Consciousness Change with Mike Ruppert

I have always enjoyed Mike Ruppert’s fighting spirit, but I knew his decades of fighting would lead to a worn out, broken man.   He is now on the right path and looking better and happier than ever.  Mike Ruppert touches on a lot of topics like paradigm shift, change of consciousness, sustainability and walking away from the paradigm as a means to resist.  It is good to see this kind of conversation on a major media source.

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  • James Tetreault

    The video doesn’t play, for some reason.

  • Justin DeArmond

    Ive been following Mike for years now and i love that man and consider him a personal friend. he has a radio show on sunday nights on its called the lifeboat hour and is on at 8pm central time. Chris you are right he was getting very worn out from the stress of it all but it was his work more than anyone else that woke me up and led me down the rabbit hole and eventually to the Silver Shield Group. I cannot reccomend his book Crossing the Rubicon enough, as well as his book Collapse and the documentary film with the same name(check it out on youtube, if you havent it will blow your mind, and there is a scene in the later part of the film where you can see and feel his desire to remove himslef from the current paridigm and his connection with Gaia our mother earth and the connection all of us have with eachother, which he is doing very well right now, his spirts are higher than ever. According to Mikes facebook page this video was recorded a few weeks ago and was played yesterday on Iran state television!!! The world is on the verge of collapse in all systems and there is no hiding it or stopping it. Chris id love to hear you as a guest on Mikes radio show!! He is a huge supporter of Russell Means and the Lakota Nation. We need all the heavy hitters we can get to make damn sure that the 100th monkey has been awoken! Again i cannot reccomend enough Mikes exempliary body of work and i believe it is essential to anyone who is looking for the truth! Bless you Mike Ruppert!!

  • speedspirit

    Wow. What a great find. Wish I would of known about him in 2005 or so. But hey better late then never.

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