As a reminder, there are no winners in a nuclear war. Now is definitely a time for prayer and fasting. Sept 3rd, 2012 – The American people will soon go to the polls to pretend to decide the next president of the United States. Recent estimates and reports indicate that the United States military, in particular the US naval capability, will be at its peak deployment capacity in September before elements are retired, phased out, or cut from the budget. If ever there were a time to launch an attack, it would be now, in September. If ever there were a time to prevent such an attack, it would be now—before the consequences of the November 6th election.

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  • Irving14941

    Not to be critical but… this statement is not true – “The American people will soon go to the polls to decide the next president of the United States.”

  • 4Liberty

    Kyle, that’s what i call a major buzz killer! Don’t know what to believe these day’s as very few operate based on truth and integrity. Everyone has an underlying agenda as their motivation . This was paid for by a PAC listed in the credits. Propaganda…. some degree of truth ???

    • Kyle

      Of course there is some degree of propaganda in everything these days along with some truth as well. The point of this video is to focus on love and peace when we know “the powers that be” want war. This is a war of consciousness and ideas and we all have to be be able to discern and comprehend what is going on around us and stay focused on what is important. Mankind has experienced war for thousands of years and it has accomplished nothing. Now it is time for a new paradigm focused on Love and peace. War is their answer to problems but it doesn’t have to be ours.

  • Country Codger

    Hi Kyle,
    I have the world’s oldest computer, (Flintstone and Rubble Incorporated. Ordered it from Betty Rubble herself.) The screen says video pulled by user. I went to your channel on YT and did not see it there but I will pass on some of the logic from the 70’s (Vietnam Veteran). You can win any war, or any scenario that you believe you can win by preparing to win that war or scenario. The former Soviet Union believed they could win the unwinnable by being prepared. Their civil defense is set in the 10’s of millions while we (America) have abolished civil defense. America is only prepared to maintain the rich and politicians in the event of a thermonuclear war. (Actually more harm would be done by letting the bastards live rather than trying to kill the Republicrats.)

    A thermonuclear war is winnable if you are willing to sustain maximum losses and the enemy is not. This is the Soviet ideology, not American.

    Thermonuclear war is only lost if your objective is destroyed. Why would Russia attack us? If they destroy the goal then they have lost the war. Keep in mind that the old Soviet Union’s most southernmost point was at the same latitude as Chicago. Try growing all the food you need to sustain your empire at a latitude north of Chicago. Can’t be done. Therefore, they need to take America’s food capacity without firing nukes.

    The English longbow was the pinnacle of technology in 1066. The Russians have been developing a weapon designed by an American in WWII that uses a non-nuclear core. The advanced pulse weapon, designed in 1943 and uses conventional explosives to detonate the core around a stainless bell, was never used by AmeriKa in 1943 because there was not enough technology dependent upon electrical energy to be significant. We reevaluated the weapon in 1991 but decided that the damage could spread to countries that had financial ties to Iraq electronically, including US corporations, and not effect Iraq alone. The Russians have since developed the EMP superbomb (sometimes called the super-EMP) and has shielded its technology accordingly. (Just in case.) If the Russians detonated an EMP superbomb over three or four major cities in the US we would be blacked out for 1-2 years. During that time 90% of America’s population would be killed due to crime, looting, disease and lack of medical care. Who wins?

    This is the way the Russians think. They are prepared for losses to exceed 100 million but they are also prepared for retaliation. I know it stinks but you have to get into the mind of the enemy if you want to win and unfortunately, they know us very well..

  • Joanne

    The link above no longer works. The video can be viewed here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8kXQb8MkIk

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