Silver Shield at Silver Summit

4 comments to Silver Shield at Silver Summit

  • Andrew

    Hi Chris,
    I didn’t realize your “other name” was Bigdad06! oops

  • johnny

    Please make a one tenth .999 ounce coin for settling up a day’s work on that day;(getting paid 26 times a year sucks).

    Thank you gentlemen.

    john murray

  • johnny

    also, please put together an introduction to silver video that dose not include the spooky evil we fight, after all, silver is shiny, bright, and reflects the best in all of us to everyone else to see.

    help me explaine to others that silver is not just some guard against some dark evil force, like a bastion wall; but help show how it is the pavement that will open the gate to light

    your reflection in silver is too bright for you to see

    gold sucks the light in, and vanity becomes into view

    Please help show wealth anew without the threat of ….well…you know

    i’m just trying to encourage a light-harted positive uplifting presentation of this information to young folks…

    so as to not be frighting them into something

    what you are doing is so important to me i feel compelled to chime in.

    more to come

    john murray

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