My Awakening Part 1 + 2

1 year ago I started The Greatest Truth Never Told YouTube channel.  In this single year, we attracted over 4.3 million views and gained 18,500 subscribers. Now I am going to put my foot on the gas and I am going to be releasing my entire life’s work called the Sons of Liberty Academy on to YouTube . Over 30,000 people have joined the Sons of Liberty Academy on the private member site, but now it is time to for millions to see it.  Everyday I will be releasing new episode on to YouTube until the entire 48 hours is on YouTube.

Please watch the first in many new videos called My Awakening.

29 comments to My Awakening Part 1 + 2

  • Jason

    Great video Sheild. Helps me deal with my stages better. Thanks

  • ThisIsJoe

    Good stuff Chris. Very glad its going out to a wider audience. I’m starting Module 5 today on the SOLA website. Hunkering down with a coffee and settling in for an informative journey.

  • STACKER 1981

    I too am an INTJ and although i hold just under 2,000 ounces i am still depressed. I just hope it all hits the fan soon so i dont have to think about this MTV SNOOKI bull crap hyper speed lifestyle ive been enslaved in. I also expect danials propechy to be fulfilled. DANIAL 2:44

  • Hambone

    Chris, I am like you in many ways and like you I’ve been trying from a similar time period to make sense of our political, economic, social reality. I am very fortunate to have been successful in the current system but like you I wanted to understand the mechanics of the system in which I, my family, and our newly aquired assets presided. I spent fifteen years in corporate America and six years as an expat in Asia and Europe and travelled extensively. I witnessed the have and have nots of the world and lived among the richest in some of the poorest of the world. Drivers, nannies, etc waited upon us due to our affiliation with mega corporations. Now I’m a have (more or less) and have stacked and prepped for what, like you, I see as a mathmatically very likely negative outcome. Now, like John Galt (except not so accomplished or attractive) I have dissapeared and disengaged from what I can no longer support. I’m far too preoccupied with the machinations of the grand scheme to be of much use any longer in the corporate world where my worth in the ponzi exists. Like you I’ve entered a second period of re-education and attempt to see what lies ahead and how I may find purpose and satisfaction on the other side. Where we differ is I rather quickly left the altruistic phase upon my realization that the one who is out of step with the many is the “crazy” one. Very few want to be awoken and unfortunately the awakening often destroys paradigms but does not clearly offer a replacement. And although we agree on the “facts” and have chosen similar paths…we don’t “know” for certain how, when, or why this will play out. So many will choose to “believe” in what they’ve known rather than throw their lot in with the “crazies”…regardless the evidence or logic. Simpy easier to continue with the current than believe a waterfall lies ahead. I appreciate what you do and please know your audience is not limited due to poor work or reason but due to the power of normalcy bias. Only those who want to be awoken (and take true responsibility for themselves) will be. Also know that regardless of what we perceive we see coming and our preperadness for it, there is nothing saying we won’t be on the wrong side or caught in the collateral damage or that this thing won’t work out at all. I’ve found peace knowing we are all on borrowed time from the day we are borne and we need make the most of it and do our best. Despite this our fates are out of our hands. The only thing we control is how we face the difficulities ahead. Study, prep, help those who want to be helped, live well and be at peace.

  • Robert Selig

    Hi Chris, thanks for your insight in sharing your journey of awakening. As it is truly the age of awakening in which the truth will be percolating through the cracks, as we expose the lies, deceit, and corruption within all of our failed systems mostly, political, financial and religious organizations. The journey has always been inward, as every mystic, poet, Sage, and shaman has been telling man about the inner journey, of going through the 12 houses of the inner zodiac… Keep up the great work and thanks for all that you do.

  • David baker

    Great stuff,

  • Rick

    It would be cool if this series could be put on television, something like local PBS. Just a thought.

  • Jamie

    I really enjoy your videos Chris. They support an unwaivering belief. I have tried to get friends and family to research the subject myself…but, they usually dismiss it as some sort of paranoia. As for myself, I just can’t understand how the vast majority of people can be so blind? Guess it is just the normalcy bais and what is easier to deal with at this very moment.

    It seems a ridiculous waste of time to try to change the system and is much better to walk away. I understand your idea is to invest in physical silver and then borrow against it using bank leverage…essentially using the system against itself. But, do banks really take silver bullion as collateral…and if they did, what are the chances it would be there when you came to repay the bank debt? Do you intend to buy real estate with the borrowed money and when is this timing right?

    I would appreciate your thoughts…

  • marz

    Great piece. So honest that it´s worth every second.

