Prepper Checklist

Someone in one of the comments asked for a prepper checklist.  Here are a couple that I received from somewhere.  Enjoy.  Also, I am looking for anyone that would like to partner on producing self defense video’s.  Check out my offer here:

Prepper Checklists:

Survival Preparedness Checklist

100 Item Depression Preparedness List

Also, this site has a ton of Free lists and kits (bug out, vehicle checklists, etc…).  Check it out here:

3 comments to Prepper Checklist

  • James Tetreault

    That survival preparedness checklist is pretty comprehensive. Then, after listing all of them it suggests that you’re in trouble if you don’t have every ability or tool cited. My god. Some guy who’s an impossible combination of MacGyver and Grizzly freaking Adams wouldn’t have every single box checked. It detracts from the seriousness of the list to then set the bar ridiculously high like that.

  • gdog

    This guide put out by the LDS is an excellent collection of material. I’m not LDS and read past most of the religious components, but there’s plenty of very good information in here.!21715&authkey=!AGpmgYCWymeXOpY

  • I like reading these web sites its like reading camping and boy scout books. which i have alot of books going back to the 1800. didt realize i been a prepper all my life. O.K first dont go out and buy all this crap. gold and silver is not worth a dam. cash yes. the pack. a army duffle bag with shoulder straps this is the basic for all milatary this bag is heavy canvas with no zippers that break. reeforce it with safety belts. found in any old car. put pads at waste level and back for protection . use the safety belt for hip hookup so you have it ride high on your back. look at the best packs on the market and copy. your cost less then TEN bucks. and you will have a pack that wlll last the rest of your life. sleeping bag get the best I have a army mountain bag that is 8 pounds that i sleep warm in at 0 degrees that makes you happy 8 hours every day. a 1 pound tent will set back the most about 125. dont skipe here. get the best here. get heavy duty stakes sept. oh i bought my sleeping bag for 40 bucks. if you are a family get everybody a tent no fun sleeping with sick people or if one person is lost thier goes the tent. what to put in the bag god thats large subject? i like dark chocolate fudge . nutella. expresso french . knorr pasta sides. bananas oranges wheat germ water . eat real keeps the spirit up. you want more you want info email i only use a tablet and i am very old. keep trying. i do make mistakes. and miss and love adventure.

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