Forget the Dollar- 1oz. of Silver for 45 Acres of Land!

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  • speedspirit


    In the last two weeks I have heard about Silver confiscation possibilities. One was on Brother John you tube video the other an article I believe with Bill Murphy both stating that because Silver real value would put JPMorgan out of business and TPTB the rumor is that Obama could say that Silver is needed for the Security of the nation and hoarders criminalized. Obviously we would stash ours till it all passes. But as they keep postponing the enevitable what are your thoughts about this.It surely could keep us from using it for collateral for some time.

  • rex

    For reference I did some Talent & drachma math:

    1 talent = 6,000 drachma = 26 kg of silver = 835 troy oz
    403 BCE
    After the Peloponnesian War-
    A drachma was the daily wage for a rower or trained craftsmen.
    835 troy oz / 6000 = .14 troy oz of silver or in 2012, $4/day
    Annual 2012 salary for trained craftsmen = $33,000 or $132/day
    Silver would have to be $132 / .14 oz = $943 troy oz today

    377 BCE
    Economies improved (
    According to wage rates from 377 BC, a talent was the value of nine man-years of skilled work.
    1 talent = 26 kg of silver = 9 man yrs * $33,000/yr labor = $297,000 / 835 oz = $355/oz

    In today’s dollar this projects silvers real value between $355 – $943 oz

  • Urban Sling-Bow

    Fake Silver rounds and bullion bars are now being widely circulated in the UK. Many example of each are now common on eBay – some being openly listed (some where in the small print that is) as ‘clad’ or ‘Silver mills’ (ie plated), but others look they are being passed of as the real deal, and maybe they are the real deal – there is no apparent diffence.

    I write because I have personally come across a ‘Sunshine Mint’ (1oz eagle bar) in the flesh and it is superb. The quality, feel, and even weight are no different than a real Silver bullion bar. Even an acid test did not give it away. The way it was discovered was by filing down a corner to reveal an alloy / copper core.

    The bar was so good a fake that my confidence in bars has been completely destroyed. I will never again buy a bar – coins only from now on.

    I did an internet search to see if these things were common and it looks like they have been in the US for a couple of years already. How long in the UK is anyones guess.

    A random pick of the many youtube videos of this problem:

  • 0ld-shekel

    Biblical measurement :

    1 talent of gold (30 KG=960oz) = 3,000 silver shekels (1451 oz)

    960 Oz Gold = 1451 Oz Silver

    1 : 1.5 ratio


  • Steve Duby

    Chris…stellar video. It gives fellas with smaller stacks a lot of optimism to think that so little will go a very long way. I’d be content with just the 1:1 ratio, but anything 45 or more would be simply amazing for those of us who saw it coming.

    After doing the same math for the purchase of Alaska in 1867, which at the time was a whopping 2 cents per acre, the silver to land ratio is even better. 1 ounce would buy you just under 62 acres of The Last Frontier.

    The problem with Alaska’s land is the harsh climate. Most of the land above the Arctic Circle can’t grow any crops due to the cold weather, and no small portion of the state is anything but snow, rock and ice.

    But the arable land, due to the 20+ hours of summer daylight, yields excellent produce. Caribou herds roam like the Buffalo once did. All 5 species of pacific salmon make still make their annual runs up the many rivers. The ability to live off of what nature provides is still very much possible here…and what this next paradigm has to offer in terms of new(er) energy (Thorium reactors, tidal energy, cheap solar & biogas) will allow Alaska to remain resource rich without the burden of being what has basically amounted to a refueling station for the debt & death paradigm. That will be the biggest addiction to kick up here, mainly because so many people rely on it just to stay alive during winter, and get around with any speed.

    Many will flee when the dollar collapses, which in the grand scheme of things is not that many people. Less than 3/4 of a million (myself included) call this state home…and half of them live in or just outside of Anchorage. Overall? Great place to be, because comparatively few people will consider it due to it’s remote, extreme nature…but people have done it, without the current technology, for thousands of years. The native population is living proof of what our next paradigm is capable of, simply if we put our minds to it. I look forward to those days ahead.

