Jerome Corsi- NWO’s War on Oil

Dr. Corsi is a columnist at WND.Com. He’s here to discuss his new book:

(1) Dr. Corsi believes that oil is abiotic and not a fossil fuel.

(2) He claims that the peak oil theory is misguided.

(3) He discusses how the U.S. govt has suppressed this info from the public, yet which was used by the Nazi’s.

1 comment to Jerome Corsi- NWO’s War on Oil

  • Jeff G

    I listen to alot that is said around here on this site and tend to agree….even though my politics is not what I would call conservative (I’d say I am more of a liberal libertarian – meaning I think the only thing the government SHOULD DO is protect it’s citizens from foreign threats (REAL ONES) and from corporations.

    Anyway…one of the biggest things I agree with, and that you say over and over and over again is that we are being torn apart by this false “left vs right” dichotomy…which is true, and then you put on Jerome Corsi. This guy is quite honestly one of the biggest partisan hacks out there…he has shown time and time and time again that he operates under an extreme agenda (wherever the funds come from…right Jerome)…so, why on earth would you associate with this guy?

    Is your hatred for “liberals” so great and so blinding that you actually agree with this demagogue? Have you not paid attention to the things this guys says / does for the last 10 years or so. He IS part of the problem….

    (oh…and I ain’t sold on the abiotic oil thing…I think thats a load of crap)

    I am not a scientist…but I use a fairly scientific approach to figuring out who is lying or telling a story to further their agenda. For me, it is more believable that the powers protecting and forwarding the oil and energy agenda would be lying than those who are promoting the “save the earth” agenda….the simple reason….the amount of money that stands to be made by the former, through the rolling back, or complete dismantling of regulations that are now in place is many multiples more than the amount of many that will ever be made by conservation and alt. energy….and, that money is funneled into a few select hands…whereas the alt energy market is just now starting and is not as dominated by the old entrenched powers…

    This is my opinion…and I’d say it is just as valid as Mr. Corsi’s….or any one else for that matter.

    I am SURE many of you will disagree….but that will not change a thing.

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