  • Jamie

    Another thing: I try to ask myself what can I control and what can’t I control in life. If there is no way for my input to make a difference (such as in the case of where the world is actually headed with inflation) how can I use the knowledge of what is almost a certainty to protect my friends and family? Maybe it best boils down to this question: how can we all best profit from QE3? Sure collecting silver is a great idea…but, what now…and is there a really good way to put the investment to work without loosing the physical thing?

  • Cunning Linguist

    Bravo Chris,

    I’ve been an ardent follower of yours since almost the very beginning and can honestly say that you have done a great thing for all humanity. By your long hours of study and courageous act of sharing what you have learned with everyone, you’ll open many eyes and save many lives. When you are aware, you can prepare.

    Thanks again for everything.


  • erace

    Thank you so much! I wish I had resources to translate everything into my native language so the people in my country could enjoy your work.

  • Hapa

    ..really appreciate your willingness to make your contribution more publicly accessible. I’m looking forward to going through it all.

    I’m close to the acceptance phase, but need to wrap my head around the need to fully let go of my ‘relationship’ to the government. I need to explore what this means to me. How unhooked can I go? How willing am I to encounter a retaliation by TPTB? I’m under the radar now, but won’t be if I take action. However, I haven’t gone ‘all-in’ and I can feel that I’m not free yet and that I still suffer from buying in to part of their paradigm. I still give ‘them’ too much power.

  • Hi Chris and congratulations! It’s never easy waking up and taking a stand before the controlled and quivering masses. When you talk about your stages of awakening, like you, I agree that acceptance is the best. Acceptance is when contentment rings true inside and outside of who you are. It is living truth. Bless you for helping others awaken to the myth of the elites – that we need them for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Good luck on your mission and many blessings on your journey.

  • Greg

    Chris, I started my awakening with financial / retirement planning motives, with no idea what I was getting into. I always wondered how is was that I am so much better off than my grandparents. Did I or my parents work harder than others? Surely not. Were all people who could sit at a desk and push papers around in 2008 truly more innovative or valuable to society than my grandparents in 1938? That couldn’t be true. It certainly couldn’t be technology that makes our lives “easier”. Just because we have smart phones doesn’t make us more valuable, we are comparatively producing goods and services at the same rate as our competitors. Technology is only an advantage if it is unavailable to others. I knew that my understanding of wealth and value was somehow wrong. Why could I afford to go on vacations and buy frivolous toys that people of earlier generations could not? I slowly learned that it was inflation, and remaining on the initial, temporary, beneficial side of new inflation that kept me feeling wealthy. I finally learned that the illusion of wealth, was very, VERY pervasive in our society.

    As I continued to search for an ideologies not found in the mainstream media, I came across your free SBSS youtube videos. They helped push me over that last lip on the edge of the cliff towards full understanding. I had already begun to research austrian economics, the role of government, the difference between a republic and democracy, and individual liberty in politics when nothing “changed” after Obama took office. But SBSS 9: The Historical Case for $960 Silver clicked the last piece of the puzzle in place. I finally found the hidden measurement stick to value the work of one person on one continent at one time, to another person on another continent at another time. My awakening is still young, and I still struggle with sadness that this paradigm could even exist, but I am hopeful as moments of clarity, acceptance, and forward motion are increasing with further understanding and action.

    Your SBSS free youtube video series helped me very much and I am grateful. If the membership-free SOLA, can reach one person like SBSS helped me, I know they will be thankful as well. Your point at 8:48 in part 2 above, about spreading information like the msm, really made me smile. If you give it away for free, someone else could share it for free. That someone could share it with ten others and those ten could share… and this just makes me laugh. Because ideas, regardless of their intentions or quality of content, spread in similar ways don’t they?

  • I had to reach rock bottom before I woke up. I became 100% disabled, slow learner I guess. I don’t have a lot but I don’t think being disabled gives you a pass on not doing the best you can with what you got to work with and to make your life and others lives better. I started my own blog of self-reliance and preparing cheap and smart. I’m single and I live on disability but in less than 3 years I have stored over a year’s food, have over 6 months of water on hand. Managed to stock up on several weapons and ammo. I’ve learned to make food from scratch, make beer from grain and have a good first aid setup that could rival any clinic in the USA.
    I’ll state I’m terrified often, because of the coming collapse. Not so much for myself but for others in denial. My blog keeps from annoying the heck out of others. If they want the info I’ll give them my site and a links to you. But I let them seek the knowledge for themselves!
    I have a little silver I’ve been buying and next is getting independent of the grid and add a bit more silver and lead. No guarantee I will live but I have stacked the odds in my favor and I can’t say I’m at peace but I accept life and I know I have done my best to help myself and others.

  • nof

    Good show Chris, hopefully the tube will broaden the viewing of these enlightening modules. How do you intend on breaking them up? Or are you going to dump them full length? You should survey the SSG and get everyones personality types…it would be interesting to see the mix. INTP is what I rate after taking multiple times on different sites.