  • Everything's Great

    I think you are highly underestimating the value of land in a post-dollar collapse USA. Here’s an example: You, your wife and two kids live on 10 acres of land outside of a small town. You own the land, and your land has a house, well, septic, and has a 2 acre wood lot. There are about six acres of meadow that could be used for gardens, etc.

    In a post-collapse scenario, would you be willing to sell me 5 acres for 5 oz. of silver?? I don’t think so. Neither would I sell five acres for 5 oz. of silver.

    • Silver Shield

      During economic collapses people flock to urban areas to find jobs.
      We will be going where people don’t want to be as we will have the ideas and capital to start again.

      I think governments will sell major lands too.

  • K.Mc

    Re-read Agenda 21. They/them will own it all. They/them will want the masses to live in the pack n stack cities – easier to keep tabs on people. That’s why the elites are outlawing home gardens, collecting rain water, hoarding food etc. All the bases will be covered this time around. The elites want total serfs, not many will be able to become self-sufficient. Most americans still don’t care or don’t understand whats coming pretty quickly now, so basically the elites and their agenda have won! No arm of flesh can save the world out of this mess anyway. Repent and cleave to the Lord Jesus Christ, and you won’t have to worry about any of these things coming, He will provide!

    • Olde reb

      @K.Mc Your reliance upon the Lord is poorly placed. Perhaps you failed to read II Samuel 8. “The political structure is a secular situation you mortals have allowed. Don’t come crying to Me when TSHTF.” Thus sayth the Lord (somewhat paraphrased).

  • bub

    confiscate-schmonfiscate those days are over

  • Billy Montana

    Chris — what good does it do a person to invest in Gold & silver knowing that the government will nationalize (confiscate it)? They did it in the ’30s, and they’ll do it again. Owning silver will be a crime. Why in invest in it. Kindly explain this please~!

  • speedspirit


    I dont disagree with your logic 98% of the time but on this subject of Silver Confiscation I ask all the members to chime in and share their expertise/opinion.

    1) This time things are different. When the dollar collapses “they” want to implement either the American Euro or SDR’s or electronic currency. So having silver will be a barter item. Somewhere we would have to trade in Silver to participate in transactions of real value like land. Exposing ourselves to being investigated, raided, or worse.

    Now I know we are hoping that some states legalize Gold and Silver as currency. But TPTB are going to try to strong arm these Congressmen and Senators just like the bailout in 2008. Or worse.

    2) Thinking that the confiscation will be concentrated at the mines doesnt address the fact that TPTB are trying to control the people. They own the mines already.

    So okay Silver stackers are a small percentage of the population so they might look the other way as the masses get killed off in FEMA camps. But for how long?
    The rumor of forign UN troops will be given lists of citizens who have purchased Silver on the internet.

    3) If the new currency is based on Gold and Silver then we stackers are Golden. Listening to Lindsey Williams this would be the hope and wealth preservation we can hope for.

    So then all this confiscation disinformation is to just keep people scared from buying PM’s and help keep the dollar paradigm going and help JPMorgan for as long as they can

    • James Tetreault

      How would the government confiscate something that is needed by, literally, hundreds of industries?

      When scumbag FDR said give me your gold, he wasn’t taking a vital component away from industry. And if you go back and check, the silver confiscation was only from individuals *known* to have more than a certain huge amount.

      But back to the difficulty of it, if silver is used by every maker of any kind of electronics, every maker of any kind of solar panel etc etc then how does the government take all of it and yet not totally screw up the distribution of it among all these users? Yes, the fact that a policy choice is stupid often does little to dissuade government, but they would see at a glance that they’d be creating a logistical nightmare for, again, hundreds of industries. Imagine that they told everyone to turn in their silver. A certain small percentage of people comply. How do they then decide who gets that silver? Does government keep it? Do the solar makers have priority over Apple and Microsoft or vice versa?

      Gold is a significantly easier target because it’s monetary but not also industrial.

  • speedspirit

    SBSS #18 Silver Confiscation Video

  • To add to what Rex and Old Shekel had to say, and the daily wage paid in silver. What this amounts to is about one and a half silver dimes per day paid as wages.

    Your weekly 40 hours would equal, paid bi weekly, 15 silver dimes or $1.50.

    If you want to get a handle on how commerce was handled with barter and various commodities and currencies in early America, check this out:

    We may be all headed that way, and it might be good to have a working knowledge of the real value of goods.

