Silver Shield Report #45- Consciousness in the Next Paradigm

I believe at the bottom of all of our problems are in our individual consciousness.  Our thoughts lead to actions, these actions empower something. The questions is, what are we really doing with our power?

We can either empower a unempathetic collective that uses propaganda to get you to sacrifice your time, energy and talent chasing after an illusionary  goal that ultimately only benefits those that created the illusion or you can consciously choose that do things that resonate within you, things that you do not need to be talked into doing, things that you get lost in love doing, things that produces happiness for you and value for others and creates harmony with like minded and supportive, resonating people.

Today I have a very thoughtful conversation with Stuart Wilde about this consciousness and how it will be changed in the next paradigm.  Stuart has mentored the likes of Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer, but has chosen a much different path as he chooses not just do the commercially accepted happy, happy, joy, joy version of consciousness.  He believes that we cannot simply ignore the dark and expect the light to over power everything dark.  We must confront the dark and then we can shine.  Unknowing, I used this format in the Sons of Liberty Academy and chose to do a very detailed account of the dark so that you can face it, and no longer be afraid of it.  Once you are immune to it’s power, you can then focus on empowering yourself with your power.

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Interview notes…

How did you both “wake up” and come to the conclusion of the paths that you are on now?

Who are the elite fat cat controllers? What is their history and what are their plans for humanity?

Both of you have discussed a “paradigm shift” – what kind of shift is humanity on right now?

What are the fundamentals of the Debt & Death Paradigm and what are the fundamentals of the new paradigm that will take it’s place?

Rioting as a Spiritual Experience

How can people prepare for the transition period and protect themselves?

Stop The Revolution Start The Evolution

Softness and Beauty in the Eye of the Storm

Own Your Own Mind

The Dollar Collapse – what will be like and what reaction can we expect from the majority of people on the planet?

5 stages of awakening

How Does it all End?

Forget the Dollar- 1oz. of Silver for 45 Acres of Land!

What do you both feel will be the future means of exchange as money? You both have always been strong advocates of Silver & Gold – why?

PREDICTIONS: You both have gone on record many times offering insight in the future of global events. What is the means for which either of you come to these conclusions, what are some of your previous predictions that have come true, and what are some of your predictions for the future?

Missing Visions Update

The Story of Visions – Update

The Collapse of Tyranny

SOLA 1.1 Controlling the Masses

SBSS 19. How Money Dies

10 comments to Silver Shield Report #45- Consciousness in the Next Paradigm

  • Robert Gest IV

    Wonderful interview indeed! Mr. Wilde’s predictions concerning armed conflict are most profound.

  • dana

    I don’t think Chris’s audio is working – I can’t hear anything when he’s speaking.

  • speedspirit

    Really a great topic. The fact that it did not generate many comments shows that this subject is still taboo. I really relate to Metaphysics and wish more took it seriously. This is not witchcraft it is as real as the Financial Collapse. The comparison is simular some choose not to see the collapse and others choose not to believe in Spirituality.Both denials keep the human race from progressing.

  • Shane Thomasson

    Hearing a lot of garbled conversation from the fellow in the middle at around 25 mins.

  • Rick Toland

    Chris – Get Stuart on again. His CD Set “The Thirty Three Steps” is magical. Great Taoist Perspectives on most of what goes on in the world. Thanks for sharing!


  • Joshua Stewart

    I really liked this interview. Stuart has some cool articles on his site.

  • Brian Lewy

    Ron Paul is part of the problem? Elaborate more on this. I heard your description of meeting him on another video. What’s up with the constitution? Is it important or not. I don’t hear many people quote it anymore. So Chris, tell me more and explain to me how you are any different. I pay you with a debit card and you bought the wrong dirt this past year when planning your garden. What’s up with buying dirt? My worms make it for me. For someone as awake as you that doesn’t make sense.

  • Brian Lewy

    Oh and I couldn’t hear half of what your guest said because of audio problems. So I may be a little confused.

  • Brian Lewy

    By the way I appreciate this interview. What I heard I liked. GAIA is important to remember, and I have heard Stuart a few times before and he is right on. Thanks for this, and I hope you have him again.

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