of governance! They are such fine examples.

      Tyranny will raise its head in any system, but I will not choose pure democracy. I am with Chris on this one a Constitutional Republic is the best that we have.

  • debo72

    WOW!! Great video Chris, I am a big Ron Paul fan but i removed the signs from my lawn and sticker from my car when his son SOLD OUT. I didn’t want to believe that nobody would save us….lol. I felt like a fucking sheep. I am truly ready now and i am walking away. Many thanks my friend!

  • Veracity

    One last word, according your view of the world Democracy is rule by the mob.
    So what are your preferences to this mob rule?
    Abdicating your rights, freedoms, opinions, decisions and wishes to some dude who by definition must have some psychopathic traits to enter politics and let him decide what’s best for you?

    I’m sure the people of Switzerland would object to being labelled a mob when they’re exercising their democratic rights and take direct action in the decision process of matters of importance to every citizen.

    No system as absolutely prefect, however I take direct democracy any day over any of the other systems on offer.

    As for the American system, it is beyond repair or amendment, it is totally flawed in its very structure; designed for corruption cronyism, abuse of power and a direct path to the tyranny it has become.
    The American politicians, and public, are under some obtuse misapprehension that America is the greatest nation on earth, and this led to the delusional arrogance with which unilateral interference and aggression is pursued in sovereign country after country across the globe.
    Six billion citizens of this planet are truly sick and tired of all the American imperialism and atrocities committed in a stupor and delirium induced by this delusional superiority complex and self anointed role of global cop, when in fact it is all about imperialism, exploitation, subjugation and control.

    The system is beyond repair and needs to be torn down, and as usual, only revolution will accomplish such an outcome.

    According to your ‘paradigm’ there are two kinds of people, the ones who want to be left alone and the ones who won’t leave you alone.
    Well, we could take this curious generalization into another direction and say that there are two kinds of people; the ones who are capable of introspection and are willing to engage, listen and learn, and the ones who already know everything.
    Of course this is just as nonsensical and well beyond the bounds of a studious debate, as in reality there are myriads of shades in between and beyond.

    So not wanting to become a nuisance, I’ll leave you alone in your world of paradigms, as there is apparently no proclivity, or need for discussion.

    Sorry it looks like a case of mistaken identity!

    It is time to climb out of the well!

    • Silver Shield

      I will stick to a Constitutional Republic that protects the 1% from the 99% and divides power so that we don’t have power hungry psychopaths in charge.

      This system has been corrupted and will be reset. Some will waste their times with collectivist answers and working on trying to make democracy work but they will fail.

      I am working on a new societal operating system and we will reality test to in our own group. If it work I believe it will be the most successful and happy society in human history. We will be historically significant.

      Good luck on your journey.

    • Wahr Heit

      Brian: “You’re all individuals!”
      crowd: ‘We’re all individuals!’
      dissenter in crowd: “I’m not!”

      -from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”

    • Silver Eagle

      I tell you what Veracity,, let’s start a pure direct democracy. The first voite comes up on firearm ownership, because we all know the anti-gun establish runs through your blood and 50.1% vote to eliminate the right of private firearm ownership. Confiscation to begin immediately. Here’s the result, a lot of bloodshed because you’ll get the front end of my weapon. The next vote is to eliminate private property ownership, all land to be turned over to the masses that voted 50.1% to seize private property. Whoops,hmmmm, how am I going to protect MY private property, no more guns? Next vote, no private or public worship of God, vote 50.1%…..oh well no more freedom of religion, No Guns to protect the 49.9% from persecution, more blood shed as heads are severed. next vote, 50.1% vote to tax everyone at a 99% rate on their labor. Because we all know that direct democracy people as yourself believe no one has the rights to the fruits of their labor. I suggest you watch a video called the philosophy of liberty, then tell me how I am to protect myself from direct democracy tyrants as yourself. you tube: philosophy of liberty

  • Greetings:
    I will start by pointing out a fact that can be verified by the emprical observation of each and every one of you. That there is a reality based imperative that each and every living thing must deal with and can not avoid. This may either be a consience and rational choice or sadly as many do, by irrational default of their own mental sloth. The choice is this !!!
    Advance or become obsolete
    Adapt or die
    Evolve or become EXTINCT.
    For thousands of years, men had no choice, but to organize their societies uppon the social frame work left to them by their primate ansestors. The primate pecking order social political power pyramid. Where some human “head monkey” clawed his way to the top and then used terror and manipulation to try to stay there.
    This social frame work is obsolete. It can not be used to create a stable society in high production high tech societies we now live in today. Continual reliance on this social frame work guarentees a cycle of build up and catastophic colapse.
    For about the last 5 thousand years, a new social frame work has been evolving to replace the primate pecking order social political pyramid.
    The matrix of ability society is it’s replacement. And the humans that can not, or will not adapt, are headed for extinction !!!
    In the matrix of abilty society, all humans are free to trade the best of their abilities in exchange for the best that other members have to offer if they so desire. If not, then they are not forced to do so by “democratic” or any other means.
    All of the tourmoil we see arround us in the world today, is the last gasp of the primate social political power pyramid becoming obsolete, on it’s way to it’s inevitable EXTINCTION ! And, they know it. And that’s why you see them trying so hard to ignore it. But they ignore it at their own risk !
    The obsotlete primate pecking order structure, can not compete with a free form matrix of ability. The primate pecking order can NOT addapt fast enough. It’s extinction is inevitable, allong with those who can not addapt to the free form matrix of ability.
    Finnaly, I have the pleasure seeing many of those who have already evolved right here in these postings. My heart felt thank yous for your existance. And please:
    Continue to advance.
    Continue to adapt.
    Continue to EVOLVE.

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