  • Speedspirit,

    “They” are trying to control the people. Agreed. If the new currency is based upon gold and silver, then stackers are not “golden”.

    The move to a commodity backed currency is to keep honor among thieves. The various factions have realized their paradigm holds that wealth is a finite resource and can only be divided up so many ways. Their effort is keep a stable system where expenditures of wealth (distributed to non-players meaning you, me and the other rabble) has to be minimized.

    Wealth = freedom

    They will not tolerate a competing system of exchange be that barter or other monies. Hence the controls you see being slapped on everything from raw foods to organic farms.

    Welcome to the plantation, slave.

  • Everythings Great.

    Unless you have a Grant Deed, or a Land Patent, you don’t own the land. It belongs to the government. You’ve only purchased the right to use it.

    But these are the niceties of a civilized society with functional and ethical courts.

    In a collapse scenario, whoever has the necessary force to seize and hold a piece of ground owns it.

  • Dilbert

    Chris very nice thank you.
    “The value of a thing is the price it will bring.”

  • trent

    How many ounces to buy ALL the lands.

  • george senda

    Here’s one for everyone. I had to pawn some of my silver at a local coin dealer this year when I got into trouble.

    Now that dealer says that their safe has a time lock and if you seek to redeem your gold, silver, precious metals or jewelry left as collateral, you have to notify them 24 hours in advance of when you want to get it out.

    I used to work at a pawn shop and have never heard this being done in a situation where a business is acting as a pawn shop.

    I wonder what will happen if one day they tell people they can’t open the safe or the power is off ?

    I already know people who started buying gold and silver back in the 1990s and have sold some and left California and bought land OUT of California as they see the signs of the state’s collapse.

    I also wonder what will happen in our cities if the Federal and State governments announce they can no longer pay entitlement checks because they don’t have the money ?

    Remember the Rodney King riots when they burned down the post offices and welfare offices and all the stores and restaurants and then the people stood around saying they couldn’t get their welfare checks ?

    It’s gonna be flash mob time multiplied exponentially.

  • george senda

    Here’s another indication that people are getting ready and that many are getting out of Califonia and elsewhere.

    I was sick for 2 years, 5 years ago. I had a massive sinus and chest infection and after surgery I am better.

    During that time I used to look on Ebay for land for sale in Nevada. Most of that land was BLM land.

    There were dozens of listings.

    I hadn’t done it for awhile because I got busy.

    So I went on Ebay and found ONE ad !

    I did find a link to a site that was selling some land near Elko.

    But all that plentiful land is simply GONE !!!

  • george senda

    I have a question.

    Years ago at Pet Food Express a company came out with freeze dried dry cat food. Shelf life was 5 years. I bought some and my cats loved it.

    Then the stuff disappeared from the shelf.

    I see all kinds of HUMAN food on the survival food sites.

    But nothing for dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish, etc.

    If everything breaks down are those of us who are away from the big cities supposed to let our animals starve ?

    And how would ranchers feed their cattle and sheep if feed can’t be gotten ?

    Or if the power goes out, milk the cattle ?

    Shelf life for dry cat food is only 5 months and there’s a danger of getting flour bugs as has happened to me twice.

    Shelf life for canned cat food is a year.

    I’ve wondered about this for years.

    • Silver Shield

      There will be a pet crisis far greater than the human crisis during the collapse. People will abandon their pets or worse in desperate situations. You will see packs of wild dogs in the states before this is over.

    • speedspirit


      To take care of my pets I have dry dog food in buckets sealed using nitrogen.

  • TheTruthisReality

    I dumped all my silver at $42/Oz back in about March 2012. I have been laughing every day sense.

  • “I also wonder what will happen in our cities if the Federal and State governments announce they can no longer pay entitlement checks because they don’t have the money ?”

    Checks will be issued. What they will buy is the question. { less, less and then less }

  • Dam good video, but you all forget one thing its all going global. Yes one world gov an they are not going to let the price of pms stand in there way. They get a massive world crash going an peopele are going to take a new one world dollar for food an shelter for a hope it will get better. But again you get 7 billion people pist off all at once its going to get hard to control all of them.

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