Silver Shield Group Strategy Session #1

The Silver Shield Group Strategy Session recording is posted.

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  • Richard Wong

    Hi Chris:
    Can you give us some insights as to what kind of food items we should be
    stocking up on, and perhaps what items that you consider essential during the next phase. Thank you.

  • Steve Duby

    How long have these sessions typically lasted? Would love to join in, but with the 4-hour time difference I will still be working at that time.

  • Soleil Taylor

    Am in central calif
    Found a perfect place in Texas
    Do you think there is time to buy and move before shtf? I hope to move by dec 1 but going there to view sept 27 then return oct 27 to liquidate pack move. Then must prep for the new location
    At that point I will know what funds are avail to prep with
    Have stacked quite a bit so lakota orig transaction credit will help to get the final prep done
    Have questions about this possible location and appropriateness for getting away but still being able to function til shtf
    Just trying to figure the order of things
    Was planning to sit tight but this opportunity to move rural came up suddenly.

  • Lisa Quackenbush

    What is your 1000000 calorie composed of?

    Does anyone have a link for the CUBE food plan? I thought I had it saved but I can’t find it.

  • Eric Hartmann

    Hi Chris,

    I have four questions:

    1. Like you, I’m planning to buy another years supply of food. Last time I bought from e-foods direct. How does your food compare?

    2. I’ve read that part of the globalist agenda is to reduce the world population. Should we be prepping for biological outbreaks? Whether an outbreak is intentional or accidental, Jessie Ventura’s show on “Plumb Island” made me realize this is a possibility. Alex Jones brought up several times that level 4 biological research is being done in level 1 or 2 facilities. These labs are ticking time bombs and can fall appart durring a collapse. What good will all the food, guns and silver do if you get sick and die? I just stocked up on some silver sol for me and my immediate family from From my research, silver sol seems like the best. What do you think of coloidal silver and are there other things we can do?

    3. What do we look for to know when to get out of Dodge? Noah knew to board his arc when the rain started. For us, will it be the derivative market, the euro crash, the price of silver rocketing up or the bombing of Iran? When will we know that “this is it!”? My bug out bag is packed. I have a few gas cans of fule on hand and a bicycle (just in case) to make it to my cottage when “it” happens.

    4. I’m stacking silver at the expense of paying down my line of credit. Is this wise since I’m contributing to the debt paradigm? I think it’s naive to think there will be a debt jubilee to celebrate. The plan is to use debt to enslave us. The banksters who engineered the problem will come in like a knight in white armour. Debts may be erased, but there will be strings attached. The strings I see are that mortgaged properties will become nationalized and our sovereign debt will be given to the banksters. You will have to pay rent to the state and the state can later dictate where you live. I also see people in debt getting off the hook and even given 100,000 units of shiny new digital currency to start over. This however will probably be at the expense of being micro chipped with every transaction tracked. People will re-joice the debt jubilee at first, but I think it will be hell later. I think the choice of being chipped will be our last chance to side with good or evil. My hope is that the silver will allow me to easily pay of my debts in the future and remain sovereign without hardship. What’s your take on stacking vs debt?

    • David


      I like all of these questions. Hopefully the group will address each of them. I know Chris doesn’t like Alex Jones, but they are valid fears/questions that many of us have.


  • Rex Bowe

    I have a friend trying to pull out 5K in 20’s from multiple branches of Wellsfargo. They keep telling him that all they have is old FRNs (frayed or torn bills) and they will only order new bills in Nov for Christmas. We’ve has also noticed that the ATM started producing 50’s.

    Given that, what is your take on the following podcast where Greenspan has supposedly said that printing FRN has been stopped?
    goto min 33:30

    a. Are we going cashless?
    b. Going to a new currency?
    c. The treasury is so broke that they have to wait til the debt ceiling increase to resume the ctrl-p?
    d. none of the above?

  • Mark Kadowaki

    1. Bicycles! Why doesn’t anyone speak about bicycles for prepping. Probably will be the most efficient and cheapest mode of transportation if fuel costs escalate. Inner tubes are the one element that will need to be replaced but are still cheap ($5-7 a piece) and a few good bikes are also cheap ($100-200)

    2. Got a line on a mountain top log cabin shell in western NC. They sell for as cheap as $90,000. Although we all think the ratio of value of metal:land will increase isn’t there some value to cashing in at least some PM in now to secure such land now?

