Silver Shield Report #43- Enemy of the State Part 2

Once again, I have too much stuff to share this Silver Shield Report.

Here is part 2 of my conversation with tough as nails Peace Activist, Ken O’Keefe.   I feel this conversation is going to be so important as we head into the Anger Phase of humanity. We both feel that real  justice can only come from the opposite consciousness as the problem.  Here we are two former Marines speaking out for freedom and justice and yet we see our battle not as a guns and ammo battle, but a battle of human consciousness and awakening.  This will be a sharp divide as humanity will naturally lash out in childish anger when their illusion of the paradigm is ripped from them.  My hope is rational minds can make a convincing case for non violence as a way forward.

We also both see that buying silver is a huge part of the battle as it deleverages their fractional reserve banking system and their ponzi metals trade.  Once that is done, all other forms of abuse will come to a screeching halt.  This action also serve as a way to protect your family with real tangible wealth when the financial rot get so bad that to dies of its own cancerous excesses.

Also we talk about how abused societies like the Lakota, Hawaiians and Palestinians are leading the way in building a newer way of life.  This is a very fascinating conversation that I hope you all find value in.

Also David Morgan was gracious enough to invite me to the Morgan Mastermind series again.  I shared with him and his audience the behind the door meeting with Ron Paul and what he plans on doing after the election.

I also have information on the New Silver Bullet and Silver Shield coin.  It will go on sale next week to SSG  members for wholesale prices and then it will be available through major online retailers the following week.  I hope to have a special announcement later about how cash poor, SSG stackers will be able to secure their SBSS coins through a special arrangement I have made with Drew Mason of Constitutional Silver.

I also have the premier of my new MicroDoc “Top 14 Reasons to Buy Silver.”   I believe this video is so powerful that anyone watching almost has to sell every paper asset they have and buy physical silver.  It is the 14 most powerful fundamental reasons I can fathom to get people to commit to buying silver.  This should be a turbo booster to the new silver bull move we are witnessing.

This Thursday, the Silver Shield Group will be back with a meeting and open Strategy Session Bring me all the questions you have and I will dedicate the entire meeting to answering them.  This session I feel will be very helpful as we prepare as individuals or as groups.

Topic: Silver Shield Group Strategy Session
Date and Time: Thursday, September 6, 2012 5:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Next week I will be opening up Strategy Sessions to individuals in the public once again.  A lot has happened since the last time I held open Strategy Sessions like my Coast to Coast interview, my meeting with Ron Paul, the Brandon Raub story, Silver Bull starting again and the closing of the Silver Shield Group to new members.

These one-on-one meetings with me can help you sort through your toughest hang ups and bring clarity and a sense of purpose in your journey.

You can read through some of the many testimonials I have gotten over the years doing these kinds of Strategy Sessions here.

I have been doing a lot of final preparing as I feel we are coming into a storm.  I bought another million calories for one of my locations and plan on buying another million calories next week.  But far more than any physical preparations we can make, the most important prep, is mental prep.  Getting clarity on what is going on in the world and how to logically prepare for it is the key.

That is all for now. Peace.


Here is part two of my conversation with Ken O’Keefe.

Download link

First here is a rerecording of the D.C. Debrief with our trip to visit Ron Paul.
  David Morgan actually had me on to his Mastermind series and we just went over the same questions that was messed up on our earlier call.

Download link

Here is the REAL FINAL draft of the coin.

We are going to open it up just to the Silver Shield Group at spot +$1.99 for any quantity.  (MSRP will probably be Spot +$2.99 for larger purchases.)  They will not be made for at least 3 weeks , BUT Open Currency is buying the blank silver rounds right away with your purchase so that we do not leave anything to risk.  I will be doing a call mid week about this and provide a special link for you guys to buy before we get the larger retailers in on this.  I will also be going over a special service that Drew at Constitutional Silver is doing for me and how this will help the stackers that cash poor and want this coin deal.


Here is the first look at my new microdoc Top 14 Reasons to Buy Silver.
I took the 14 strongest fundamental reasons to buy silver from the 6 1/2 hour Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield series and jammed it into this powerful 40 minute video.  I am in the process of getting this microdoc made into DVD’s for people to share easier and I will be uploading it to YouTube later this week.  I think this could be a very powerful sales tool to get more people to commit to buying silver, especially as I believe we are in a early stages of a strong bull move.

I am also going to be releasing the entire 6 1/2 hour Silver Bullet and Silver Shield series on DVD.  This is my first attempt at doing this, but since I have had a ton of requests for it, I thought I would give it a shot before I try to do the entire Sons of Liberty Academy on to DVD.


I should be ready to release my next video called My Awakening which is a set up for the release of the entire Sons of Liberty Academy on to YouTube this week.  (That is unless there are more pressing issues that arise.)

Here is the link and info about the Silver Shield Group Strategy Session.

I feel there are so many common questions that you all have that I feel it is a greater value to the group if I answer them in house as  opposed to doing individual calls.

Topic: Silver Shield Group Strategy Session
Date and Time: Thursday, September 6, 2012 5:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Leave your questions at this link Silver Shield Group Strategy Session #1

Event number: 669 872 899
Event password: SSGSS
Event address for attendees:

NOTE: This meeting will only be available through your computer VOIP, no phone numbers for this call as it is what causes the echo on the recording.

