The missing element of awakening

Most people that wake up, get the financial aspect; they get the control and lobbying of the crony-capitalist system; they get the false left-right paradigm; they get the elite’s hunger for power, control, dominance, and crushing every form of competition; they get the lies from the media propaganda machine along with the educational indoctrination, cultural and social brainwashing perpetuating every lie and illusion that benefits the elite as reality/fact/truth; they get that there is an elite group of families that have been doing this for hundreds of years.

But few, understand the importance of nutrition. The elite have a long history of eugenics. Eugenics was their version of killing off the “undesirable” individuals of the human race on steroids. In other words, the elite playing “God” on deciding who gets to live and who doesn’t. Eugenics was blatant in your face “you need to die, because you’re an undesirable human” type of deal.

This time around, it’s a soft kill. Through the genetic modification of the food supply, it is just another form of GRADUALISM. In order to take a holistic approach to waking up, you have to understand why nutrition is critically important. It should be on your top 5 list of most important things.

The elite know that if they control the food supply, they control you. A group of awakened individuals with silver, guns, fortress, and trade skills will kneel down and be crushed with an iron fist if they are hungry.

I’ll say it blatantly:

Genetically modified organisms is the soft skill approach to culling the masses. Through the food, they slowly eradicate your life line; your blood line; your children; your genes; and ultimately your legacy.

Without good nutritious HONEST and SUSTAINABLE FOOD, all efforts to become free of the parasitic, rent-seeking, and psychopathic paradigm that we live in will fail.

So do you choose a life full of potential and fulfillment? Or do you choose living life being only a small portion of what you could be and how you could feel. Because good nutrient dense food affects your mood, thinking, energy levels, intelligence, capabilities/abilities, spiritual well-being and how you view life.

Even if the elite are hung by ropes or guillotined, we still lose.

11 comments to The missing element of awakening

  • Nemanja Kostic

    Most of it I completely agree with, but the end is too pessimistic for my taste…

    I think things are not that black. For example, there is a guy from my country that patented a substrate based on mineral zeolite that, he claims, can detoxify soil and plant’s genetic material to the conditions that were thousands of years before. I’m sure that other smart ideas for preservation of good quality food producing are out there also.

    Keep the hope up! 😉

  • stacker

    I live in Eastern washington which is a huge basin of Agriculture (We feed alot of the world). I work for the Irrigation District and deal directly with the farmers. Their is a lot of crops of mustard plant being grown right now because the FDA just recently banned the chemicals they used to use in the soil to kill the parasites. Mustard plant is used now to rotate crops and is a natural way to prevent disease in the soil from flurishing. There are a couple farmers that play with genetically grown foods but it isnt a big issue that i have seen around these parts yet.

  • James Tetreault

    Irv, while I mostly agree with what you say, I think it’s too easy but not close enough to the truth to denigrate all genetically modified food. Norman Borlaug was an agronomist who through developing new strains of wheat, especially, enabled countries like Mexico and India to feed tens or perhaps hundreds of millions more human beings than they would have been able to without his work. Wouldn’t those strains of wheat crossbred by Borlaug after hundreds of trials in some cases, constitute genetically modified crops? Criticism has to hew strictly to the truth or it gets dismissed.

    • Nemanja Kostic

      Crossbreading is a natural way of making new strains, GMO are not.

      • James Tetreault

        I understand your point but how natural is it if it only came about through the intervention of a man like Norman Borlaug after hundreds of trials to come up with a strain of wheat that would resist certain diseases or be more drought tolerant?

        Shouldn’t we differentiate between acceptable and non-acceptable GMO rather than declaring them all evil? To do the latter is to throw out much that is good.

        • Silver Eagle

          And new studies on Norman Borlaug’s strain of wheat are also now being linked with what is called wheat belly. It inhibits the livers production of glycogen, which in young children that are unable to naturally produce glycogen die by the age of five. Adults that are removed from this strain of wheat show reversals of early onset diabetes and in some cases elimination of diabetic drugs, reduced or eliminated asthma, normal blood sugar levels, and return to normal weight ranges without significant dietary restrictions. His wheat strains give the meaning of eat yourself to death a whole new twist. So I would debate that his wheat strains are good and acceptable. His strains of wheat grow anywhere yes, but does that mean wheat should be able to grown anywhere? And at what expense, shorten life, medical problems that require Mega-pharma companies to make billions on treating a disease onset by genetically modified plants? It becomes a big circle or fraud! I want to grow apples in the eastern part of NC, but does that mean I should genetically alter the plant to do so? Monsanto’s GMO Corn resists all types of weeds, but you are also ingesting Monsanto’s Roundup. Not buying into genetically modifying crops is a good thing.

  • AS

    Since when does a tomato breed with a flounder? That’s what food engineers have done with GMOs…created Frankenfoods. Look, health is really simple: eat organically and eat/drink foods according to your blood type & secretor status with an alkaline pH (pH of 7.365) in mind. Most blood types should avoid very common foods which happen to be (coincidence?) the most common GMO crops: corn, wheat, and potatoes.

  • Archangel

    Silver Eagle, you are right, and you are touching on a part of the discussion that many don’t and will not understand. There are conditions in the body that are chronic and difficult to ascertain becuase they don’t cause accute conditions. By the age of 50 people begin to show health problems that we consider normal and natural. This is not so. Being 30lbs overweight, diabetic, impotent or worse, cancer, should be far less common than they are. 99% of the problem is in fact diet related. To a large extent, people eat what is plentiful and cheap, not necessarily what is best for human health. Is it a blessing or a curse when crossbred types of wheat feeds millions but cause them to live a lower quality of life in the long run? Read “Primal Body Primal Mind” for more on this.

  • Jason Mcbride

    So Irving tell me about your garden? What kinda livestock are you raising?

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