    • Eric Hartmann

      Don’t forget a portable bycicle repair kit and hand pump. It’s cheap. My kit is clamped on to the frame of my bike and is a life saver should you get a flat!

  • ThisIsJoe

    Q: Are there any other Australian based SSG members like myself?

    I’m feeling isolated over here, so would like to be in contact with all other Aussie based group members to share thoughts/strategies and to potentially pool resources.

    ***Chris, you have my permission to share my email address on-air***
    Please get in contact with me at

    Group members from anywhere around the world are also welcome to get in contact. Just dont spam me :)

    Thank you!

  • Robert Selig

    Doctor bones and nurse amy for suture kits and emergency medical bags and dvd’s to explain. Also, get a good homeopathic emergency kit i like helios pharmacy, colloidal silver, medicinal herbs. with Hydrogen peroxide 3% alcohol, Lugols 2%Iodide. Superfoods are a must, such as hemp and chia seeds, and they have a good shelf life with amazing nutrition, you can always grow wheat grass for pennies, coconut oil a must, and other great oils, but they do go rancid. Honey never goes bad many practical and health raw organic no exception, ACV braggs which gets better with age and amazing health benefits.Fermented foods learn how,best probiotics with so many amazing health benefits, thats a good start…

  • David Richardson

    I’m interested in a preparedness “check list” to be posted on your home page, for SSR members or the general public. Many can’t afford or don’t have the space for the amount of food & additional items others can stockpile, but some sort of checklist would be helpful. Perhaps a priority A, B, and C list.

    Specifically right now I would like water filter recommendations [for filtering from a lake or creek].

    • ThisIsJoe

      Hi David,

      I’m looking into water filters at the moment and so far I’m liking the ProPur gravity filter.

      I’m not a massive Alex Jones fan, but his shop has them for slightly cheaper pkus then if you apply the discount code “water” during the checkout process, you get an additional 10% off. I’m just waiting to hear back from their customer service as to how much shipping to Australia is. 90% sure I’m going with ProPur.

      Hope that helps!

  • Wayne Miner

    David…… I have a Berkey water filter and like it.
    Also check out SteriPens. I ordered ‘the straw’ awhile back, but can’t find the order info. The author said he took it on a 48 hour camping trip and drank from mudholes, standing water, streams, etc and never got ill. good luck

  • David Skari

    How did you manage to pick Thursday at 5pm ET?

    • Silver Shield

      I can’t do a meeting this weekend. Put you questions in the comment section and I will answer it and you can hear the recording.

  • Thegallowsjudge

    Chris – I have heard you and others talk of an October event, the end of a triangle, etc. which may effect the markets, including precious metals. I cannot follow the charts and do not understand. please explain again for some of us that still do not get it. Thanks.

  • David Richardson

    Concerning water filters:

    I’ve backpacked in The White Mtns. of New Hampshire, Glacier Nat’l Park, and the Appalachians in Ga., Tenn., and N.C. Many water filters work for the needs of two backpackers under those circumstances, but don’t have the capacity for a family’s needs.

  • Thomas Griffing

    If you had an account with BullionVault, what would you do with it?

    I thought they were stable, but am now wondering in the current environment. I’ve also heard you and others say that if you don’t have physical possession, it doesn’t count.

  • Thegallowsjudge

    It’s Judge Secola

  • Jeff Alan

    Many of us are concerned about the scope and breadth of the destruction of the anger phase. Chris mentioned the fear-mongering of Alex Jones who highlights these threats: police state, biological weapons, nuclear fallout, FEMA camps, firearm confiscation, regulations on family farms/gardens, etc. This stuff is scary, but we need to exercise discipline in our focus on “controlling what we can.” Chris is right when he said that. The right perspective (“conscientious”) helps.

    The link below makes a good argument to demonstrate that the martial law and police state infrastructure will be focused in the urban areas. Please read it to hear some good news:

  • Eve Colantoni

    Hi Chris —

    I’ve been silent for many months… I was really hoping to catch this session today, but couldn’t make it. I’m assuming you recorded it. I look forward to hearing what transpired!

    Thanks again for all you do… :)


  • patriotdeb

    A site to help you get ready. Listening to Katrina

  • Robert Duke

    I have news for you, your wife will leave when the shooting starts. I need to meet this Eve beauty two posts above.

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