Energy made MUCH Easier

I’ve been gone for several weeks and I will likely be that way for several more. I’m really having a hard time planning the next year and going through fits of depression. There are many things out there you can do for yourself and I still want you to have a good idea of what they are while I’m away. I’m pretty knowledgeable in all-things energy related, but there are people who know a lot more. Steve Harris of Knowledge Publications is one of them, he has done 11 interviews on the Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko which are better condensed than anything I can provide you with and they are all available free. Chris Duane did an interview with Jack earlier this year, which is how I found him and became a part of this community (Jack’s website is has all kinds of great information on gardening, self defense, and self reliance). I’ve been learning volumes from Steve for the past 8 years through the books he publishes and through his many videos and a few online classes I participated in.

Go to and listen to the interview that interests you most-  storing gas and diesel- making ethanol- keeping the power on in a blackout- methane digesters- gasification- wind- solar- everything brought down to the laymen level with examples and links to products that Steve has tested, so you don’t have to go into it blind. I’m sure that like me you will be re-listening to them again and again picking up every last tidbit if you really are interested in making your own energy. Until next time, Dream BIG!

One more thing- I highly recommend the Family Preparedness class Steve made on which is also free and covers much more than just energy.  My last post was

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