11 comments to Silver Shield Report #43- Enemy of the State Part 2

  • Cool :-)

    Is anyone willing to send me one of the coins….to the UK?

    Only one, and label it as ‘gift’ and below $45 that way I won’t need to pay the dreaded 20% VAT. The easiest way would be for someone to provide me with their email linked o paypal and I could just send you the cash that way. I’d be graeful, thanks in advance.

    I’ll have a good listen to the report a bit later, Chris. The little ‘un is taking up a lot of my time at the mo.


  • Tivy Brown

    Hi Chris:
    I feel very relieved today after listening to your interview about your DC Debrief session…Visiting Ron Paul. I woke up feeling very concerned with the stand you took against Ron Paul’s reaction to your question.(Part 1) I was ready to tell you exactly how I felt.
    I sat at my cumputer and there was your email with link to Part2 of the experience. I was blown away by what transpired from your interview with David Morgan.
    From what I understand about what really happened I must say we are all very fortunate that Rob invited you to get involved in this very revealing undertaking. That encounter answered some very crucial questions as to how we need to proceed. Now we are convinced that we must move past the illusion of the “Savior Ron Paul Syndrome.”
    I noticed you refrained from calling how Ron behaved as disrespect, but that is exactly what he did…He disrespected not only you, but all of us who thought he was for real. The response proved that Ron Paul was and is a politican and not a liberator on whom we can depend.
    I was very moved when you spoke about the projected actions of the new paradigm we are preparing for. I was very concerned about this. At the outset it could be viewed as yet another Elite Precious Metal System, which makes one wonder; what the behaviors of those who amass the most financial power will be To look at it from another perspective the new paradigm could well be “The New World Order” in disguise. Think of this scenario: Who can secure the most Gold, Silver and other valuable precious metals? The Rich & Powerful of course. A No Brainer. A perfect place to be: A perfect deceiver moving into power without a hitch. A perfect transition after collapsing the global ponzi finincial system.
    I have not yet fully grasp all the ramifications of Silver Bullet: Silver Shield coin, however it seems quite appropriate and relevant. I am particularly interested in finding our what you’ve got instore for the many with very limited cash-flow or none at all. I wonder if those without cash or property will be just eliminated or left to the mercies of the Haves…The way it has been for centuries.
    Chris your intentions seem to be quite upful and nothing stated here is meant to tarnish that or even try to discourage anyone. I just think we need to learn from those who drafted the US Constitution and the reasons it was necessary to do so. We need to take a long-hard look at what is happening to the guiding principles of this historic document.(Not that the drafters were righteous-men)
    I know it will not be up to any one individual to do what needs to be done. The best anyone can do is do the best he/she can with whatsoever is available to such individual. No one knows what the next paradigm is going to look like or how it’s going to function. I suggest we be very watchful for those who presently miseducate, enslave, and control us. If what is being publicly discussed is for real, then those individuals and groups will definitely position themselves to participate as sheep in wolf’s clothing…at the outset.. Another No Brainer.
    Throw out my BS, but pay attention to facts and be guided by what your consciousness tells you is relevant. Peace & Blessings

  • monet holschlag

    You and those you interview and the comments from the group keep blowing my mind. Thank you all. Love this thoughtful, real, conscious group.

  • Joshua Stewart

    wow I finally get what you have been saying about Ron Paul and how supporting him keeps me in the system that cant be changed… Thank you for posting the update on Morgan report It was great to get clear version. I feel like the last couple weeks I have hit the acceptance stage. I am very much looking forward to getting the Silver Shield coin. I have liquidated every paper asset and most of my FRNs and turned them into preps and silver, I have also helped my parents do the same. Tomo. I am turning most of my gold to silver if I decide to ever go back to gold it will be when the ratio evens out. I finally feel like I am winning the war in my mind as I take back my power I gave to this paradigm and the people that run it. Its funny now that I don’t feel helpless anymore and im over the fear and anger, people that wouldn’t listen to me at all before are coming up to asking me about my perspectives of the state of things constantly! Its awesome how much more progress I can make in the right state of mind! Cheers my friends and thank you to all of you for making me think!!!

  • David Richardson

    No one gets re-elected to the House, Senate, or presidency if they are too far out of step with the people who really are in control of the country. The politicians are mostly like puppets on strings. Ron Paul has probably pushed an anti-powerful elite information or rhetoric agenda about as far as a congressman can. Be grateful he has repeatedly raised many issues no president or congressman has before. A recurring theme is that the system can’t be changed from within, so how far does one expect Ron Paul to go?

    Not one in the past to be a “conspiracy theorist”; I now believe any congressman or pres that goes too far outside of what is expected won’t get reelected and/or may be at risk of harm. Realize every conversation with Ron Paul in any government building may be monitored.

    • Wahr Heit

      Reminds me of Jesse Ventura talking about how he was approached after his election and asked, basically, “how did you do it?”

  • massnerder

    Great stuff as always, will be looking forward to this Constitutional Silver deal to help out my poor boy stack :)

  • Moira

    Chis, your 14 top reasons microdoc is great. What a valuable tool this will be in the form of a DVD. How can we “order” one of the DVDs once available?

  • Raj Bhatia

    I have been stacking with constitutional silver and drew mason since our first meeting with chris in OHIO. His response and service has been exceptional. I was wondering if we can exchange some of the silver with drew for new silver bullet and silver shield coins

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