  • Steve Lowe

    Chris –

    I just finished reading Bonhoeffer’s “Pastor, Poet, Martyr, Spy” and now understand how the normalcy bias can blind so many. What happened in Nazi Germany is no different than what happens today in the US. I can’t convince the wife to move to the rural country (she escaped the Ohio winters long ago and loves our Southwest weather) but at least she is accepting of 80% of what I’m doing, and tolerates even my most intense preparations. I’m very pleased that she decided to take Krav Maga training and get her concealed weapons permit – evidence things have changed and she is accepting of the facts. She’s a semi-retired CPA, very conservative, and even shifted some of her assets into physical PM’s. My concern is that, as a student of history, I see us as Rome in 375 AD. The best way to get through this is to be as disconnected from the economic and political system as possible, even remaining in (Rome) the US but not necessarily in the city and tied to traditional businesses. We’re not indebted but could take things to the next level (i.e. John Wesley Rawles bunker type bugout location minus the few million dollars to play with).

    Looking forward to studying your work and learning more. Thank you for sharing for free. Perhaps your and others work will save the Republic in spite of the odds against.

    Best Regards.

  • Janet

    great job, Chris! Short little bites like this is a great idea…but I’m glad I didn’t miss out on the full length version, live at our meeting in Strongsville. This helps a lot – keeps me on track when I get confused as to what to do next. Best wishes to you and yours!

  • Dana W

    Excellent video Chris, when I was growing up there were a lot of things that made no since to me like the Vietnam War and why the debt kept getting bigger and many other things and I just never fit into the school pyridine and then I got interested in mathematics and not just any mathematics I wanted to learn the old classics and to make a long story short what I discovered is that knowledge is very controlled and regulated medium, then I kind of got interested cultural anthropology what I found interesting about that is I didn’t see too much about money which I became interested in because I always found it interesting that Isac Newton in his later years was the master of the Royal Mint 1572-1869.

  • Scott


    How has walking away from your families business affected your relationship with the rest of your family? I am in a similar situation.

  • jimbo

    I haven’t been able to convince anyone either. My dad thinks that bad times are coming but that it will take decades to happen. Other members of my family don’t think that bad times will happen at all, it can’t happen here its the USA. They say look at all the technology and that its past the year 2000, a new and enlightened age. I now only say to watch Russia Today and read Edward Griffins “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”

  • Chris

    Hi Chris,
    it’s a nice video in terms of entertaining, but in terms of convincing it failed on me, sorry. You might be right, but I generally get suspicious of people who talk a lot and who talk fast, as though they have something to hide and don’t want their audience to pause and think. Your video sequences are often extremely short and fast, honestly, I get the impression you want to tire your audience while hammering your message across. It is also impossible to get any information out of those fast paced video sequences.
    Yes, we might all dependent financially, physically, emotionally or otherwise in some way and we all want to free ourselves from that dependency. But honestly, we are vulnerable and might get exploited in certain areas we are unfamiliar with because our world has become so extremely complex. Yes, we might be nearing financial and economic collapes, and yes there might be even conspiracies to influence the masses and profit from them, but to bring that message across convincingly, you need to bring in more substance. Regards, Chris (also).

    • Silver Shield

      I tend to talk fat because my brain is moving even faster. Also I am a 1 man band with limited time.

      I also have a natural distaste for those that take so long to get to a point. Just get to the point. Like in so many books that I read where 300 pages later I only found a line or two worth underlining.

      I am all meat and no filler. There are plenty out there that offer more your fare.

  • Jamie

    I do not agree with Chris. Your videos are very informative and well constructed. Some people would rather stay blind to a truth that is completely obvious (given history and current events). Sadly, ignoring the info is what the masses do until it DIRECTLY affects them.
    That said, I do wish Silver Shield would explain his gameplan about exactly how to handle aquired silver at the right time…and how he feels is the best way for the average person to benefit from QE3. You have a lot of people who resonate the video information…and we are listening~

    • Scott

      I think its all there Jamie. Just buy and hold silver until silver itself is money. Buying and holding silver through QE1, 2, 3 will all allow you to hold or increase your purchasing power. Real Estate, Stocks and bonds are all dependent on debt, so when debt based money collapses, they will collapse with it.

  • William Edwars Rojas-Villa

    My dear brother Chris Duane, I simply want to thank you and bless you, because you have cleared a lot of thoughts which were uncertain in the past. I have a better view of the world we will enter soon and I will be prepeared when it arrives. Before I found out about your websites I knew our world was being destroyed, but could not grasp completly how we got to this point, I prayed and prayed for guidance till I reached here. You are contributing so much to humanity. I promise, you will be rewarded with more than earthly things. God bless you amigo!!

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